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Friday, February 7, 2014

20 Lessons I’ve Learned Through Pain

I suddenly had this sense of urgency to share this wonderful article I saw and read from the blog of "THE PRAYING WOMAN" that I can't even wait until the morning comes. 

Her realizations were too strong, inspiring and empowering from the pains she had encountered in life or she had been a witness of. 

This is not my work, I am just sharing this to all of you for the sole purpose of reading it as it may help you in dealing with the pain - current or past - in your lives. All the credit goes to the owner of this article. I'll just give my own parting thoughts as I end this entry.

So here they are - The 2o Life Lessons She Learned Through Experiencing Pain. 

1. Love is a verb, and there is nothing better.

2. God is good, always. He will never stop pursuing you to make sure you know how much you are loved. If you believe people are always good (including yourself), you will be disappointed. Yet, while we all fall short of His goodness, we see the best people when we love like He has loved us. 

3. Life is like the wind – it can change direction at any time, and is subject to forces beyond the eye can see. While we can plan our ways, it’s God who determines our path. Our own plans are futile unless they are in line with the wind, and they are the absolute best when they are. The best way to live is to let go, and trust. 

4. Timing is everything. Much like the wind, it’s out of our control. 

5. There is always hope. Make sure you know where your hope lies. Even in the darkest of times when all hope seems to be gone, the hope God provides is the one thing that will always remain. 

6. There is no greater gift you can give someone than unconditionally loving them, especially at their worst. It is certainly true you realize who your true friends are in difficult times. Be eternally grateful for friends, family and colleagues who love like this, and commit to being this for others. 

7. Work is good, but it’s people that matter most. If your work is focused on loving people, then you’re in the best kind of work. 

8. Some people will betray you. The hardest part of betrayal is that by very nature it comes from someone close. Just walk away and remember that it has nothing to do with you, and most people won’t be this cruel. Most importantly, don’t let this hold you back from opening up to, and trusting, others who are trustworthy. 

9. Grieve when something precious is lost. Don’t hold back, but don’t let it take over your ability to move forward when it’s time. 

10. Hard times will come. They will change you. While some may say you’ll be stronger as a result, that might not be the case (and you certainly won’t feel it as you’re healing!). They could leave you more broken than before. However, being real, not strong, is what’s important, and hard times will always reveal a healthy dose of reality. This is what leads to the ability to truly love and be loved. And in the end, that’s all that really matters. 

11. Time doesn’t heal, God does. 

12. If you still hurt beyond when you or others think you should be healed, that’s ok. Take as long as you need. Some people won’t understand, even if they want to. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you, just that they haven’t walked where you are. That’s ok too, they are on their own journey. 

13. Sometimes you will make mistakes; consciously or unconsciously. Either way, admit to them and their consequences. Learn from them. Commit to never doing them again. While God always forgives, He ultimately only wants the best for us. He loves us too much to leave us the way we are, and when we make mistakes, it’s a clear indication something needs to change. 

14. NYC is beautiful in the fall. 

15. Don’t fall in love until you’re ready and comfortable in yourself to share all of yourself. This is particularly difficult if you’ve been hurt before. However, only when you’re ready to be vulnerable can depth of relationship have the chance to be forged. Taking the risk to give them the opportunity to see and love the real you, is worth more than the fear of loosing them because you’re only able to share the non-broken parts of you. If one of you can’t do this, you’re not ready to be in love yet, and if you truly love them they deserve so much more. 

16. Everyone can choose to walk away. Love them by letting them. 

17. Listening to music as you walk down the street ads a soundtrack to your life; choose the music wisely and make it a good! 

18. Travel. There’s a wide, beautiful, amazing world out there. Walk the Camino De Santiago at least once in your life (preferably more than once!). 

19. Forgiveness isn’t easy. It doesn’t take away the pain, and it doesn’t mean it’s deserved. Some will say to forgive because it helps you move forward yourself. While there is truth in that, it’s not true forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift, a selfless act of love that is given, not something that is done to receive. The only place I have found truth in forgiveness is through a deeper revelation of how God loves us: unconditionally and undeserved. When I understood this I saw how God wants freedom in forgiveness for everyone; even those who have caused us and others pain. That’s why we forgive; because we were first forgiven. How? Not in our own strength, but by seeing those who’ve hurt us through God’s eyes: with His unconditional and abundant love. 

20. If at the end of a hard year you more honestly love and are loved than at the beginning, it hasn’t just been a hard year – it’s been a very good year. 

Indeed, if I may impart my own wisdom after reading it, let me say this: 

"In the eyes of a human being, pain is a difficult thing, a process hard to accept. And as said, forgiveness is hard in an earthly perspective. You need to have the way how God sees it to fully let go and forgive. Do not focus your love to human instead focus your love to God to fulfill and understand his ways of unconditional love."


  1. I really do believe everything you've written here kuya Jay but #14 why don't I get it? hehe

    1. Hahaha, Gracie, it's not my work, it is an article I just shared from the works of THE PRAYING WOMAN. I even cannot relate to number 14, but I cannot alter it since it's not my work. So I leave it as is...hahaha.

      What I did is the few beginning paragraphs and the parting thoughts that I added. hahaha!

      No. 14 is really weird, why she had written it - NYC is beautiful in fall daw - well, maybe she thought of it because it's her experience in New York City....hehehe

  2. Love this! I can feel the sincerity. It was all written from deep down inside.
    Keep inspiring Sir :)

    1. I am thanking you in behalf of the real owner of the article. Keep reading :) Thank you for dropping by. Appreciate it much.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Daddy Jay :))

    Super agree ako sa lahat ng nasa list.

    Kaya naniniwala pa rin ako na sa lahat ng mga problema, pait at pagdurusang ating kinakaharap ay nanjan lagi ang ating Panginoon. Handang yumakap sa ating mga pagkukulang at magpagaling ng lahat ng anumang uri ng sakit - physical, emotional and mental pains. After all, He is our greatest physician :)

    Great morning Daddy Jay ^_^

    1. Absolutely Fiel, our best defense in all our uncertainties in life. Thank you in behalf of the real owner of this article.

  4. 1. Oo nga no. We are so caught up with "LOVE" considering it a noun and we never agree on its exact definition. But if we consider it a verb, then we all understand that there is no real concept or philosophy to define it. We will fully understand it in our daily deeds and choices in life.

    2. God is good, always. So they say. So hard to comment on this one. Got some really big issues with Him.

    3. Life is something that I really didn't sign up for. Can't God make things any easier?

    4. Timing is everything. True. Whether it is in our jobs or personal life. Certain things should wait. Certain things must be done immediately. And certain things shouldn't be done at all.

    5. Goodness i live on this one. Otherwise I could have killed myself, or somebody else for that matter. Hahaha!

    6. I'm getting there too. It's never easy but that doesn't mean that loving unconditionally is impossible.

    7. Yes. Busy is never an unacceptable term, kahit na ito lagi ang bukang bibig ko. hahaha! I remember our good bishop telling us that work on people first before working on those papers, because when you work on your relationships with people, then all paperworks will be easy.

    8. Hindi na siguro mawawala yon. Pity that God never allowed us to make it even by ending the lives of those who betrayed us.

    9. Well said. We need to move on, otherwise life itself will leave us behind.

    10. I always have hard times, if not, I wouldn't be resorting to blogging. If my life was easy, I'll always be out there in the streets surrounded by people. But I wouldn't mind if God would really make things easier for me, or just make my dreams come true.

    11. It was never Time's prerogative to heal. He just provided a measurement.

    12. Never expect people to understand the magnitude of pain, and the same thing with you. Just help them get by if they ask for help.

    13. Or perhaps the best way to say it is this- WAKE UP! YOU'RE HUMAN! YOU'RE NOT GOD, NOT EVEN THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

    14. I beg to differ. The Tuscan countryside is magnificent in the fall.

    15. Can't comment on this one about love. Bobo ako sa field na yan. hahaha!

    16. Why can't people just let go? Let go of people especially if they're the ones causing you trouble!

    17. Already got one- ACDC's Highway to Hell. hahaha! Biro lang! Huling El Bimbo talaga ang all time fave ko.

    18. I'm not Catholic and we're not supposed to observe Catholic pilgrimages, but I intend to travel through the Camino de Santiago before I die.

    19. Forgiveness isn’t easy. True. But when one realizes how much he is forgiven, then it will be the easiest thing to give.

    20. Let's see this year if it's going to be any better.

    1. OMG! Isang blog post na eto kung tutuusin sa haba lols. But of course, coming from a substantial Mr. Trips, papalampasin ko ba to, malamang hindi. Siyempre susuyurin ng aking mapanuring mga mata ang mga tinuran mo hehehe.

      1. Indeed
      2. I a bit intrigue with your response, but I leave in your confines - it seems you've toiled so much that you feel God wasn't in your mercy when you need Him the most.
      3. A constant and sincere convy with Him can be great. He answers, even in delays.
      4. There is such a great beauty in waiting. Patience is elevated when you have the attitude of waiting with a loving longing.
      5. Good to hear that
      6. I can't agree more - we are all a work in progress in all the areas of our life.
      7. At least I know now that your sense of goodness is still intact despite being vocal with issues in life and around you.
      8. I agree.
      9. Indeed
      10. You can always have the power to remove yourself from your situation. If your situation is giving you more misery than happiness, you can always leave. But again, there might be reasons why you're in there. - just my two cents.
      11. Or it was just popularized as such and was bought by fools.
      12. Exactly, unless we walk in their own shoes.
      13. Tama
      14. No comment, haven't been in both places haha
      15. LoL
      16. I don't know either haha
      17. Hahahaha Eheads fanatic lang haha
      18. Oh, that's a new info to me. I thought you were. May I know?
      19. Only in how God had done it people will understand that forgiveness is a gift.
      20. I'll be taking notes haha

      THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME reading and commenting. Highly appreciate it.

    2. Wait lang ha... pinag-iisipan ko kasi kung papatulan ko etong sagutan nyo ni TG para "the longest comment ever" na talaga eto. LOL.

  5. Napagod nga ang utak ko diyan sa kakaisip sa isasagot kay Trips eh. Masyado kasing broad ang pag iisip at masustansiya ang mga tinuturan. Sige lang, patulan mo, our opinions differ from one another. I'm sure you have something to contribute or assert.

    And Yes, ito na yata ang longest comment ever na na-receive ko from him hahaha. Be honored ako kasi pinagtiyagaan niya talaga para gawin eto hehehe


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