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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I started this section “INSPIRING PEOPLE” in my blog way back 2011. And since I’m a person who wants to inspire and be inspired, I conceptualized this idea. Basically, it features various people who inspire me. It is not limited to people I know but it features ordinary people I meet along the way, in the streets, in the concert arena, in a sports’ stadium, people I chat with, read in the book. Also people I look up to but haven’t met yet – co-bloggers, Facebook friends, people in my community, people in the government, people in the aspect of faith and most of all, people stranger to me but have made a personal impact because of an extraordinary deed.

 In my life, I have this early fascination and passion for social work. I don’t know the exact reason but I just feel for others especially those who lived beyond my living standard.

This fascination was only made realized when I began joining volunteer works to several non-governmental organizations during my college days. Most of the times, I ended up presenting myself to volunteer for a public endeavor which needs people who can freely devote their spare time. And since I’m just a typical, average geek guy (geek?) hahaha! –who happens to be a home-school-cinema dweller, I was able to devote my free time doing social work.

Having this attitude, if I may say, was due to how we were molded growing up. I was raised in a simple family with few things in life. We eat three times a day but don’t have enough money for savings. In short, I was raised in a modest family. So, the thought of studying hard, giving your best shot in all your endeavors early implanted in my system. Aside from the fact that we’re triggered by the life principles inculcated by our parents to us like:

1.       Always be fair to others.
2.       Always extend help when opportunity comes in
3.       Defend yourself if you know you’re right,
4.       Do not bully others (though I was bullied in grade school),
5.       And practice humility at all times.

Perhaps, lots of qualities I developed all through-out my life can also be found in this man. I would assume so since we easily connected with each other. I guess the major common ground where we stand is our desire to be of person to others. There is this beaming passion residing in our hearts to help-out highly deserving less privilege people. We know we don’t have much in life too. We could only give so much but helping is not all about money, it can also be a character or attitude influence.

A lot of you may wonder and ask question “Who is this man?”. This confronting question perhaps frequent the mind of those who weren’t aware of a simple, beautiful, and heartwarming story attached to this man. But I’m pretty sure that hundreds of thousands people already know him by now.

That smile that changes the outlook in life of many
 There is only one root where you hold on when asks about his name – JOEMIL  ZAPANTA REYES. Many would say like this: “Ah yes! I know him, He’s the guy who helped Mang Roldan”, or others would quip by saying: “Oh yeah!, He’s the “Better Samaritan” or maybe some would simply say” Oh dude! He’s just simply awesome!.

Like many of you, I just happened to know this ordinary guy with extraordinary heart through the story he shared in Facebook. Obviously, we didn’t meet yet. The only thing that connects us is through phone calls, or Facebook chat or messages, and texts. I was just amazed of how he willingly seized the moment and selflessly act to help a stranger not even consanguineously related to him.

Standing beside the man who inspired him
Honestly, I'm running out of adjectives to describe him. Perhaps due to the many accolades I've read in our Facebook page about him. Of those people who thanked him for his effort. There were those who composed poems showing their appreciation. There were those whose messages really touched the core -- that you'll just sob in gratitude and thanks. He has long way to go, many challenges to encounter, situations that would test again his strength and even his faith. Yet, knowing how he faces life he surely can ace those challenges. And with the help of friends like me, we can run the race and finish it strong.

I am so proud that I gain a good friend in you. Like what I was saying to you. Just tap me up when you need collaboration in any endeavors you will enter. Like the catchy statement in my blog -- I'm Jesus Christ mission-ready servant.


  1. Wow ang galing naman nakita na si Mang Roldan! Congrats kay Joemill sa kanyang efforts para mahanap si Manong Roldan. Saka malaking tulong din ang mga social medias plus yung episode ng Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho nung sabado. Naipalabas tong paghahanap nya kay Mang Roldan :)

    A very inspiring story :)

  2. Very inspiring...
    How i wish n mrmi png tao n ktulad mo^^
    Mabuhay ka!!!

  3. hi, sobrang nainspire ako dahil sa kabutihan mo Joemil, mula nang mabsa ko ang unang post mo about mang roldan talagang napiyak ako ng sobra... akala ko hanggang dun lang yung kwento but then dahil sa karamihan na gustong tumulong kay mang roldan nagkaroon ng way upang hanapin sya ngunit hindi biro ang maghanap lalo pa at u dont have any idea kung san talaga sya,but then God guides u all.Magpatuloy ka sa iyong kabutihan God will sustain all your needs.sobra pa ang ibabalik Nya sayo ;)

  4. sinunda ko tong tagpo na to at nilike ko pa yung fan page nung group na nghahanap

  5. oh so siya pala un he's really a noble guy nice on rafol nakakainspire tlga ung story nila na feature p sa jessica soho

  6. ay thanks be to God! :))

  7. So how did Joemil find Mang Roldan? And how's Mang Roldan doing? :)

  8. Oh, I saw the WISH KO LANG episode. It was really heartwarming. I never thought that such guy still exist. What a good guy he is. Awesome blogpost here! AMAZING!


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