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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Worthy Pursuit

"There is more to life than sitting in our comfort zone. We were made for something more than merely avoiding failure. There is something inside us that wants to walk on the water -- to leave the comfort of routine existence and abandon ourselves to the high adventure of following God's lead for a greater and worthy pursuit."-- JayRadaRafol

When God presents us with a platform to help and change lives of others we cannot choose our circumstances where, when, and how it will happen. Unexpectedly, it just happens in a least likely place. In the same way that it chooses no race, color, gender, status, and most of all it ignores appearances. Our heart just obeys to the leadings of the Divine. Out of nowhere, we’ll just realize that we’ve touched someone’s life and impacted to our community. On a greater scale, a domino effect spreads-out to the society where we thrive.

Such is the case of a-now-good-friend-of-mine JOEMIL REYES. His encounter of Mang Roldan had created a massive web stir and echoed to the far ends of the earth. He even was overwhelmed by the outpouring of heartfelt messages of thanks from thousands of people he didn't even know around the world. Even further enthused that his inbox is so full but still he manages to reply each one of them---such a dedicated man he is.

DAY 1- His first day of a worthy pursuit traveling to Nueva Ecija.
Asking anyone avail on the road for leads
Went-out of his comfort zone to fulfill a worthy mission.
Positively, it resulted to a pursuit he never had imagined would happen perhaps in his lifetime. And the impact had asphalted a deeper meaning of life to him.
His gorgeous, lovely, and ever-supportive girlfriend--preparing for tomorrow's mission.
Louise, folding the tagalog version "Istorya Ni Mang Roldan". 

Clean and dry again--ready for the Day 2 mission

DAY 2- Preparing for another journey to find Mang Roldan
This is of life about pursuing the desire to help others. He shortly tells that he has this passion for social work. As a young man, his desire for social work isn't a new idea for him as he'd always wanted to help people in need especially those deserving ones. He even exclaimed that he wanted to put up a foundation of his own one day. 

In a third world country like us, it is a common knowledge to everyone that social organization abounds everywhere. Perhaps it is validated by the intrinsic character of Filipinos that are always mission-ready to offer help when the next one is in need. A character of which truly depicted in our "Bayanihan Culture" - or of collectively helping people in dire need in critical situations. 

God let us witness a certain challenging situation perhaps to test our character and faith, to test our capacity on how to act and react showing sensitivity and grace. And I believe that our responses when we're under critical or disheartening situation or pressure is a key indicator of how we are as a person especially towards others. 

I strongly believe that Joemil has long have in him a strength in character, sensitive heart & a passionate and beaming desire to be of person to others. His experience of Mang Roldan was just a way of unleashing  his golden qualities which lies deeply and dormant within his heart. 

Perhaps, it is God's process of refinement of his soul and enlightenment wherein God uses Mang Roldan to magnify the good heart in Joemil. Harnessing the power to effect greater good towards other people. I would want to believe that it is a pre-cursor of what kind of life awaits for him in his bright future. 

Now, more than ever, backed-up by people who believed in his cause, including myself, he readied himself to embark on a greater adventure far beyond his comfort zone. An extra-ordinary road trip awaits him only supported by his strong belief that along the way Mang Roldan will pop-up again and re-unite with him. 

A journey  fueled by love and burning desire to help a man who in the same way helped him once again to realize that "goodness in heart isn't confine only to people in good physical package but can be found too inside a man ruggedly dressed"

I cannot wait until one of these sooner days he will find Mang Roldan and help him rebuild his life and be an instrument of God's love once again to the many.

Good luck! and God speed to the TEAM spearheaded by the main man Joemil Reyes. 

May the divine force of God be with you. 

To learn and participate about this cause, please click this link FINDING MANG ROLDAN PINEDA JIMENEZ and you'll be re-directed to its Facebook page. Please support this cause and spread this story by sharing it.  Your help is a great boost for us.


  1. May God Bless them as they embark on their journey


  2. i heard about this man .. good thing about this man .... sana makita na sya ... ingat sa journey niyo

  3. ang pagtulong talaga basta't galing sa puso ay walang katumbas na anuman dito sa mundo :)

  4. Such a very inspiring story. God bless you Joemil and Mang Roldan :)

  5. Nicely done, sir! thumbss up. of course, pati na rin kay Sir Joemil.

  6. nice kaya pla mejo awala ka thumbs up ako sa sinabi mo

  7. This really touched my heart. Hinde lahat ng nakakaiyak nasa TV lang. Ito ang totoong 'wish ko lang' ng buhay. I hope this will have a good ending. I will mention this too in my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Really nice. Alam ko na bawat isa satin ay may puso para tumulong sa kapwa. Godbless!

  9. Amazing! simply amazing...good luck sa endeavors... I really read the quoted parts twice so that i could put them in mind...

  10. Hi rafoL.! i love reading your blogs. super nakaka-inspire. c;


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