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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What We See Sometimes Isn't Always What It Is

I spent almost two hours searching for this video in my FB wall since I got it posted last year. I got exhausted and I felt like almost giving up but my inner voice (spirit) told me to go on and do few more try. Ending, I still didn't find it. Frustration started to fill me so I buzzed two of my community friends to help me how to quickly search for it. They gave me inputs and tips but those tips were the same thing I just did awhile ago. 

But my search didn't end to that, I then shift to YouTube in the hope that I might find it there by using key words. I tried few key words but I failed. I tried again and again to the point of almost losing my patience. Still FAILED! But at the back of my mind, I keep on convincing myself  by saying " Don't give up, sayang ang effort". So, with all the positive thoughts and energies backing me up, I did continue to search. 

Occasionally, the thought of letting it go keeps bugging me, forcing an entry into my head. But, I hold on. I persisted. I persevered. And luckily I found it. Wow, as in wow. I'm on the brink of giving up...really. It was like I was hangin' by a thread and ready to let go anytime. But, thanks God I did it. And you know what were the key phrase I put in? It's this "Invite someone to church" and bingo! below video popped-up in the list of choices and this is what I exactly look for.

And what's the big deal with this video anyway? It is a big deal for me. Well, it had an impact in me when I saw it last year. And even until now. It changed my perspective of how to initiate an evangelization task. And on how to see people as God's image despite their appearance or the way they look. 

I came to remember this while in the midst of prepping up for an advertising and promotion campaign for an upcoming event in our community where I was tasked to do. In the hope of winning more attendees, I need to devise an ad that would convince them especially the lukewarm ones to attend to this important event.

As the intro words would say, “Do not judge the book by its cover”. It is so true yesterday, today, and even until eternity. 

It is our natural tendency to pre-empt judgement to people who looks different from us, who behaves way different from the usual norm. But who are we to judge them, who are we to put words into the lives they live. They are accountable for their lives as we are of our own. 

Before throwing any degrading words, we must reach out first, we must get to know them beyond the appearance, beyond the physical looks. As Christians, it is our duty to extend a hand, to go far beyond our comfort zone and experience an adventure that is out of our shell. There are new opportunities life's door opens everyday. It is up to us how we react on it. 

What was shown in the video depicts a weird way of evangelization, of inviting someone to attend to someone's church. When I saw the video, all I thought was the guy reading a book will initiate the invitation who's having doubting thoughts if it's the right opportunity or not. Yet at the end of the video, it was the guy sportin' a rock star punk look ended up inviting the other guy. Weird right? 

But the video reminded us that we must be open into possibilities that sometimes what we see isn't always what it is - that we should go beyond the surface before we're blinded by our own judgement.

Have an interesting read everyone!


  1. this post makes a lot of sense nice one jay
    and that ad was pretty cool

  2. anyways i used to be a church guy a youth leader actually but all of a sudden i stopped not because i lose faith or what its just that i was kinda dissapointed at some people there
    anyways i believe the true church of god was our heart because they say church is the house of god and it was also said jesus lives in each and everyone's heart so therefore church of god is our heart well that were just my opinion

  3. Very well put. Prejudices, judgment, discrimination. These are the few things that send people away from the church. May be if we could put a little more effort to understand others, make them feel accepted sans physical looks (as you said), may be we can encourage them more. Just my two cents. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog!

  4. Looks are not everything but on how we treat other people. :) Nice!

  5. Very inspiring post :)

    “We judge others instantly by their clothes, their cars, their appearance, their race, their education, their social status. The list is endless. What gets me is that most people decide who another person is before they have even spoken to them. What's even worse is that these same people decide who someone else is, and don't even know who they are themselves."

  6. @Mecoy --Oh I feel sad with your experience. But I hope you can get back to your faith. And I hope that your disappointment to one or two church-people wont' discourage you to not attend church activities. It is true that it is our heart whom He resides but we need to come together also to strengthen it. The real church is the people themselves not the physical structure we enter into.

  7. @Littleyana- Yeah, more effort to reach out, more effort to be compassionate less in judgment and discrimination. Thanks

  8. Michy- Yes, looks fades through time but the good spirit will endure forever.

  9. Fiel-Kun - Need I say more? You are so right bro! Hope people will be more compassionate and open-minded.

  10. This is a very inspiring post and very true too! :) It's wonderful how one's appearance doesn't define who the person is. I just wish we all learn not to give in to prejudice. There're more to a person if we get to know them.

  11. first impressions do not last. second impressions do. I always give people that benefit of the doubt, but once they prove me right, then it's the end of the story. i think I'm judgmental to a certain extent.

    btw, about the vid, it's confirmed, I'm judgmental.

  12. Sumi--Yeah, i hope we can be more patience in getting to know more the person before we open our mouth.

  13. Olivr---hahahaha...ako din namali eh hahahaha....

  14. well that was one worthy search for a video. thanks for sharing JJ together with this post. hope the message will reach a lot of people.

    That is why they are called "judgMENTAL" :) :P

  15. Correct man! Different strokes for different people, i think. And God uses instruments in ways we do not know...


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