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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Of Books, The Smell Of It, And The Love For It

When I was in my pre-school age I knew I wanted to write. I can remember the time when I used crayons as my writing pen when there was no pencil to be found. I used to write on the sand, on banana leaves and even the body part of it, in our window grills made of bamboo, on top of our table. Several occasions where I was reprimanded by doing vandalism..hahaha..bata pa lang vandal na hahaha. I just have the love for it. I even found myself using the edge of my pointing finger and scratching on top of our table as if I'm writing something while having our lunch or dinner. My tatay would normally get pissed off as he doesn't want to play while in front of the grace of God. He's right but I can't help it...matigas lang ang ulo..hahaha!

But reading? Hell no....I don't love it then. It was the last thing in my mind. I can vividly remember during my first Grade in school where in I was called by my teacher to read in front of the class as part of our reading drill. Wow man!--I am literally shaking and my palms were cold and wet. I knew I can't read fluently that's why I was so afraid to be called in front. Adding to the pressure was the bullying of my classmates. But I'm good in school. I finished the first grade ranking fifth overall. The only thing that bothered me then was reading. It's not that I can't read at all but I just don't love the idea. It annoys me.

Some of my books' collection

So, I brought the habit of not liking books or reading even until I became a secondary student. Though I excelled in school and constantly part of the honor's list, TAMAD PA RIN TALAGA AKONG MAGBASA.  I don't know why number three loves me very much...LoLs..when I graduated I ranked third in the entire class. Several instances where I placed third during my grade school days. Placing top three during secondary level could have been higher but you know how favoritism works in HS. You know how being a son or daughter of a politician or an influential person can do magic hahaha. I have some classmates who have that status. While yours truly is just a son of a modest farmer owning a piece of land for a living.

When I graduated my mom told me like this "Magbasa ka kaya ng magbasa ng mga novels, English articles, and sort of like that". She told me that to improve my skills in English in reading, writing, and comprehending. The thought didn't buy me off. Of course, I'm the typical young lad who don't like to read and there's your mom prodding you to do what you hate the most. I just whisked-off the idea. 

Until one day I've realized (this was when I entered freshman in college) that the field was so tough that I needed to study hard to the point of going to bed very late at night. Or should I say early morning since normally I would sleep at 1am during my first year in college. I was trained to be competitive and so I can't accept the idea that I would just pass on the challenge of topping our class. My effort succeeded when I was included in the "Dean's List in my first semester. But it wasn't easy. I didn't achieve what I had without spending hours and hours of study. I worked hard for it. 

From that experience I promised to make reading a habit. I need and had to step-up my game in order to compete in the field. I began to read. Of course there were few adjustments. The biggest challenge was of falling asleep while reading. But I persevered. I insisted. And I won when one day I just woke up I already love reading. I'm starting to check out book stores for interesting book read. And so I save some allowances to buy one. Most of the times, book on sale. LoLs...wala pa kasing budget para sa pambili ng libro na di needed sa school..hahaha. 

And from then on I fell in love with reading. Until now I'm still madly in love. And here are some of my books' collection. I bought it here. I have book collection back in Pinas. And it was my long term plan to put up a mini-library in our house. And would encourage also my children to love reading. 

In reading, there are plenty of benefits. Aside from it improves your comprehension and writing skills, it can bring you to places you have never been into before. It can present you ideas in a global level. Your frame of mind won't just be boxed into a certain situation as it creates wider horizon. Also, you get to meet book lovers too. Attend book fairs and exchange ideas on which books can be a nice read. There are plenty of things you can learn from reading. 

Until now I'm still into book collection. I love inspirational books, history books, and educational books. I even read the book "The Diary of Anne Frank" for like three to four times. It was a good read, very educational. It will transport you back in Hitler's time, and of the holocausts and the Nazi empire. I love Mitch Albom's too. His "Tuesday's With Morrie is a mega-hit. Paulo Coelho is another. Og Mandino, Jack Canfield- the famous author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul". I got his book on "How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Wanna Be". It's very nice. Right now, I'm reading "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. There are plenty more of great authors and the list could go on.

I hope young people will learn to appreciate reading the way readers do. Mind you it can help you big time. So, start reading now and be an author tomorrow. My ultimate dream is to publish my own book. Maybe a family story or of my own. 

Have a nice read everyone :)


  1. It's a different story for me. I love reading since I was young. I filled up 2 to 3 library cards during my elementary days and the librarian always said that I'm the only pupil in the entire school who has that record ha ha. I borrowed bedtime story books every weekend and return it every Monday. Later I borrowed any kind of books that interest me.

    Until now I still love reading. I think my profile always has the word "I read anything that has a word in it" :) My passion for writing came later sometime around high school. Maybe my reading paved the way for it.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I had a nice read :)

  2. I think every good writer is a better reader. I read a lot, but my writing skills are still in bad shape. Unlike you, I fell in love with reading first, writing then followed.

  3. I have Anne Frank and Tuesdays with Morrie. I want to buy For One More Day too. :)

  4. Balut --thanks :)

    Olivr-- Yeah, you're right. Kahit ako my writings has full of flaws pa din.

    Michy - good read din siya Michy..bili na hehehe!

  5. jovs,wow another piece of good reminds me of my mother(nanay)as she encourage me to read before but ure right when where young we did not realize the good points of being a reader....congratulations...very informative.....

  6. Thanks Maps! good thing I was able to love reading even it's a bit late. It has transformed my life in leaps and bounds.

  7. OOHhh...I don't like to read books at first, but I developed a love for it. I just love the feeling of fulfillment when I finish a great read. And books don't low bat!

  8. I cannot agree more with you Key, yeah books don't require a plug in charger. You can bring them to places without worrying that it might run out of battery like gadgets. Gadgets depreciated but I believe books have the power to appreciate especially if it's a collectors item na. Nothing can beat it.

  9. nakakarelate lang :) mahirap din talagang pigilin ang antok kapag nagbabasa :)

  10. Jep-- ganun ba hehehe..kadalasan nauuwi sa tulog talaga hahahaha.

  11. Nice set of books! I really wanna read kaso minsan talaga hindi lang madali maghanap ng oras. Ngayong unemployed pa ko saka ko palang natotodo todo ang pagbasa. :)

    Although, tama ka. Nakakaantok magbasa lalo na pag nakahiga lol :>

    Keep on reading!

  12. Being a book lover myself, I appreciate how you learned to appreciate and value reading. Anne Frank is really an interesting girl, Tuesdays with Morrie is also heartwarming. I also have like the flowing river, but I never heard of the autobiography of paulo coehlo, hahaha.

    i also dreamed of having my own library

  13. Umi---Yup it's not easy to find time specially yong mood,minsan kasi kahit anong basa mo di naman pumapasok sa kukote kasi wala ka sa mood. Keep on reading too :) Hope you can follow me on GFC

  14. LJ - Thanks! I bought the autobio of P.C. here in Mid-East na. I'm sure avail na yan diyan sa Pinas in any major book store. Followed you on GFC, hope you can do the same. :)

  15. ako nga pagkagraduate ko lng ng college nahilig sa pagbabasa ..

    Reading makes us rich sabi nga ng blogger friend ko .

    nbasa ko na yung tuesdays with morrie ni mitch albom . Ang ganda :))

  16. Bagotilyo--oo nga...I can't agree more. Sobrang ganda ng Tuesdays with Morrie talaga...binasa ko siya several times. The lessons and all moved me.

  17. I loved reading ever since bata pa ko, as in I prefer books over toys pag may nagreregalo saken. If I remember it right, first book ko was Hansel and Gretel, na I got when I was 5. Up until now, love ko reading, ako un tipong hindi makakatulog gat di ko natatapos yun binabasa ko, hehe.

    Ang dami mong books!!! Naging fav ko rin ang "The Diary of Anne Frank" nun highschool pa, nakakaiyak yun e.

    P.S. Hi pala!hihi..

  18. Joanne -- Wow buti ka pa may natatanggap na regalo nung bata ka pa ako madalang pa sa patak ng ulan hahaha...

    Sarap basahin ng Diary of Anne Frank eh..mahilig din kasi ako magmuni muni sa history natin hahaha..nakakaiyak at nakakaawa ang sinapit ng family nila and the victims of holocaust.

    Ang dami ko na ngang books hahahaha..yan ang weakness ko kapag naka bisita sa book store tiyak pag uwi ko may book/s ako na dala....can't help not to buy one hahaha..

    Salamat sa pagbisita. Cheers to reading :)

  19. Hello, what is GFC? hehe... How will I do the same? pasesiya naman. hahaha

  20. Hahahaha..tawa ako ng tawa..kasi yan din ang tinanong ko dati kay Ms. Balut (blogger friend) kasi di ko din pala Google Friend Connect lang..hahaha. I guess you're in my GFC already..hehehe


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