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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Awesome Blogger: March Edition - MEET Pao!

This post is kind-of inspired by watching the movie “Letters To God”. Maybe a bit, but the truth is, I just need some kind of a motivator, a propeller for my mind to set into the mood of writing and come up with a masterpiece tailor-fit post for him.

I don’t know, literally the movie has nothing to do with the person that I am going to feature for my March issue of  “THE AWESOME BLOGGER”. 

Oh! I know what’s running on your minds. Perhaps you might be thinkin’ like this, “Why there’s no February issue? What the heck? Well, let’s leave it at that. Let us assume it’s my prerogative to except the month of February since I was busy during my vacation and writing one, even selecting my feature, was really a difficult thing for me. My mind was focused on the meet-ups and all the (mis) great adventures hehehe!

Okay, let's go back to the main topic here. Before I was able to decide that he'll be occupying my March issue, I had countless of thoughts and considerations. Actually, I had three choices and all of those three are somehow, though span of time may seem so short, close to me. I won't reveal who the other two. Let's leave it hanging so there will be some kind of an element of surprise.

By the way, I won't ask any queries from Pao to spice up this entry. What I am going to write will  purely be based on how I got to know him in the blogging world and in person.

Me, Pao, Moises and Archieviner aka Arvin
I admit that I can't remember when was the first time I visited Pao's blog. Perhaps, a close to the exact time was last year. Yes, it was last year when I started checking out other interesting bloggers. What had captured my interest in his blog was the very title of it. Biro mo ba namang pangalanan niya ng "To Infinity & Beyond - Pangkalawakan - at first I find it nicely weird. In a sense because I can't figure out how to relate the word "Pangkalawakan" to the title. Late when I realized that Pao like all my nephews is a die-hard anime lover. That's the time when it totally sink in my thought that "Ah that's why there is a Pangkalawakan word in it".

Pao, Me, Theo, and Senyor. Late lunch a day before my flight.
Thanks Senyor kahit panggabi pa ang pasok you still joined us.
Like any other bloggers, he writes blog about his personal journey - writing anything under the sun. He doesn't have any label on his blog nor a fan of any blog category of sort. He simply expresses his mind whenever he feels like writing.  He's good in art. Well, it's a given talent for an Engineering graduate. 

Mecoy, Pao, Bino, Me, and Paul aka Senyor
Reading his blog, you can easily feel that he's a guy who can quickly mix with different people of various background. He carries with him a sunny personality and a cheerful spirit. 

That impression I had of him was even more sealed when I was able to finally meet him in person. When I first look at him during our meet-up I had strongly sensed already that he's a nice and cool guy to be with. I always has this ability to instinctively qualify someone's personality in a first meeting.

Only Pao can do that while playing badminton - LoLs! hehe
Truth to what I said, he consistently showed a pleasing yet goofy personality to all of us - his blogger friends. As what I have told him during our meet up - "siya yung taong walang masamang tinapay" - a cheerful and full of zest kind of person. He always brings light moments to an occasion because he's the rightful owner of an "angelic face" - naks...buko pie naman diyan hahahaha! Yung tipong parang di gagawa  ng masama! hahaha!

And what convinced me that he's a good friend and a son for keeps was this message before I flew back to the MIddle East. I was so touched that I was teary-eyed because I never expected this from him or from anyone I met during my vacation. I mean - this is too much of a good thing. But I was so extremely thankful receiving this heartwarming message. 

And it reads.....

"Dad good morning! Thank you po sa lahat. Sa coffee, breakfast, lunch, meryenda, and dinner and movie na magkasama tayo. Thank you po sa gifts. Thank you po for the warm welcome na binigay nyo sa akin sa place nyo. Thank yo for letting me stay there the whole day, night, and may overnight pa :) Thank you for letting me use the bathroom, toilet, sa pillows and sofabed when I need them the most :) Thank you for the great moments you've shared with us. Bowling and badminton were the best days na nakakabitin. Mamimiss ko sobra ang never-ending words of wisdom nyo and of course! your loud and genuine laugh. Very happy and so blessed to be your son. I know Caleb will be a proud boy and will even be prouder as he gets older and know more how great and superb his dad.

God bless you Daddy Jay! Bon Voyage! We'll all be waiting sa pagbabalik nyo. We will miss you big time!
And this cake was a reminder how thoughtful he is as a person. Sinurprise ako sa condo during our last day's meet up
Now, tell me who won't cry receiving above message?  Even pusong bato would melt so easily kung mababasa nya ang message na eto na galing sa puso ng isang genuine na tao. The fact na di mo naman inaakala na mag mi message siya ng ganito - that adds up to the gravity of the emotion.

Ikaw ba naman ang maging online daddy at parang daddy na rin sa kanilang lahat - dami ko kasing anak eh hahaha! (mahilig lang!) hahaha!

And as a response to thank him of his innate goodness, here's a birthday tribute to him. As promised in my previous post that I'll be posting this video. Enjoy your eyes' ride guys

Indeed, real friendship doesn't recognize length of time but purest of intention. It knows no age, color, size, society status, and life's background. But it dwells in the heart invested through genuine friendly interaction.

I am privileged and honored to have known you not just in the blogging world BUT more importantly in person. My circle of already jam-packed friends added again another gem that's worth keeping for life.

Thank you for calling me "daddy" though our biological consanguinity has nothing to do with it. I am grateful for that.

On your forthcoming board exam, may the good Lord bless you with clarity of mind and great focus. We will pray that you'll be able to pass this time. And we are claiming your victory now!

God bless you son Pao!


  1. Yey... Si Kapatid na Pao!!! We all pray for his coming exam! Bilib ako sa batang 'yan... Ubod ng bait pero hindi boring ang personality!!! Ang sarap pa kausap... I want to know more kung sa anung bagay pa siya masarap... hihihi...

    I love seeing posts like this kasi it is a reminder na we can truly build genuine friendship through blogging!

  2. Gud job! Makakapasa si Pao sa exam nya. GOD BLESS :)

  3. Parang artista ang pagfeature kay ser Pao a!

  4. Daddy Jay... Supeeeeer flattering po ito.

    Feeling ko underqualified ako sa mga descriptions nyo sa itaas. Thank you po! To be included sa mga Awesome bloggers is way too much para sakin. Sobrang thank you po.

    And yes I am very proud to be your son. :)

    Thanks po for the wishes and prayers, I will surely pass the board exam! :)

    At nakakatuwa yung video and yung captions ng pictures hahaha!

  5. Ang sweet ni pao :)

    Ang sweet din ng blogpost na to.

    Ayun papasa ka na talaga sa board exam andami na naming nagpapray para sayo . hehehe

  6. Very Positive nga ang post na ito! As per the awesome blogger mismo... naguumaPAO sa pagka GV. Truly, we can find true friendship or even brotherhood in the least expected place, time and circumstances. Way to go! Awesome Blogger of March!

  7. isa si pao sa natitira sa mga kabataan ngayon na he keeps his values and follow simple rules. i see him as a person who is happy, genuine and most of all makapamilya. bihira na sa mga bata yan ngayon i mean their generation. (ganong pagkasabi talaga eh hahaha) totoo yang sweet si pao kahit maloko, he is really a cute brother and a friend. =p

    good luck sa board exam pao and hope those tips i gave u will help sa araw ng BE mo. affirm it and u can make it through!! kaya yan no doubts!! believe in what u have there, in ur mind and heart!!

  8. Good luck Pao sa exam and happy bday ulit

  9. Congrats pao. You deserve it:) good luck!

  10. Woot!? isama na rin si Pao sa Star's Walk of Fame sa Eastwood Libis hahaha :)

    Ikaw na talaga ang star of the month Pao!

  11. Well deserve ni Pao. :D Nice one Daddy Jay!

  12. sweet naman ni Pao senpai! haha nahiya naman ako di ata ko nakapgthank you ng maayos sayo hehe
    anyways ang taong walang masamang tinapay! at may early morning habit!
    napakaganda ng aura niyan parang matagal mo na kilala kahit sa una pa lang

  13. Awesome blogger indeed.. God bless Pao and Daddy Jay :D

  14. Senyor - I agree, this kind of post is what makes us bloggers become closer to one another. That, even if we have just known one another in the online, there is a space for us to become real friends and we did!

    Bino - Thanks! Let us be his prayer warriors

    Palaboy - Hahaha..he deserves it hehehe

    Pao - Don't be in denial, you are and it is indeed tailor-fit post for you. You deserve it anak.

    Moises- Hongsweet kong daddy di ba? hahahaha..Thanks, let's pray for his upcoming board exam

    Mar - Yes, Mar very positive nga hehe...and he deserve it naman. There is more beyond blogging that we shoud know - that is as you've said' we can build up real friends and friendship.

    Lala - Hangsincere naman ni Lala..hehehe..let's pray for Pao's upcoming exam. Thanks

    Jei son - Salamat, I'm sure kakayanin niya ang board exam with all of us praying behind him.

    Mommy Joy - thanks :))

    Fiel -Hahaha..kokontakin ko ang namamahala sa Walk of Fame na yan para ilagay siya..or gagawa akong sariling avenue for him hehehe (kidding)

    LJ - Salamat :))

    Mecoy - You did thank me isang post that was enough hehe. Pareho naman kayo na walang masamang tinapay eh hehe

    Kat - Maraming salamat...:indeed :)))

  15. nice one... kainggit hehehehe. Sana maging daddy ko rin po kau nyahahaha

  16. A fellow engineer! Nice one Pao! Congratulations and good luck! :)

  17. ang sweet naman pala ni pao...;) nakaka touch yung message...;)


  18. Ang dami mo nang anak daddy ah. Pero ako ang panganay. Lol.

    Congrats Pao. You deserve it. Natouch ako sa letter mo para kay daddy jay :)

    See u again soon :)

  19. Hindi ko kilala si Pao pero after reading this, parang friend ko na siya :)

  20. Olivr - siya na nga talaga hehehe!

    Ashton - Ahahaha! Anyone can call me daddy, yes I can be a daddy to you too hehe

    Michy - He's ECE grad and will be taking his board exam soon.

    Grah - thanks hehehe! oo nga nakaka tindig balahibo hehe

    Archieviner - Ikaw ang unang niluwal ng cyber mommy mo LoLs..ikaw ang panganay hahaha...

    Jon - Sir, hoping you can meet him too, nasa Pinas ka di ba, you can arrange a meet up with fellow bloggers if you still have spare time.

  21. Syempre better late than never sa pag comment hahaha.. Good vibes lang and so positive ang post..


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