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Sunday, March 24, 2013

EARTH HOUR: Creating Awareness About Climate Change

As we go global in today's era, our concern also goes on a global scale.

Earlier, a small group of community friends gathered in our abode to experience once again and be one among millions around the world in observance of the worldwide phenomenon called ‘EARTH HOUR’. 

I, for one, has been so blessed to have been practicing this global effort for the past 4 years already. Since 2009 when I first knew about it I had become a believer of this advocacy.

It started in year 2007 in Sydney, Australia by an organization called "WWF" (WORLD WILDLIFE FUND) and Mr. Leo Burnett - wherein 2.2 million residents of Sydney joined in by turning off all non-essential lights.  Now on its seventh year, the vision is still clear "to unite people to protect the planet". 

Before we turn off the lights (L-R - Kumpareng Randy, Caleb & Me, Wifey, Nizel, Jeng, & Joy

There is no doubt that our planet is facing the most difficult phase in its history - the humungous environmental concern brought about by the "gradual climate shift". We may not be completely aware of it nor we can solidly feel its effect but it slowly consumes us. 

This climactic shift can pose a real danger in our journey to a sustainable future and can make our life more difficult ahead. 

Change this big needs YOU! US! - Before we say it's impossible to recover we must act now.

It needs every one of us. Together, our individual actions add up to make a difference collectively

But impossibility is just a thing of the frightened and immobile. In fact, change is underway. Thanks to the effort of those who pioneered this global advocacy that we can sleep at night knowing that there is still a bright future ahead of us especially the next generation.

With our efforts for today, we certainly can assure that its positive impact will be felt in the generation next to us. 

May we always think of , consider, and pray while taking actions those who will be on this Earth next to us. Our little effort when collectively joined in with millions (hoping for billions) around the world is a crucial step to preserve our Mother Earth.

How about you? Can you share something about your observance of the "Earth Hour"?


  1. Ang cute... nakakaliw naman yung paraan nyo ng pag participate sa earth hour.

    Sana nga di lang isang beses sa isang taon ang earth hour.

  2. ooohhh... tulog aq ng earth hour eh... i sabed my own energy, ok n un? hihihi

  3. Aware ako na may Earth Hour last night pero hindi naman namin napa-practice dito. Yung nanay ko bisi bisihan sa panonood ng tv kaya nakalimutan mag turn off ng lights kagabi lol

    *hugs kay Baby Caleb ^_^*

  4. haha kala ko 23rd pa lng naun haha
    di ako nakapagparticipate nakalimutan ko hahaha


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