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Friday, March 8, 2013


Starbucks By The Bay at Mall of Asia.
L-R (Grah, Arline, Cheenee, Axl, June, Josh, Pao, & Kat) 
Standing: (Mar, Me, Arvin, Senyor (Christian) & Moises)
It's way too late of a post but it deserves to be posted anyway. 

PBOers are waiting for this I'm sure. (Or masyado lang akong assuming - lols). Hmm..alam ko they're waiting for this - haha!

So far the biggest of all the meet-ups I’ve had. And the grandest I must say.

Archieviner of Chateau De Archieviner and sexy Arline of the Pink Line were with me going to the venue. It was agreed that the meet up will be at Mall of Asia. The reason why Arline went with us (Arvin and I) was that she needs to deliver to me my order of her succulent and mouth-watering "decorated cup cakes" - of which half of those cupcakes are for PBOers too.

It's February 15 / Sunday - just a day after the "heart's day" celebration. I'm sure some PBOers  still have heart-hang-over. A special date with their love interests the other day. 

We arrived at around past 3:00 o'clock. Medyo we get lost pa ng slight kasi Manong driver didn't know which Starbucks we're heading to. Pero sandali lang naman. Siguro it took like 5 minutes lang naman for us to locate the venue.

Finally we arrived. We were ushered by his comedic highness - Senyor Christian of Kwentong Iskwater Mula sa Iskwater - the jolliest and bubbliest person I've meet in the blogosphere. I never knew that he's so loud and funny. But mind you he's smart and witty.

So, without further ado, here are the proofs of our most celebrated meet-up.

L-R (Arline, Cheenee, Axl, June, Kat, Josh, Senyor , Pao and Moises)

L-R (Xander, Moises, Mar, Arvin, Arline, Me, Axl, Carlo, June, Cheenee) in front: Josh, Pao and Senyor

We also took the opportunity posing a shot with some bloggers we want to have souvenir photos either by two, by three, by four and the most is by five. Enjoy your eyes ride guys!

L-R - (Axl, June, & Josh)
L-R (Me, Grah, Arvin, & Senyor Christian)
L-R (Josh, Arvin, & Pao) Standing: (June & Mar)
Pao and Cheenee - bagay na bagay hehe!

Hongsweet ni Senyor and Pao hehehe!

Parang ninong at ninang lang kami sa kasal hehe!

Arline and Me
Me and my fellow SFC from Bacolod- Grah
Grah and Arvin
Arline and Cheenee
Josh and Arvin
Moises and Christian aka Senyor
Kat and Sunny Toast

While waiting for our food currently being cooked, we busied ourselves exchanging random conversation with anyone from bloggers present. As you can see, my kumpol-kumpol lang. Kanya kanyang chikahan! More of like getting to know more a blogger in person. Brasuhan na hahaha! 


I didn't have enough photos of our fellowship with the foods. Siguro sa gutom na rin kaya di na naisipan pang kumuha ng mga photos ng food. Anyhow, these are few of the "deliciouso" and edible dinner we had. 


While everyone's busy having chit-chat with one another, I took the opportunity to take random photos around. I could have done more of it but my attention was called for dinner already. So taking these random shots went into a halt. 

Meet up like this is fun because you get to know your blogger-friends on a personal level. You get to bond with them. And bonding is one way of talking things that matters. Such is the case why PBO (Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) was born. Out of genuine desire to help out less fortunate people, bloggers come in unison to pursue a worthwhile activity that will make them smile at the end of the day. 

I am looking forward to seeing these people again. And deeper friendship from this simple meet up was born.


  1. This made my day Daddy Jay! Thank you for the wacky, lovely, cute photos :) They all tell stories on their own. It is my pleasure to have met all of you wonderful people!

    More PBO activities to come and more blogs to write :) God Bless You!

  2. buti pa kayo at nagka-eyebolan na. nainggit ako ng bigtime habang nagiiscrolldown ako slash ang dami kong tawa kay pareng senyor sa kanyang trip. hahaha ang benta!

  3. Cute PHOtos..
    ..nakakaingit naman. just hope maka sama ako nxt PBO activity

  4. hindi totoong bagay si pao and cheenee!!! No no no!!!

    Isa sa pinakamasayang EB...til next tym!

  5. Wow ang saya naman nito...
    ang kulit lang ng pose ni senyor hehehehe

  6. Just by looking on your EB pics, nakaramdam na naman ako ng guiltyness nyahaha dyuk!

    Haha nagpo-protesta si Senyor sa taas hahaha. Go Cheenee and Pao!!! :P

    Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o ano dun sa pic nila Senyor at Bagotilyo XD

  7. Nice meeting you po :D laro laro ulit ng baminton pag may time ahaha

  8. Ang saya... Bigla ko kayong namiss lahat. Dami kong tawa sa pictures. Sana maulit eto :)

  9. haha tagal na neto pero naiingit pa din ako haha
    dame dame nu pala talaga!
    si senyor talaga oh!
    tangkad ni sunny pang beauty queen

    haha si moises ilang kanto lang pagitan namen pero di ko pa nakikita yan haha

  10. ang saya ng araw na ito.. sana maulit muli.. salamat daddy Jay.. miss you na po.. until next time ;)

  11. Awww andito na pala to. Namiss ko na kayo, pati yung foods! hahah!

    Natawa ko sa pictures!!! ^_^ At parang inaantok si senyor sa pinakaunang pic sa groupies category.

  12. perstaym kong makipag EB ng ganitong karami. whahahahha ... na speechless tuloy ako.

    Looking forward na mas makilala ko pa kayong lahat ng lubusan. ( wow tagalog na tagalog :) )

    Ayun , namiss ko tong moment na 'to. Namiss ko na kayo.

    hanggang sa uultin daddy jay.

  13. ngayn ko lang to na check...dahil yong mga pics ko with guys ay na corrupt:( but Daddy Jay it was nice meeting you and the rest of the guys!


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