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Thursday, March 21, 2013

His Name Is JOHN HOWARD - And I Am Proud Of Him

Eto ang mga panahon na ginagaya mo si Lee Min Ho hahaha! (Joke)
Kaya naisipan mong mag long hair hahaha!
8:18PM - KSA

As of this writing, I'm pretty sure you're in your bed already, sleeping deeply, and perhaps communed with softly cushioned pillows on both sides of your bed. And probably right now, your snoring sound have passed through your window sills echoing right across your neighbor's house- LoLs!

Or maybe you're in a beautiful dream - walking towards the aisles ready to receive that one special paper that you've worked hard for 3 long years to achieve. 

Earlier, you may have finished fixin' your graduation 'get-up' for tomorrow. Dress to kill - I am imagining your mom had prepared for you a long sleeve and a bow tie or simply a tie with a neatly ironed black pants and a pair of black shoes to complete your 'graduation get-up'.  With of course your "toga" not to say the least.

The thought of finally realizing your college dream gives me chills and shivers. I am a proud Tito. I am a proud mentor to the first born of my eldest Ate Jing. What even makes me the proudest is your being extremely obedient and you're being so responsible in your studies. Extremely glad that you've idolized me as your role model as you stride along your college life.

Kape! Kape! sa mga gabing puyatan dahil sa mga Engineering projects hehe! Lee Min Ho ikaw pa rin ba yan hahaha!
Seryoso mode lang tayo tsong na parang nalugi sa perya hahaha!
How time flies so fast and it really did flew fast. But errr...let's go back a bit circa later part of 90's ...let's take a look at how young, curious and inquisitive you are. I can still recall how I run out of answer whenever you bombard me or anyone from our family with your innocent yet so full of zest questions at anything. To the point that somehow I get pissed-off sa kakulitan mo. You won't settle for a mediocre explanation and never will accept a no for an answer. We even thought that maybe you'll be walking tall and proud into law school one day. But Mathematics is your life, it's your forte, it's your passion and so you build your dreams doing mental solutions to every Math problem you encounter. You're being spot on gained you a "Best in Math" and a Salutatorian honors in HS. 

Take a look back at your picture here, LoLs! Reminisce those days when you're being flooded with invitation to be an escort in many school or even town fiestas occasion.

I don't have enough of your child photos and this is the most decent I can grab from your FB..haha!
Howard on top (eldest), Nikko (2nd) and little princess Jia (youngest) -
Rock n Roll siblings hahaha!

At a tender age of 8 or 9 years old, you've trained in different martial arts. Your addiction to sports of martial arts is infectious reason why you've influenced your two siblings to go after your lead hahaha. Look at how obedient they were- hahaha

This relatively thin yet firm body sealed you a silver medal in one of the competition in Cavite.
Look how Nikko tried to emulate your moves hahaha
At ang nautong little sister hahahaha- kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga kuya
gaya gaya din siya hahaha
But notably, Taekwondo and Karate are your two faves martial arts sports. I can vividly remember how you would stay so late at night just to watch anything related to Taekwondo or any other martial arts sports. If I may recall it right, natapos mo yung feature length documentary sa Discovery or National Geo about Taekwondo before di ba.

Along the way, your passion for music is an innate gift that you've developed. You never had a formal guitar lesson but you've practiced using your neighbor's guitar just to push through your music inclination. Self-study was your key element in reading notes and you were damn successful at it. Now. you reap what you sow. 

While studying, you spearheaded a rock band group in your school called "WordsWorth" and jamming was your thing with the rest of your bandmates whenever time allows. With that passion, I saw a potential in you which led me to buy you a Samick Electric Guitar at Filinvest Alabang. It's quite expensive but I never mind it as long as I know you love music but knows how to prioritize school. At that, there is no argument needed.

Fronting as a "lead guitar"
With his bandmates and schoolmates as well
One of their many jamming sessions just to perfect the songs and the instrumental accompaniment.
College days is one of the coolest in your schooling life. Perhaps, second to high school since they say secondary years are the best schooling life. 

With college classmate
With college buddies
Ikaw at ang sando brothers - LoLs!
Now, fast forward to the present time. Tomorrow is the culmination of ending a tedious college life. You are privileged to have gone that far when some of your contemporaries didn't even step on a college hall. And many of our Filipino youth strive hard just to earn a slot.

The fruit of your labor is now at the dawn ready to unfold. But remember that life doesn't end at school. Once you're done with your formal school, there's a bigger and more dynamic school that you'll enter into. The real world is the true test of your wit. There are myriad of things that you'll never learn in school but only in real interactions with real people in the real world. 

But beyond all these things, we're all in this together. Life is certain if you make it as one and life is dull if you stay ignorant.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy the rest of the day tomorrow. The key is yours now. Use it wisely. And while exploring every opportunity and succeeding at it never ever forget to look back from where you came from. Always have the mindset to give back. It is because in giving back you'll be blessed more.

Your best days are yet to come. Sieze every opportunity, never allow mediocrity and aim to be the best. 

Or shall I say the betterer or the bestest? Just kidding!

GOOD LUCK! What lies ahead is up to you! Just stay focus and positive!


  1. He looks lke Yael og Spongecola... Cute ha... Siguro Daddy ganyan din datingan mo dati noh???

    What's nalugi sa perya? It's not on our generation... Duh... It' Soo yours... hahaha...

    Congrats sa kanya... Kung kailangan niya ng anything, I am here... basta may kapalit...Lol... Nice post... Sana mabasa niya so he would feel how proid you are! He is such a good example for Baby Caleb!

  2. How proud uncle you are! He should read this.

  3. naku, for sure andaming pina-kilig nya! hahaha.. ganyang yung mga crush crush ko! good at math and music.. great combi! definitely came from line of great genes!

  4. super spoil sayo... para kang proud daddy dito sa pamangkin mo... congratulations! my cousin is also graduating tomorrow from the same school... makagaw a nga din ng ganito... hahaha!

  5. wow.. congrats sa kanya... thanks sa pag share...

  6. haha congratulations kay Lee Min Ho este John Howard :))

  7. Senyor - hahaha...di naman mas matipuno ako sa kanya noon wahahaha

    Ate Malou - thanks! he did already and he was very thankful. Close sa akin ang first nephew kong 'to. hehe

    Michy - Thanks Michy :)

    Kat - hahaha! yung tipo pala niya ang nagpapakilig sa'yo ha hehehe..thanks :)

    Mel - he deserves to be spoiled kasi masipag at masunuring bata po yan hehehe

    Jon - salamat!

    Fiel - hahaha- mahilig kasi silang magkakapatid sa Koreanovela hahaha..thanks

  8. nice lahing gwapito kayo parekoy ahh
    congrats sa kanya!
    jack of all traits ha! martial arts, studies at music!
    he reminds me of my cousin,
    at ang angas ng name ahh!
    anyways mentor na mentor magsalita parekoy!

  9. looks like Yael :O

    Congrats btw :)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  10. Congrats po sa kanya.. sana maging successfully po sya :)

  11. isang malaking congratulations sa kanya! ampogi ha infairness!


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