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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

God -- You Are Sovereign!

"God – You are sovereign and all encompassing. We surrender all to You."

"My tatay had encountered a motorcycle accident yesterday night. We were stunned by the news coming from my eldest sister through FB. It was his third accident with the same vehicle. At first, we’re a bit furious because he didn’t listen to our proddings not to drive when drunk. But minutes after expressing our disgust and disappointment, it is our hearts that melted down in pity with his current situation. He’s the only person left in our house in the province since all of us are miles away from home. My eldest sister is residing in Carmona in Cavite, my two brothers are also in the Middle East ( one in UAE and the other in Western Part of Saudi Arabia). My nanay is under my care here in the Eastern Part.

We were like helpless because we cannot personally attend to him. But, we owe our great thanks and favor from our relatives who closely monitored him after the accident. I’ve been calling him from time to time, not minding the amount of money I already spent calling overseas.

I cannot detail-out the injuries he suffered but I tell you it is bad. Tomorrow, he’ll be accompanied by his youngest brother and my cousin going to Manila to have his injuries check in the Orthopedic Center."

My blog has always been one of my best online buddies - my outlet, my shock absorber and my confidant. This is where I pour out my heart when I wanted to let go of my emotional outbursts.  That’s why I said, God is sovereign because there is no one higher than Him whom we can rest our case to.

He allowed this trial in our family for Him to make a statement in our lives. It's His way of catching our attention. Maybe, just maybe some of us in the family has been so neglectful of Him that's why He surprised us with this enormous challenge. He is putting our unity and faith into testing water - for how long we can sustain our faith to Him. 

There is a purpose and a greater wisdom through it and I believe that in His perfect ways - we all shall comprehend what it is. Let us continue to exalt and praise His mighty name even in the midst of a storm. In life, once in a while a storm passes but it will not shake up our unity and faith in Him. Let us all put our trust in Him and remain prayerful. God is a faithful God and He will never forsake us His followers. 

God - thank you for this challenge, thank you for choosing our family - especially my father - to go through this because You know that we will be stronger and victorious in the end. I give you my highest honor and glory. 



  1. I can relate to you dahil malayo din ako sa mga anak ko sa Pilipinas. If they make wrong choices and suffered consequences, ako ang mas nahihirapan.
    But as you said, God is soveriegn. We just have to trust God for the lives of our loved ones. I am with you in prayer for your father.

  2. get well soon sa iyong tatay :) God bless!

  3. I will be praying for your tatay's speedy recovery Daddy Jay :) Hope walang makitang seryosong problema when he have his check up in Manila today.

    I believe isa lng ito sa mga trials ni God sa family nyo para mas lalo pa kayong patatagin sa mga darating na pagsubok.


  4. Saan gumaling agad ang tatay mo Daddy Jay.

  5. I'll pray for your father's fast recovery. Hang in there Jay.

  6. I read about the accident on your Facebook status. I chose to offer a prayer than to write my comments.

    Amen to your faith Jay...


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