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Sunday, December 2, 2012

About A Lost Friend, Of Memories, and Of A Memorable Encounter: Ascension Sonny Rutor

Left Side: A good friend, Sonny Ascension Rutor,
who passed away due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer
on Sept. 23, 2012

I still vividly remember this moment. 

A night filled with intermittent drizzles but enveloped with smiling faces. The faces of people some of whom we do not personally know but the common ground upon which we hold on were the thought that they all came from our town.

Months before it happened, I cannot even give my sweet and unreluctant “Yes” to Che Palma Ferrer as she humbly asked my assistance to host or be one of the hosts of the SAMAHANG SAN FERNANDO night of gathering for the church’s cause. It was because that time, I was just waiting for my new visa (for a new employer)  to arrive and I was not certain if I would still be around comes September 25, 2010. 

Luckily, due to a long delayed visa, I was able to attend the gathering – eventually accepted the hosting stint. 

Excitement encapsulated me. So I went to the venue an hour early. People were coming in – dress to kill with flashy smiles. I was able to have a chit-chat with some of our kababayans (hailing from different batches). This was my first time to attend a gathering filled with our kababayans. I was so anxious excited about the task. Fear forcing an entry into my head that you won’t arrive since the show were about to start and I still can’t see you while I look around in the pool of crowds. I was thinking then that “Oh holy ghost! Ako lang mag-isa ang magho-host? (if di ka makakarating). 

But I felt relieved when I saw you coming in. Quickly ran into me and had our impromptu brainstorming of how are we gonna do the hosting. I felt a little awkward since that was the first time I’ll be hosting side by side with you. Nasa isip ko baka magkakapaan pa tayo ng pagbato ng mga lines. Yet, the comforting words you gave me by saying “Jay, we can do this! We can ace this! are enough to invite the confidence in me. Fortunately, the goosebumps and the butterflies in my stomach were suddenly gone as it was replaced with excitement & confidence.

That night was so classic and spot on. We didn’t even have our rehearsal nor had we prepare an “idiot cards” where we can look upon if needed. All that had happened comes from both our hearts – spontaneous yet awesome. 

With your departure, you hosting skills and stage charisma cannot be replicated by any other who would follow your lead. 

My way of recounting a memorable encounter with the energetic and a good friend of mine Ascension Sonny Rutor . This guy have accomplished so much at a young age of 37. He was having the time of his life and never did it occurred in our wildest fancy that he will suffer such a terminal sickness so quick. His energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious. 

Together with his students during his stint in UST (his alma matter) as a professor
Surely, you’ll be hosting countless gigs in heaven together with the angels! Rock on!


I feel the need to visit his FB account and suddenly I was like compelled to re-write this personal tribute in here. 


  1. through this post i felt like his enthusiasm really infected you with the hosting stint.. im sorry that this happen to your good friend..but what can we do? life is sometimes odd..but your right, he's certainly rocking on in heaven :)

  2. Your friend is blessing to his family and friends. I'm sure he is happy now in heaven.

    I feel u bro. Ur post remind me my friend who currently battling for stage 3 cancer. Sana'y hindi pa huli ang lahat. I believe God will heal him. I will visit him this february 2013. God bless :)

  3. sigh another wise and lovely man had gone
    my condolences to you and to his family,
    I dont know him but reading your tribute post give me a glimpse of his wonderful life,
    may he find peace in heaven with our almighty lord

  4. Condolence po.

    I felt the sincerity while and still after reading this.

    May he rest in peace. He sure is also blessed to have hosted with a very thoughtful co-host like you.

  5. May He rest in peace... His happy now in heaven... Glad that He shared his precious life to you...

    condolences to His family...

  6. @Pink - Yes, life sometimes surprises us in a very odd way that we could least prepare.

  7. @Arvs- Certainly, He is a blessing not only to his family but to us his friends too. He touched so many lives. Hoping your friend could survive his battle too. Let us trust the Lord of His will lang.

  8. @Mecoy - sometimes, we are left being haunted with question about "why good people go away too soon?" It's a very mind boggling one, but we rest in the thought that God knows what He does. And certainly, He has better plan for Sonny.

  9. @Pao - never thought that our encounter in hosting will be our last. It was so sudden.

  10. @Hash - Yes, he is happier now in the kingdom of our God.

  11. Aww... nalungkot naman ako sa post mong ito parekoy /sob

    I'm sure wherever Sir Sonny is now, masaya na sya and free from all pain and sadness.

  12. ling rutor-degroofDecember 4, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    thank u my good friend jay,sabi nga nila good people ay kinukuha agad ni Lord that means nagawa na nila ang kanilang mission here on earth and they are ready to face brother was ready to go up "there" to receive his eternal happy for him but still.. i'm missing him so bad:-(


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