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Sunday, December 2, 2012

About Me and Of Interesting Seven In My Life: My Seventh Heaven

This is not about the debunked TV series “Seventh Heaven”. 

Oh surely, I miss watching that show as it tackles a regular Protestant American family. Along the way, they encounter numerous amount of friends who they help and get help from. As the children grow, so do the amount and seriousness of the issues. But through every high and low is their faith and especially each other. 

Honestly, it’s a good series to watch but I feel sorry that it has been ended already. It's a typical family celebrating life as it happens, dealing with everyday issues each one of 'em encounters and learning to face it collectively as a family. The strength in their bond, the care each one of 'em show towards each other, and the positivism that it affects to the viewers are what I really miss. 

Anyway, I've been meaning to write about this topic. I've been thinking for several days now, whether I'm ready to peel-out some skins out of my life and exposed myself into the scrutiny of the public. And the answer that I got when I last consult my heart is "YES". I guess I'm ready to share some facts about me, those facts that you normally don't read in my blog post. 

Basically, I don't intend my blog to focus on me but to focus on things, people, and situation that are interesting and can be of great influence to my readers, those stories of inspiration and of hope and those of human-interest stories upon which featuring them will spark , affect, and effect optimism especially to those who are about to give up on their lives. In short, I just intend to inspire. It's one of the reasons also that I have this blog feature: INSPIRING PEOPLE in this blog.

OK, here we go, I'll give you some factual tidbits about my life. I just don't know if you'll find it interesting or boring. Let you the reader think about it - hehehe! These are just seven random facts about me as a prelude to my birthday on the seventh day of December. 

1.        My proud parents named their second born “Joven Rada Rafol”. I officially came out from my mother’s womb at around 7:45pm on the 7th day of the last month of the year. In clearer way, December 07. I’m sporting a nickname as “Jon/Jun/ Jhun” at home. I’m a proud descendant of the Rafol clan from Taclobo, San Fernando, Romblon, in the beautiful and enchanted island of Sibuyan. Tidbit: It’s now a fast rising tourist destination.

2.       When I reached the age of 5 or 6, I discover my passion for writing. I remember writing on our window sills, on top of our table, in a banana leaf, on trees, and worst on sands. I knew I will be writing in my later life. Too bad, I wasn’t able to pursue my one great dream of entering a degree in “travel journalism” – good thing blog came to life – haha!

3.       Impressing me would most likely to be a swimming enthusiast, a nature lover, simple but with deep faith in God and should offer things in blue and green to compliment my being a blue and green color loyalist.

4.      Since I love writing, I always bring with me a notepad or mini-note book and a pen wherever I go. Pen usually can be found present in my pocket whether I’m going for a party, church, visiting friends or anywhere. I’m not at ease if I don’t have one in my pocket.

5.       I have green thumbs – reason why I really want to own a farm and grow veggies and fruit-bearing trees. Honestly, all in the family are gifted with green thumbs. And because of this desire I just want to build a house in the countryside far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

6.      I was “Confirmed” in the church right before I got married last year (September 2011 to be exact, wedding was December 2011) because I wasn’t able to finish this sacrament when I was in grade school. The weird thing is I got it here in the kingdom through an Italian bishop. The ceremony was highly discreet since practicing faith here is a taboo or worst prohibited.

7.       I almost got drowned thrice because of my love for swimming. One when I was six years old, two when I was seven, and three when I was like first year HS. But the experience never haunted me instead it sustained me. The passion for the sport and the water overshadowed the fear in me.

Sorry, if it was a lame post, I just can't think of any brilliant idea to write about - hehe!

P.S. - Please do not forget to join my blog contest. The deadline is on December 6, 2012, only 4 days to go. Here's the link: My Birthday's Blog Contest. Parang awa nyo na hahahaha!


  1. There's no such thing as lame post about anyone's person. In fact it is always interesting to know about a person especially for us bloggers who are following each others works. It's kinda knowing "the who" behind the keyboards lol.

    We're kind of the same with numbers...
    2 - it's in my "About" that I write anywhere
    3 - blue only I hate pink
    4 - feeling journalist lang
    5 - I'm the official home gardener back in the province
    6 - I was 18 when I was confirmed
    hmn... mukang sa pangalan lang tayo nagka-iba? Sige na nga gagawin ko na yung pinag-makaawa ha ha ha

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. haha may pagkalitong nangyari saken..hehe sorry my bad..dont publish my first comment.. i mean i like the books on your contest.. specially time keeper..

    you can always pursue your great dream its never too late.. lucky you for having a green thumb!

  4. glad to be here dude. i am thinking of the same thing too in my blog. hahaha. im a new follower :)

  5. Green thumb? Sakin pinkyz. Diin ko kasi sumulat kaya naging pink. lol Mahilig ako magtanim before.

    Jon ka rin pala. Aga mo nadiskubre ang pagiging writer ah. :D Nice to know the seven things about u life. Fav number ko ang 7 :P Advance HBD

  6. Parekoy, alam mo ba na I love being random? kaya pansin mo din na halos karamihan sa mga post ko ay about random stuffs :D

    marami akong nalaman tungkol sa iyo dahil sa post mong ito.

    Saka pansin ko lang, napaka fluent mo sa english. Ako kasi pag nagpo-post in english, puro basic/common words lang ang mababasa mo haha!

    advanced happy birthday ulet!

  7. @Ms.Balut -- baka magkapatid tayo, sa ibang era hehehe...nice kasi magtanim be with nature masarap. Yes, feeling journalist lang hehehe.

  8. @Pink - Para mapanalunan mo ang the time keeper mag submit na ng entry hehehe

  9. @Earl - aka. Daddy Cool, thanks for dropping by. Sali ka din sa contest ha hehe

  10. @Arvs - yes, green thumbs hehe..gifted sa pagtatanim LoL.. yes Jon tawag sa akin sa bahay. Feeling journalist lang hehe. Thanks

  11. @Michy - thanks, btw, ang entry mo saan na hehehe

  12. nag enjoy ako sa post mo kasi may ilang bagay akong nalaman sayo hehehe (parang naki usyoso lang eh hahaha)--- galing naman kasi aga mong napamahal sa pagsusulat...

    Pareho pala tayo ng nick name.... teka... advance Happy Happy Beerday!

  13. @Fiel -- Oo nga noh, na realize ko nga rin, ang randoms kasi is yong current state ng mind mo, yung kasalukuyang tumatakbo sa utak mo na mga thoughts.

    Marami-rami na ba ikaw nalaman hehehe...may kasunod pa yan sa mga darating pang araw hehehe.

    Regarding sa pag-e-english ko hehehe..nakaka flatter naman sinabi mo, pero may mga grammatical errors din yan somehow. Di kasi ako magaling managalog talaga eh, kaya tina try ko nalang na mag english. hehehe

  14. 1 nice meeting you joven haha now i wonder why was your blog and fb account uses "jay"

    2 haha thats kinda early i mean I was just playing around and writting wasn't part of my childhood memeories haha, well your still young jay, i mean jon who knows

    3 yeah i remember when i first got into your blog thats the first ting i knew about you

    4 haha a handy dandy notebook, thats it

    5 haha i never tried planting haha

    6 well it was a required before marrying on my confirmation i saw a lot of couple joining such event

    7 ohh my jay,(i think ill stick to this what do you think?) please be careful next time

  15. @JonDMur --hahaha...there's more of it later on..hahaha..tukayo kita sa n-name hehe.. oo nga maaga ako nag-vandal sa mga mesa namin, dinding ng bahay, windows hahaha..sali ka sa contest ha, madali lang naman eh..hehe thanks bro!

  16. Mecoy:

    1. I should love my name di ba but somehow, I don't like it..hahaha..lagot ako kay nanay. "Jay" is the brainchild of my ex-gf. Actually, it's really "Jayvee" pina-ikli ko nalang. Nagustuhan ko kaya since college yan na ang nick name ko..hehe

    2. Oo nga, genius-genuisan lang hahaha.

    3. Passionate talaga ako sa swimming, football at badminton. Passionate din ako sa panonood ng boxing kasi kay Pacquiao hehehe

    4. Hahaha..di ako mapakali kapag wala ako ng dalawang yan hehehe..

    5. Yes, it is..kaya I was obliged to do it.

    6. It won't happen na again kasi expert na ako sa paglalangoy hahahaha.

  17. "Pareng Jon" eto ang kool! or gawin nating Jun-Jun para pinoy na pinoy ang dating!! hahaha...XD

    Pero yung totoo, katulad din ng sinabi ni mareng balut, walang lame entry. Kaya nga maganda dito sa mundo ng blogosperyo dahil ating iba ibang gawa, opiniyon at pananaw. it's a matter of acceptance din. some people like it, some people not. kaya keep rocking!!

    oo nga pla, mas gusto ko tong bago mong layout kaysa sa una. clear, organized at attractive.

    main point: professional ang dating!!


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