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Saturday, December 1, 2012

About Intense Moments, Of Prayers Answered, and Of Pinoy Pride: On To The Semis - AZKALS

Did Andres Bonifacio have something to do with the winning? LoL..wala lang just thinking..weird right? But it was the “great – weird feeling” of them all.

Woot! Woot! as my very good blogger-friend & a fellow football die hard - Ms. Balut Manila would say. And indeed, it’s not only a “woot-woot” but a “win-win”. AZKALS won their match against Myanmar White Angels.

It was Andres Bonifacio Day yesterday - (a celebration-cum-commemoration for his heroism in defending our country against foreign aggressors), just in time when our football (soccer) national team AZKALS successfully surpassed with flying color the dreaded team of Myanmar. It was so intense that I choose not to watch the match instead keep myself busy waiting for “tweet updates” from the AFF Suzuki 2012” twitter accounts. 

The men of AZKALS in perfect form ready to wage war in the battle field.
Yeah, it was that intense of a moment when I almost lost my faith and hope as we were manhandled by the Thais in our kick-off game against them. Only after winning against the powerhouse Vietnam in our second encounter when my hope rocketed up. As Azkals regained confidence so do I. I thought I'll feel sorry (but of course, proud eversince) should they lose to Vietnamese. But all eyes on Chieffy Caligdong as he raises up our flag when he successfully kicked a goal to stun once again Vietnam.

James Younghusband successful stroke as he clinches a goal in the early 2nd half

It was James Younghusband ice-breaker in the first minute of the 2nd half of the game that ruled out his personal slump and finally scored the first goal for the Azkals. It's a fleeting moment! It surreal! but it is real, it  is happening and it happened.

It’s courtesy of Jason de Jong, who boosted the midfield play of the Azkals after cracking the starging XI in the past two games, served a long volley to Younghusband inside the box. With great ball control, Younghusband made up for his early struggles in the tournament with a thundering shot- his 28th international goal – using his left foot sending the small yet loud Filipino gallery into pandemonium.

Angel Guirado's form that led him to double the score of Azkals and blanked Myanmar
Angel Guirado, who assisted Chieffy Caligdong’s goal against Vietnam two nights earlier, this time, sealed the deal for the Azkals after outracing Myanmar’s defense and outfoxing the keeper in a one-on-one situation late in the injury time.

Thailand and The Philippines advances to the first two slots of the final four in the semi-final round. Azkals finishing 2nd in their group (which has been tagged as the "Group of Death) for the presence of the powerhouse teams of Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar, is another reason to celebrate.

I feel proud, excited, and fleeting in moments of joy. It's pretty much delightful to witness a national team who had endured criticisms, below the belt mockery, and even painful accusations that finally their efforts had been continuously paying-off. One of my birthday wishes has been answered. Thank you God, you're indeed awesome and great.

Now, they lived up to their promise to bring home a semi-final match in our home country and let the Filipino spirit of unity overflows beyond the walls of the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila. In this day, I urge you Filipinos, fans or not-so-fans, to support one of our country's pride. It is high time for us to pay homage to these hardworking men who have nothing in mind but to bring honor to our country and let us all flash our brilliant smiles.

AZKALS- you rocked my world and you proved once again that you're not just a team of pretty faces but a team of skillful and dedicated players.

Book now to witness another history unfolding for our football sport. I firmly believe, that with proper training our homegrown talents can excel. Scouting from the grass roots and improving our facilities to be at par with the FIFA standards, indeed, a dream can be realized. And it is possible. And I believe.

The country will host the December 8 semi-final match against the Group B winner in Rizal Memorial Stadium (currently undergoing minor repairs) to accommodate the multitudes of crowd.

I am pretty sure tickets will run out again. Too bad I can't go back home to watch it live. Anyway, I will rely to many of my football friends for update.


  1. Huwaw. COngrats to Azkals ang to all Filipinos all over the world. Isang karangalan na naman eto para satin. Hope tuloy-tuloy na. Gow Azkals (cross finger again). Good luck sa next fight :)

  2. Hindi talaga ako totally fan ng soccer (except sa mga PS games). Bakit? Ambagal kasi ng scores. HAHAH! Pero natutuwa ako pag nananalo ang Azkals. Pagdating sa soccer, nasakanila ang support ko. (pati sa spain) HAHAHAH!

  3. hoho i'll probably having the sport category one of this day haha though i know nothing about it
    good thing google was always reliable haha
    anyways i guess bringing phil back on the team was a very clever idea haha
    anyways that first picture was so uplifting to see
    i would be fun to watch such game live haha

  4. @Arvs- nag bunga ang pagsanib pwersa natin para ipagdasal ang pagkapanalo nila. We claim it and it happened. All the way to the finals.

  5. @Pao- hehe ganun ba. Oo mabagal talaga ang scoring especially if tight ang labanan. Siguro it boils down lang sa hilig nating sports. Hilig ko kasi hehe. Pero appreciate you for supporting.

  6. @Mecoy - Yes, you can have a sports section in your blogs. It would be nice. What happened to Phil is about miscommunication.

  7. Woot woot! Ayie!
    At talagang special mention ako ha THANKS!

    I watched the replay and you know what? I'm acting like crazy shouting as if I'm watching live LOL. You should see my whole family watching football. we're such a noisy bunch!

    So excited with the coming games and the PH hosting. Ayie!

  8. Clap Clap! The Azkals really makes us proud! Sana manalo ulit sila sa Dec 8 game :)

    Happy December btw Juicy Jay! :)

  9. @Zai- Yes, let's pray for them to win on Dec. 8. Happy December to you too.


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