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Monday, December 31, 2012

About 2012 And Of Year-Ender Special: My Blogging Year in Review

Date: December 30, 2012
Location: Company Warehouse - a 30-minutes drive from our office.
Time: 10:00AM

What took place during the Year 2012? There are one thousands and one stories. Stories that made me shout for joy, sob for sorrow and hope for tomorrow. 

I am writing my year-end post in the middle of work - year end inventory - despite me having a flu and is extremely not feeling well. I need to finish the physical count before our accounting system closes for 2012. 

I feel the urge to write as I have no enough time at all. Plus, I fear that If I'm  not going to do it, I won't be able to post it before the short hand of the clock hits 12:00 midnight of January 01, 2013. Hurriedly, I'm now exercising my talent in multi-tasking. Occasionally, when some of my colleagues approach towards my direction I quickly hide what I'm writing about for them not to gauge that I'm doing something not work-related. It's kind of hard to write when you know your neuron doesn't cooperate that much. Added to the agony is the fact that you're suffering from flu -another reason why your mind isn't functioning on a normal level. 

This is the bond paper I folded into four where I secretly
 wrote the draft. That's my handwriting when in a hurry
BUT, what the heck! I need to squeeze and bring out my creative juices from a single thalamus. I am trying to defy the odds. As they say, it's noteworthy to write when you're not at your best. It's when you're not driven and de-motivated that you can bring out the genius in you (genius daw?). 

I believe that there is greatness in me waiting to emerge. All I need to do it to step out courageously to do what I think I can't do. Having said that, I am pushing that "GENIUS IN ME"  to the surface. - Naks! minotivate ang sarli hahaha!

Another proof that I did the draft while at field work.
As Oxford's "Grammar and Composition" taught and encouraged me: : "Just write whatever your thoughts as of the moment, then try to sequentially arrange its chronology later". So the obedient in me, gladly obeyed. Hala, sulat lang ng sulat! The above paragraphs are just statements of my current status - an introduction of what's to be written ahead. 

I have noticed that some of my co-bloggers were able to write and post already their year-end post for 2012. I somehow felt the pressure since posting a year-end review is concretely part of my plan on how to end my year 2012 in blogging. I've been thinking about it since two weeks ago. There were few chances but my mind contradicted to those chances - sabaw lang ang laman ng utak ko when chances to write comes in. So, I was able to let go of those chances.

I will post it now so that it will still be within year 2012. I just update it later - time for my 2nd shift at work now. Kaya I need to stop.

TO BE CONTINUED...........abangan!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Books, Of New Formed Friendship, and Of Personal Messages: BOOKS' RECIPIENTS

I have been meaning to post this entry a week back but due to my usual busy schedule it took a while for this entry to surface on the bloggers' world. 

Pardon me guys! I know there are lots of both interesting and gruesome topics that are too tempting to discuss or share views with but those are not my interest as of now. 

If you are a follower or a frequent visitor of this blog, perhaps you are aware that I had a blog contest recently. To be exact, it was in mid-November when I designed my birthday blog contest. 

As promised to the recipients (I'm talking about the winners), I will write/put a personal dedication message to each of the book as a gesture of a newly-formed friendship between the winners and me. BUT, it doesn't mean that having these personal messages limits my friendship to the winners. Of course, all my blogger friends are important to me. I'm just obeying a promise to them (winners).

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

About A Perfect Gift and Of Prayers: When You Pray Hard God Really Listens

"When you pray hard God really listens! "

I almost failed to be with my wife and son on the eve of Christmas last night due to work reason.  

Yesterday, I was surprised when my manager tasked me to do a physical count of all the stocks we have in our warehouse.  When I hear it I was really pissed off. I know that it will take me from morning until almost midnight. I mean there’s a whole lot of inventory stuff that we need to reconcile. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

About Jesus and His Birth: Christmas Is For Him And Him Alone

In between break from work, I just felt the need to write. The sight of my office station strongly sends a message of de-clogging. I know how pressure plays a significant role in distracting me to enjoy the celebration of remembering Jesus Christ's birth. Plus the fact that the location added some factors to really dodge me from feeling the vibe. BUT, I won't allow it to happen. The forces of the dark side that poses a constant and everyday distraction in me won't succeed. And so this post is all about HIM. 

HIM, who is "The King", "The Good Shepherd", "The Alpha and Omega", "The True Vine", "The Messiah", The Mighty King of Zion", The Beginning and The End", "The Rock". Lots of exaltation names can be given to Jesus and He is accorded of all of these exalting names.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About Spot-On Feeling, and Of Celebrating Christmas Far From Your Loved Ones: Is Distance Hampering My Mood For Christmas?

I never realized that it’s six days before Christmas. I’ve been drowned with work deadlines and important stuff that my personal countdown has been shy-out by it. 

I haven’t even bought any Christmas presents yet. Not even thinking of what to cook comes Christmas Eve.


I’d like to set my mood to be jolly and so homesickness won’t force an entry in my system. But suddenly, I realized that I’m like not feeling the vibe of Christmas.

Is it because of my location? Is it because I can’t see any signs and symbols that would make me remember that it’s Christmas season already? Even I can’t find a plausible explanation about it.

Tongue-tied that I just find myself de-energize prepping-up for the season.

One thing I hate in December is about the bulk of work loading up in my office station. It is year-end which means the word “busy” is keeping an eye on me.

Why am I feeling a bit blue when in fact I should be in a state of euphoria or ecstasy now? Is it the distance that hampers me to truly feel the season?

Whatever it is I am feeling now, I don’t even know. It’s like I’m floating in the air with nothing in my mind..

Thursday, December 13, 2012

About My Birthday's Blog Contest and Of Winners: The Big Reveal

And the winners are…………….(drum rolls)……stop!

Uff! Wait a minute, let me do some recap of what’s it all about. So, here it goes. I designed a blog contest last month, November to be exact. This is just my humble way of thanking the Lord for the graces He showered upon me, the challenges He designed to test my faith and makes me stronger, and to thank my fellow bloggers and non-bloggers friends who always spare a fraction of their time visiting my blogs. though at times, some of my post are personal stuff. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

About Winning And Of Losing: Mighty Heroes Do Fall

This is just a post in defense for my idol Manny Pacquiao 

Is It The End Of A Pacquiao Era or Just A One Lucky Punch of Marquez?

Even the greatest among the greats has his time to succumb. Even the most technical fighter suffers defeat. Even the most experienced one crosses path with a great loss.

In short, athletes are human—vulnerable and far from being invincible. Only carton heroes portray invincibility as writer projects in their script. Reality is different. It is way far from those cinematic characters that confuses young children to be swayed in “make believe” world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About Tatay, Of Principles, and Of Family: In Your Footsteps I Will Follow

I love 'em both! - kunwari "date" nila yan hehehe!
chaperon kami - hahaha!
"I am blessed to be your son. I am gifted that you’re my tatay."

Every child needs and/or deserves a father in the same capacity of having a mother. Luckily, I grew up having both of ‘em. A privilege I'm forever thankful. 

But of course, the absence of one doesn't mean happiness will be that aloof. There are exceptional situations where absence of a father is inevitable. There are valid reasons to that and I respect those who are under this category.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

About Restaurant Hopping, Of Unexpected Moments, Of Disappointments, Of Long Roads, and Of Every Road Led Us To Fushi Again: The Second FUSHI Encounter

I was late! That’s it. No further explanation. LoLs!

No! wait I need to explain. I was late because I took a nap and the nap almost turned out to be an uninterrupted sleep. Just woke up when my phone alarm rang that disturbed my comfy sleep.  So, I rose up rushing to the bathroom for a quick bath. Consumed 5 minutes, yes it's 5 minutes shower and went out to fix myself up. Looking at the clock, it's 7:04PM already, the agreed time was 730pm. I was running late. Dammam was like a 15-20 minutes drive going to Rakkah where my good friend Bong was waiting. But what added more to the dilemma was the lack of taxis around my area. It seemed though that they connived with time to prolong my delay. Such a crap! I hate being late. Apology guys!

Monday, December 3, 2012

About Faith, of Praise Songs, and of Hillsong United: My Seven Favorite Worship Songs

I am bold with my faith. I don’t hide it (like some others) just because it’s a religious thing and they are somehow apprehensive to discuss about it. I stand firm to what I believe in.

I am writing this not because I want to patronize to the world about it but because I just want to express. I respect other’s beliefs as well. I don’t engage myself in religious debate but I do take a solid stand if some people draw the line, or belittle it. I will defend but not to the point of criticizing other’s belief. Everyone has their right to be passionate to their faith, to what and who they believe in. And no one has the right to judge anyone except of course our Lord.

In the end, we are answerable to only one God and our deeds will be sized up. And that’s what I’m preparing for. I can live in harmony with people in different religious denomination by showing only one important abstract thing – RESPECT. With respect around, love follows and overflows. And with the presence of love, understanding takes effect. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

About Me and Of Interesting Seven In My Life: My Seventh Heaven

This is not about the debunked TV series “Seventh Heaven”. 

Oh surely, I miss watching that show as it tackles a regular Protestant American family. Along the way, they encounter numerous amount of friends who they help and get help from. As the children grow, so do the amount and seriousness of the issues. But through every high and low is their faith and especially each other. 

Honestly, it’s a good series to watch but I feel sorry that it has been ended already. It's a typical family celebrating life as it happens, dealing with everyday issues each one of 'em encounters and learning to face it collectively as a family. The strength in their bond, the care each one of 'em show towards each other, and the positivism that it affects to the viewers are what I really miss. 

About A Lost Friend, Of Memories, and Of A Memorable Encounter: Ascension Sonny Rutor

Left Side: A good friend, Sonny Ascension Rutor,
who passed away due to Stage 4 Lung Cancer
on Sept. 23, 2012

I still vividly remember this moment. 

A night filled with intermittent drizzles but enveloped with smiling faces. The faces of people some of whom we do not personally know but the common ground upon which we hold on were the thought that they all came from our town.

Months before it happened, I cannot even give my sweet and unreluctant “Yes” to Che Palma Ferrer as she humbly asked my assistance to host or be one of the hosts of the SAMAHANG SAN FERNANDO night of gathering for the church’s cause. It was because that time, I was just waiting for my new visa (for a new employer)  to arrive and I was not certain if I would still be around comes September 25, 2010. 

Luckily, due to a long delayed visa, I was able to attend the gathering – eventually accepted the hosting stint. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

About Intense Moments, Of Prayers Answered, and Of Pinoy Pride: On To The Semis - AZKALS

Did Andres Bonifacio have something to do with the winning? LoL..wala lang just thinking..weird right? But it was the “great – weird feeling” of them all.

Woot! Woot! as my very good blogger-friend & a fellow football die hard - Ms. Balut Manila would say. And indeed, it’s not only a “woot-woot” but a “win-win”. AZKALS won their match against Myanmar White Angels.

It was Andres Bonifacio Day yesterday - (a celebration-cum-commemoration for his heroism in defending our country against foreign aggressors), just in time when our football (soccer) national team AZKALS successfully surpassed with flying color the dreaded team of Myanmar. It was so intense that I choose not to watch the match instead keep myself busy waiting for “tweet updates” from the AFF Suzuki 2012” twitter accounts. 
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