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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 365 Life Lesson Project - Life Lesson 2

We Can Never Be Too Careful. 

There are situations in life that put us into testing water where sometimes we're caught off-guarded with our actions.

That sometimes, our being close to the person has the tendency to border into an occasion where we're too much attached and we somehow tend that every kind of joke can be thrown to that person without offense. Even in an inadvertent attempt aimed to kid around. 

Later when we realize that we already went overboard, eventually hurting them.

We somehow encroach too much of that 'close relationship' that we fail to consider if we're hitting the dead-spot of a joke. More so like a danger zone. 

Most often than not, we always think that "Hey, the person can handle this, after all it's just intended to kid around", but too late when we realize that we tip-off beyond the border line. 

And that's what I had stumbled into quite recently. And with that experience, it reminded me once again to look deep into my heart and examine my actions. And this realization confronted me. So, I want to share with you the life lesson I learned from the recent experience. 


We can never be too careful to the sensitivity of other people even to those whom we consider closer to us. Thus,we should always be cautious of our language or speech. Our speech can either make or break an individual. 


  1. Awakening thought Jay.
    Sometimes, it is really hard to know what to say or not to say in the every moment with the right person. I am really learning to control my mouth too, coz I don't want hurting people either.

    All, I can say is: better luck next time:)

    Anyway, you learned a lesson which you imparted to us. Made us aware too how we talk:)
    Have a nice evening too.

  2. Words can either build or break a person.. we sometimes need to be sensitive but since we can no longer undo things, the experience should be served as opprotunity to both of you

  3. Nangyari na din po sakin yang ganyan, and I am lucky enough na sinabi nya sa akin, tipong hindi ko nalaman sa iba.

    Everything will be fine, dad. Believe. :)

  4. Maganda ang bagay na narealize mo daddy Jay, I hope ma-realize din yan ng ibang tao.

    Yung tipong hindi nga nila kilala yung pagkatao ng binibiro nila pero iba sila kung magbitaw ng salita. Maganda sana kung babawiin nila at sasabihin na biro lang ang sinabi, pero parang intention na yata nila ang binitawan nilang salita.

    Kung sa mga taong ka-close nga eh may ng yayari na ganito what more pa sa mga taong bihira mo lang ma-encounter tapos kung makapagbiro eh akala mo naman iisang bituka lang ang pinanggalingan.

    may pinaglalaban ata ako dito at affected ako... ahahaha. Anyways, Regards sa wife mo and kay baby Caleb :D

  5. Mommy Joy - That feeling of "familiarity" to a person is sometimes the danger zone. Thanks mommy Joy

  6. Jei Son - Tama ang sinabi mo. Sometimes, kasi we need to stumble a few times before a lesson can be learned eh. Thanks!

  7. Rix - Oo nga kaya mag iingat nalang din tayo sa pagbibitaw ng biro o kung anu pa man na sabihin natin sa iba ka close man o hindi.

  8. Pao - Life lesson learned and I hope I won't repeat the same error. Indeed, we can never be too careful. Thanks son Pao!

  9. Humans can be quite unpredictable. Once in a while, we tend to offend someone, but one thing we shouldn't forget is to apologize and be humble. Even if you think you didn't do wrong, just say sorry. :)

  10. Michy - Tama michy! Which was what I did immediately.

  11. tama ka dyan sir jay.
    minsan may mga nasasaktan tayo na hindi naman talaga natin gustong mangyari, at importante na i-accept natin ang ating pagkakamali. kaya ingat ingat din, lalo na talaga sa mga salitang ginagamit :)

  12. ewan ko ahh pero may hinala ako ug sino pero
    syempre di ko masasabi!
    anyway ganun naman talaga, iba iba tayo at madalas ang ok satin hindi sa iba or vise versa

  13. Jep - Thanks Sir, yung nga po, ang importante I admitted my mistake and reflect on how to avoid doing the same.

  14. Mecoy - kung may hinala ka man, just keep it to yourself nalang. After all this post naman is not about highlighting the person involved but more on the lesson learned from the unlikely experience Thanks for the respect.


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