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Monday, January 31, 2011

Kasimanwa Ko


     Kasimanwa Ko -the name derives from two words, “Kasimanwa" which is Ilongo dialect word for "living in the same place" and followed by the possessive pronoun "Ko”, which simply means "my."

     Why am I writing about this association? Well, basically it's worth an article. But there is one main advocate I am trying to emphasize as I go along with this post.

     Many, if not all of us, have an attitude of helping others. It is our implied and intrinsic quality that whenever one needs assistance we always put our best foot forward to offer any kind of help available from us.

     I am part of this community-based organization. When it was introduced to me I quickly nod for acceptance since I'm a guy who has an inclination in this kind of endeavors.

    Our association focuses on uplifting the literacy level of less privileged kids in our native town. We have various programs upon which we support focusing on the welfare of the less privileged children especially emphasizing on their basic school needs.

     As a gesture of our collective interest in meeting their needs we have launched this program called "Lapis Kag Papel Project". It's our 5th year now. This one focuses on the school necessities of those less privileged children upon which accessing school is a major concern for them since they are literally uncapable doing it.

     Therein, lies the core importance of this post. As a member of this organization, I am speaking on behalf of my team using this site as a platform to voice out my appeal for help from those whose hearts are generous enough to share a lift of burden for the kids of our organization.

     May we realize the love, enthusiasm, determination and passion for learning of these kids. May you be a contribution to the society where you thrives. A penny when generously provided by thousands of people will surely make a difference in their lives. And a gesture of smile from their young lives will act as their way of thanking us for extending supports to them. Let us help build the characters of these kids as they are our future's biggest hope towards positive change. Educating them is educating the future of our nation.

     So everyone who might read this post, donate now, do not have second thoughts. Your meager assistance is a lot to these children. Get your friends support and be involved in our advocacy. 

     Getting these kids a proper and well-deserved education is a big transformation to start with. Let us shake the world with purposeful action. Let us do our share to create an impact to these kids' lives who have been denied of the right to education due to poverty and isolation in their native town. Your immediate action will save a young kid from loitering on the streets in the future or even becoming a liability of our society by resorting to illegal acts due to insufficient knowledge on how to live a descent life.


     P.S.- For further details, you can contact Mr. Erwin R. Relox via email ( or yours truly. You can also visit our FB account via this link:!/profile.php?id=100001552462240 . Our website is . Due to site maintenance, accessing it is temporarily disabled.


     God bless the generous both in heart and spirit!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Special Something

     Everyone is looking for that something.  a special thing so important in their life.

     Some find it sharing after a simple wake up.  Maybe, somewhere on top of a mountain for others. Some at a look in a child's innocent eyes. Some finds it in boisterous laughter of carefree people.

     Sometimes, you'll find it in a place so strange that you never thought it could be there. Some may find it in a faraway solitude. More often to a sweet grin of a zealous lover.

     To some, they find it in their deepest thoughts. It may be impossible at first but by heart's will and constant determination -- a willful spirit finds it in it's time.

     That special something which is possible from a parent's kiss, a teacher's nod, a friend's approval, a sportsman's wish, a mother's cry, a boy's desire or maybe a young child's dream.

     And when you find that special something it's like flying wingless for joy, swimming waterless in a ocean of peace, breathing like air less coming out. It's like sleeping in a broad daylight, wishing upon a star in a prickly heat of the sun, dancing in the heavy rain and waving in a crowdless stadium.

     What is that special something that I am talking about here? Why do people always put it first in their priority list, in the locket of their hearts, in the solemnity of their stare, in the passion of their affection, and in the sweetest caress of their hands.

     A special something- an abstract thing that manifest through our actions upon which if properly conveyed produces the inner joy from us.

     Guys, I am talking about LOVE. The binder of all that there is in us. the keeper of our faith, the holder of our commitment.

      So if ever you find it, never get loose of it. Keep it so dearly and grow along with it. With LOVE in our hearts it fuels our passion for anything that surrounds us.

      I just wanna share these thoughts upon having a time with some of the dearest people in my life. I have so many dearest people in life and they are counted on my list. Thanks guys, for the bonding we have had. It's getting more frequent and it's a joy in my heart keeping you around.

     To Sababan Family-- Kudos-- I am proud getting closer and closer to you. And to my God's gift-- my love for you  is getting deeper each day. It's true to me that distance is not a factor from the heart of a willing man. I love you guys!

Me and my God's gift Wida
Bay with Jon (3rd child of Fe and Jojo)

Me and Jannea (2nd child of Fe & Jojo)
the sweet couple Jojo & Fe (my cousin)

Wida and O.R. (youngest child of Fe and Jojo)

Jon, Jannea, Wida, Me and Fe
     Allen isn't around since he's in Pinas studying college - an engineering freshman.    

     Family bonding is highly important to me. It's a source of strength. It opens communication among members. It develops formidable unity. Collectively, it is what God wants for everyone of us.

     Time to sleep guys, until my next blog. I must brag that this post makes a lot of sense. Godbless everyone! Choose a happy life. Have a nice read.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The WedSat Smashers' Club

     If swimming and football occupies a special place in my heart so as badminton. I ain't no new to this sport. In fact I used to play badminton during my childhood until early teener days using improvised rackets and shuttlecocks in a not standardized playing field. Usually intended to just have fun with my cousins and playmates. During those times, I never thought that I can excel in this sport. Well, maybe because I just play it for fun & it wasn't so popular until the late 90's or early 2000's. Not so many youngsters and adults alike were so interested playing it until came present time. 

      Badminton was like a mushroom that just popped-out from a soil in today's time. So many were like so ga-ga hooking themselves playing it. Various reasons motivated them why they enroll into badminton clinics. There were people who play the game for health reason, some for extending circle of influences while many play just for the love of it.

     I so love the sport. It's like a rice that I always look forward to eat. Out of my passion for this sport, I really invest in buying badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and it's accessories.


      As my desire to reach the peak of my game I even befriended people who shares the same passion with me. I literally roamed and checked-out Badminton Courts within Manila just to get to know people and play with them. Visiting courts in as far as Toyota in Alabang, Christ The King in Muntinlupa, Metropolis in Alabang, The Metro in Boni behind Robinsons Mall, YMCA in Manila, The Smash Center in Bocobo, Olivarez Badminton Center in Binan and the place where I'm frequently at "The Smasher's Point near University of Perpetual Help-Binan Campus where I used to have regular session during Wednesdays and Saturdays. Inside Smasher's Point is the exact place where I knew my badminton buddies Mike and Menchie Dela Cruz, Arnold Nillo, Ren Ocampo, Mark Ambayec Abad, Cora Hidalgo, Joseph Lastrilla, Mark Malong and Claudette "Clang" Sadili. Clang isn't in photos because she was sick when these photos were taken. These were the coolest guys I know for a short period of time and became close to me that I consider them as long time friends. Indeed, real friendship doesn't recognize length of time but purest of intention. It knows no color, size, society status, and life's background. But it dwells in the heart invested through friendly interaction.

Me sportin' a smash position

Arnold and Cora

Mike and Menchie with Ren behind

Joseph, Mark Malong and Ren during a snack break.
Cora and I in mixed double action
Mark Abad with Igy in action
Ren in singles' action
      My separate buddies in Alabang were Filimar "Bocs" Boclot, Nigel Ian Dalumpines, Mike, Renar Lego, and Ace Adelante. I play with them during Mondays and Thursdays. Occasionally, we have our smashing encounters in Christ The King in Muntinlupa or in Toyota Alabang not to discount the court in Metropolis too.

     Out of our love and passion for the sport, whatever personal motivation each one of us has, we collectively decided and formed the WedSat Smashers' Club. As each one of us journey along to our separate lives, we met together for one goal alone--to continue playing one of the sports that makes our blood pressure runnin' at a normal rate. Our degree of commitment may vary but the love for this sport will remain in us as long as we can and still able to play the game.

     Life is like a game, most of the time you need to risk playin' it in order to win a challenge. But losing isn't the end of it all but a beginning of a stronger and wiser player in you. Most importantly, you have to play it with all your passion and enjoy every challenging encounters.

     Guys, hope to see you in December and looking forward to bond with you in our favorite melting pot--The Smasher's Point--where it all begun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Afternoon of Unwinding With Good Old Friends

      This story happened way back August 5 & 6, 2006. I just thought of sharing it with you guys. Too bad I don't have photos to share with you since it's in the Philippines. But nonetheless, just enjoy the short story of good old friends.

      Saturday-August 05, 2006 - T’was Saturday, past one o’clock in the afternoon. I was relaxingly lying on our sofa, I busied my eyes watching a noontime show in a popular channel, though at times switching channels looking for some great watch. While watching, I was holding in my left hand my oldest sister’s mobile phone (sssshh! truth was i just took it from her table without her knowledge) pity on me guys, my mobile was banned by the network….hehe kidding..actually.. it needs repair. So back to the topic…Mobile phone in my left hand and remote control in my right….Heck! What a luxury of time I got it’s just that no one was watching with me so I had all the freedom to do the shifting of channels…Not far from me was my cute li’l nephew, who at that time, was very occupied playing with his li’l robot gadget. I turned my attention to the mobile phone, checking for nothing,(Note: It wasn’t my habit prying on to someone’s private messages, if there are any, so I occasionally leave it unread as a respect to the owner) not even attempting of grabbing opportunity using the mobile phone for my friends…I just looked at it as if I am expecting a text from someone important, but in fact none at all. Suddenly, to my great surprise, a familiar message alert tone rang. Anxious excited as I am, I quickly checked on it and what a blast! it was my dear good friend and classmate Michelle’s text. It says, " Gud pm , makikisuyo po sana kay Kuya Joven, pakisabi naman sa kanya if sama siya with us Loren and Randy punta sa SM Mall of Asia nood "Pirates of the Carribbean" The Dead Man’s Chest."(Note: not really the authentic text but at least the key element was there). That was the content of her message, so I secretly grinned, To my mind, Michelle didn’t even realized that I was holding my sister’s phone that time.

     Here comes the pleasant twist. I wasn’t sure then if I’m gonna go on with my naughty plan of cracking a practical goodtime jokes. But I thought, since it was just a joke, I went on, I replied, but instead of responding plainly to her I had planned a pretentious tricky joke that I knew would made her and my other friends go a li’l wild. I made it a point that I’ll be using my sister’s name as if she was actually the one replying to Michelle. So I replied her back like this " Ay, censiya na po, nasa Italy na kc siya magto-two months na". Immediately, she replied back and she was a bit stunned and anxious when she learned of my sudden exit from the country. Here’s what she said in text "Daya talaga ng taong yon di man lang paalam us." My kinda naughty practical jokes made it successful in the first base. I convincingly made her believed that it was really my sister who was replying her and that I truly was in Italy already. (Har!har!har!) The exchanging of texts went on for almost ten or so consecutive texts. A sudden feel of guilt consumed me. It made me realized that it wasn’t good of an idea to continue fooling my good friends whose only pure intention was to invite me for a movie. So I quickly replied her that all those texts were pure lies and it was just a masterfully planned practical joke…just for some spice and fun in our convy.

     But my idea didn’t stop there, when Michelle learned that I was just joking, I teased her to pass on the joke with Loren, who by that time was already been aware of my fancy out of the country text dialogue. So, without so much prodding, Michelle agreed to pass on the joke to my poor dear Loren. Michelle promised that whatever texts she’ll received from Loren she’ll be forwarding them to me. And so the bigger naughty plan happened and indeed, we successfully fooled Loren about our crazy idea. "Loren was a bit worried about me. She was like in a state of disbelief. Thinking why I leave without even informing her and others. Feeling sorry about the unsuccessful date we’ve planned a month ago.She even asked Michelle if she knew my email address believing that at least she could reach me via email." On the other hand, we kept in touch with Randy and secretly told him about our li’l idea just in case Loren would verify from him about the truthfulness of the texts. Randy agreed to cooperate with us with no hesitation at all and in fact a bit excited about how Loren would react on my absence. Whew! What a foolish creatures we are. Plotting an incident based on foolish fancy and making someone go wild and us mockingly laughing our hearts out.

     It was really a hilarious Saturday afternoon for me and Michelle. It was like I was in a high mood of ecstasy due to that funny and exhilarating stupidity of mine.

     So when Michelle has gone through the feeling of sudden li’l paranoia, we decided to discuss about our original plan of meeting together for a movie. We decided to set the time for that quick-planned meeting we are goin’ to have. We first discussed about the finality of the movie all of us will watch. Discussed, argued, agreed. So our minds finally concluded one decision.."Pirates of the Carribbean" was the last thing on our mind in favor of Michelle and Randy who weren’t able to watch the movie yet. Though at the back of my mind and Loren we highly favored the movie "Sukob" for a change of atmosphere. But then, since it was Michelle’s authentic idea we subtlety submitted our reluctant yes. Now, the talk thru text came as to how we meet? Michelle was suggesting that I’ll fetch Loren from her house co’z she and Randy will be coming together. And it would be of best interest for both of us to be meeting them both .I politely disagreed of fetching Loren since I will be too inconvenient for me to go North of Manila reason that I’ll be coming from the south Las Piñas City to be exact. They agreed. On the contrary, Loren was hesitant to come due to her belief that I was not around when they meet. Hesitation enveloped Loren’s mind. But then again, Michelle has this ability of convincing someone just to join in and even though Loren was in a layback mood she still agreed to show up.

     Sunday-August 06, 2006 - Sunday morning comes. I was alarmed by Michelle’s text reminding me of our planned afternoon siesta. I tended my quick response to her affirming her to count me in. Agreed time of meeting was 2:00pm, SM Mall of Asia. Part of our get together was actually to check the newly built mall believed to be the biggest and grandest of all SM Malls. Lot of good reviews and delightful talks I’ve been hearing from those people who happened to visit the said mall. So the feeling of excitement embraced me and maybe they felt the same too.

     So came 12:00 noon, I wasn’t even busy preparing myself nor fixing what I’m gonna wear. Still undecided, I replied Michelle if I could just pair a simple shirts and a walking short with presentable slippers. I gauged she wasn’t that happy for me sportin’ such kinda outfit. But, I replied her that I am most comfortable with those get up since in the first place we’re not goin’ to attend some kinda formal party but a casual friends get together. I was favored and so I decided to wear shorts and slippers. Unmindful of the time, I was runnin’ late. so I replied them to extend some time to wait for me since I’ll be a bit late due to my miscalculation of traffic. Unfortunately, I was very late. It was like they’ve waited for me for almost two hours. I was really ashamed of my being late. Loren even called me when she finally knew I was coming, and her voice was a bit agitated and upset to me being late on the agreed time. All I can do is to plead an apology to her since that was my last resort to calm her out. And I came late. it was past 4:00pm when I finally arrived. Apology, apology, and apology was my words. So we went on immediately, queueing to buy tickets and bingo! We are inside the cinema 2 of the state-of-the-art entertainment center. Ambiance got cooler so as the people that surrounded me. There were no trace of irritation and high temperament from them when the movie begun. Instead, they were happy seeing me again and of course I did to with them…our get together is kinda getting on a regular basis and it was a great gestures and concerted effort on our part.

     After the movie, we decided to spend time in the seawalls facing the mall. Cracking old lines of jokes, spending happy time with each other’s company was what we busied ourselves just to kill the time. Indeed, that afternoon of unwinding ended up to an evening of happy moments. We went home separate ways at around 10:00pm.

     That rounded up my manuscript…just for the thought of it and just to put it in writing for good memories will always last in my young mind.

     The author wished to thanks Mr. Randy Ado, Ms. Michelle Balgoma and most especially Ms. Loren Royo…because they are the author’s inspiration and reasons for writing this article.

     To you guys, God Bless! Always keep the faith. Stay put!

I Know Nothing About You

I know nothing about you;
My recognition is clouded wiht ecstasy;
My wit is perplexed;
But I am happy to hear you great story.

I know nothing about you;
But your angelic face is the reason I smile;
I can’t quit thinking of you;
Nor has plan to erase you in my mind.

I know nothing about you;
But why am I spending so much time and thought;
Why do all these things happening?
Can I call these sweet coincidence?

I know nothing about you;
But the impact is mind-boggling;
For a casual start we ended up attached;
Your presence is consuming me viciously.

I know nothing about you;
But beyond far distance is genuine respect;
Beyond physical absence blooms affection;
In each God’s happy day I dwell in love.

I know nothing about you;
Yet the feeling radiates mutual understanding;
The emotion explodes in high adoration;
It seek no explanation but affection and action.

I know nothing about you;
My longing persist in each God-given day;
My fantasies are real and enigmatic;
Courage to trigger my constant desire;

MAYBE….. I know nothing about you;
But my desire will conquer all the barriers.

     This poem was created way back July 23, 2007 when I was inside Power Books in Alabang Town Center browsing several books by Og Mandino, Dave Pelzer and Paolo Coelho. I wrote it after a meet-up with a girl.

     It was a gloomy afternoon then when a woman named Claire - a foxy lass from BF Resort in Las Pinas City, approached me and ask my assistance regarding a book she was searching which was authored by Paolo Coelho. The book's exact name was "The Alchemist". As much as I wanted to spoil her all about it since I already read the book twice my lips was rendered speechless. Speechless for two reasons: 1. She is absolutely foxy and smart 2. She is so kind and accomodating. Guys, won't you believe but she offered me to go with her for a coffee inside Starbucks after the book store chat which yours truly never hesitated. I just told her "KKB" nalang. Since nakakahiya naman if she'll pay for it alone even when she initiated that friendly gesture. She was interested since we both have common interest--and that's--reading. It's like we can sit or laid back whole day eating nothing especially if we are too hooked with a particular story. She discloses also that she's studying at Saint Paul- Manila with a degree in Tourism. A thing that sparks my interest more since I love travelling. But to cut the story short--our meet-up never ended into something special since after exchanging numbers I accidentally lost hers for reason that I just wrote it in a Starbucks tissue napkin. No regrets--afterall that afternoon is one of the best memories I have had.

     This is just part of my past and just retelling it for your delight. Have a nice read guys. Until the next entry. Have to prepare a slideshow for my talk in SFC Covenant Orientation on Thursday (January 27, 2011).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's Talk About F.A.I.T.H.

     My mind has been running so inspired to write almost about anything. Anything that catches my interest. A thing that pervades in me throughout the day. I'm in the office doing routines office stuff but I am like a half-hearted fool dividing attention both on thinking what's my next blog topic should be and the office itineraries spreading on top of my office table.
      And Indeed! my mind tells me to choose the idea that pops-out of my mind and direct my fingers into pressing the keys of the keyboard and taking a halt of the office stuff to enter into my blogsite and write. It's like an addiction now. Sort of like that of a stupid smokin' grass or restricted substance wherein if taken can render someone hook with it.

     Well, pardon me, I just wanna hold of the idea that comes out to document it here. Guys, you know the feeling of losing or forgetting a very brilliant idea by not taking down notes. A thing that irritates our neurons which sometimes can't accomodate so much.

     But the main course of this post is all about FAITH. Yes, you heard it right! Faith and faith alone. 

     Truly, the net has infinite blah-blah with sense to offer us searchers and admittedly I always consult the WIKI page for some unresolved words and languages obscurity. This digitally-powered library offers a wide array of resources in almost all topics. Like what they say, our choices as manifested by our actions reflect our personality.

    Today, I will share you about my faith and how I practice it. Who are my inspirations faith-wise? Well, it is a fact that I have my own share of spirituality but I ain't no devotee to any religious rituals we have.

     I will briefly discuss how my life has led me to the present faith I am enjoying now. Sorry guys, but I won't orient you with my first introduction to spirituality because it will consume a lot of time and recalling past instances isn't my forte. But instead, I will be sharing with the people, group, or group of people who inspires me to the kind of faith I have right now.

Singles for Christ--it's like my bread and butter--faith wise. I had been in this community since mid-2000. My journey isn't a smooth sailing one. Time and situation has tested me under difficult circumstances. I even got to a point where I impliedly quit--literally not doing the things we used to do in the community. More so, not even visible to any HH (Household Meeting). My spiritual side dried up but it didn't bother me so much. Maybe, the reason is attributable to the fact that God never allowed a trial so big that would make me fall down sobbing. But the big transformation was when I went abroad. I really prayed hard that God would settle me in a comfortable situation. But it turned out completely different. I never realized that as I was away from my family i'll be facing the greatest challenge in terms of patience and perseverance. And the community has been so instrumental in my survival. Keeping hold of the fact which made me realized  that trials are just spices of life which God intend to let us face because in the long run it'll be to our benefits. Indeed, it was and I highly appreciate and thanks the people within my SFC influences. God really works in mysterious ways.

     Through my involvement in the community, I was able to gain higher understanding about life's practical applications and on how a person should face it squarely with complete confidence. I was able to gain holistic insights on how to face problems.

     Truly God is an awesome God.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Review: Letters To Juliet

     Let's talk about LOVE. 

     February is fast coming and it is timely that I should blog about romance and love. After I've watched the romantic movie "LETTERS TO JULIET" I decided to create my own review about this romantic flick. I am sure everyone who'll read it young or not-so-young, heartbroken or inlove can relate to the story.

     It is imperative amongst us how we had our love story. How we start to feel when someone romantically caught our interest. Sometimes, we develop a particular fondness for the person we’re dating. We just can’t stop thinking about him/her, even after many, many hours savoring his/her company. We are left in a quandary about our feelings, and certain queasiness pervades our days. Then we ask ourselves the question: have we fallen in love with that person?

     Love is indeed a wonderful thing. But it is something that we should be certain about, least we spend many sleepless nights in deep thoughts and confusion. Sadly, determining the veracity of love is not always easy. Sometimes, a deep infatuation is equated with the same.

     So how do we know that it’s love… real love that is? What could we be sure that the other person is not only the object of our thoughts, but the object of our hearts as well?

     Before I might lost into translation, let us proceed with the review:

      Letters to Juliet is a movie for the romantics out there. It was exactly what it advertised itself as, and exactly what I hoped it would be: sweet, charming, and poignant. Considering how many movies have been disappointments this year, I was quite pleased to get a movie that delivered on its promises.

      Amanda Seyfried starred as an American girl on a pre-marriage “honeymoon” in Verona with her fiance (Gael Garcia Bernal), who gets drawn into writing for the Secretaries of Juliet–women who reply to the letters left to Juliet beneath “her” balcony. Sophie stumbles onto a letter from 50 years ago and feels compelled to reply, only to have the woman herself (Claire, played by Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan, whom I know and love from NBC’s short-lived Kings) come to Verona as soon as they receive the letter. Claire had been a student there for the summer who fell in love with a boy named Lorenzo, but instead of meeting him to run away together she went back to England. Now a widow, she received Sophie’s letter and decided she wants to find Lorenzo again. Sophie, abandoned by her fiance in favor of a wine auction and various vendors he wants to use for his new restaurant, decides to accompany Claire on a road trip around Tuscany to help her find her Lorenzo.

     One thing I will say about this movie and its advertising–you shouldn’t go into the theater expecting to be surprised. They meet a lot of Lorenzo Bertolinis who aren’t Claire’s Lorenzo before they find him (not a spoiler because one of the previews showed that moment!), and there is an attraction between Sophie and Charlie that may be destiny or may be nothing more than the excitement and romance of such a journey. The only questions (and, no, I won’t answer them other than to say the movie does not end in tears) are whether the Lorenzo remembers Claire and whether Sophie and Charlie are really falling in love or just sharing an unforgettable experience.

     As you might see from the premise, this is a movie with a cross-generational appeal. It’s one I will definitely show to my mom and grandmother, for the story as well as the lack of both raunch and slapstick. As far as romantic movies go, it’s not as totally unfriendly to men as most of them. Mine chuckled in a few places and came out giving it a grade of “it passes…barely” which is high praise for a romance. The views of the Italian countryside are sweeping and hazy and beautiful, and the story of Claire and Lorenzo is achingly sweet (and by far the more romantic of the two). Amanda Seyfried was charming and light, as she usually is, and Chris Egan was arrogant and stuffy but not far enough departed from David Shepherd to prevent me from worrying he might typecast himself. I hope he doesn’t, because I think he has serious star potential and want to keep seeing him in movies for years to come. Vanessa Redgrave played Claire brilliantly, a woman who has lived her life without regrets, despite choices that might have been mistakes, and is now hoping to have one more adventure despite her gray hair and age-earned dignity.

     Some of the funniest moments in the film were the interplay between Claire and Sophie having “girl talk” and Charlie being uncomfortable with it. “My grandfather was her soul mate, and thank you for trying to invalidate my entire existence!” he exclaims at one point, and at another he has to leave the conversation because he can’t listen to his grandmother recalling the romance and sensuality of her summer with Lorenzo. The other amusing moments came from some of the different Lorenzos they met along the way. A few were sad, forgetful old men in homes or even in one case a recent grave, but others were hilarious–the one whose wife tells Claire to “take him!” for example, and the one who answers the question of “what were you doing the summer of 1957?” with a tirade about how he met his wife that horrible summer and curses them for reminding him of that terrible occasion.

     If I wanted to be really picky I could find two flaws: one, there is very little reason given for why Sophie and Charlie are drawn to one another; but this is a flaw in almost every romantic movie ever made (I mean, they can’t all be Secretary or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), so I didn’t find it a deal-breaker. Also, once I thought about the movie–and it was one that kept me thinking about it–I realized that it might have been trying for subtlety, rather than being irritatingly vague, and if that’s the case then I didn’t mind having to read between the lines a bit. Second, the ending scene was weak, and as much as it tried to step around the cliche of having Sophie on a balcony hearing a profession of love by having the characters laugh at the positioning…it didn’t quite keep me from rolling my eyes. But neither of those problems are unexpected in romantic movies, and neither stopped me from walking out with a smile and thinking about the movie for the rest of the evening.

     In all, Letters to Juliet accomplishes what it sets out to, and if you look at the premise of this movie and want to see it, I don’t think the execution will disappoint you. So put on a sundress and sneak in a bottle of wine and enjoy the journey through Italy and a love that crosses time and oceans.

     So there it goes guys, hope I satisfied you well with how I narrate what I understand about the movie plus some inputs with other movie review gurus as well. I'll be seeing the film again with my one and only MINE over a popcorn or anything savory enough to nibble.

     By the way guys, Amanda Seyfried is a hottie, a complete turn guys can resist her charm. She is so adorable. I have a big crush on her. But Kirstin Kreuk of "Smallville" is still my No.1 crush.

     Until my next entry. Have a nice read folks. Jay signing out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazing People With Lives Worth Emulating

     As I was browsing the net earlier, I came across two of the inspiring people I highly admired upon whom I gather ideas, insights and draw strength. Marc and Craig Kielburger, brothers, Canadian and co-founder of "Free The Children" organization.

     Being a person whose life's purpose is to help others achieve their life's goals too. I am particular with who's who are the people that might be of greater influence to me and strengthen my desire to continue with my life's passion.

     Let me orient you who are they and what are their life's inclinations.

Craig Kielburger

     He is the founder of Free The Children, the world's leading youth-driven charity that has inspired an entire generation to stand up and make their voices heard.

     The organization provides active citizenship education programs in Canada, the United States and the UK, reaching 3,500 school groups annually. The organization's We Schools in Action program fills stadiums with tens of thousands of young leaders who provide more than one million hours of community service every year.

     The organization has worked in 45 countries providing education, health care, clean water and alternative income programs. Its Adopt a Village development model currently provides holistic, scalable and sustainable child-focused intervention in seven nations. Free The Children has built in excess of 650 schools in developing countries and established more than 30,000 alternative income projects.

     Most remarkably, Craig originally started the organization in 1995 at only 12-years of age.

     Craig is also the co-founder and director of Me to We. This social enterprise encourages ethical living and social responsibility while also aiming to bring Free The Children's already low administrate rate to 0%, ensuring every penny goes to charitable programs. Me to We includes carbon-neutral international volunteer travel programs, leadership camps, a publishing house, a music label and the largest organic made-in-Canada clothing line.

     He is a syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author, who has written five books. His latest, to be released across North America in the fall of 2010, is called The World Needs York Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute.

     Craig has a degree in peace and conflict studies from the University of Toronto and is the youngest-ever graduate of the Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program. He has received six honourary doctorates, The Roosevelt Freedom Medal, The World Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child (often called the Children's Nobel Prize) and is one of the youngest recipients of The Order of Canada. Craig's work has been featured on multiple appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, 60 Minutes and The Today Show; and in People, Time and The Economist.

Marc Kielburger

     Marc Kielburger is the co-founder of Free The Children, a unique international development and youth empowerment organization. Since its founding in 1995, Free The Children has become the world's leading youth-driven charity, inspiring an entire generation to stand up and have their voices heard.

     With the involvement of more than a thousand Youth in Action Groups, Free The Children has built more than 650 schools in developing regions, providing daily education to more than 55,000 children.

     One of Free The Children's most notable projects has been a joint project with Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network called O Ambassadors. The project was designed to educate, engage and inspire more than one million young people across North America to take action to help their underprivileged peers overseas.

     Marc is also the co-founder of Me to We Social Enterprises. This social enterprise encourages ethical living and social responsibility, while also aiming to bring Free The Children's already low administrate rate to 0%, ensuring every penny goes to charitable programs. Me to We includes carbon-neutral international volunteer travel programs, leadership camps, a publishing house, a music label, and the largest organic made-in-Canada clothing line.

     Marc graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, completing a degree in International Relations. He won a coveted Rhodes Scholarship and went on to complete a law degree at Oxford University with an emphasis on human rights law. Marc has also received four honorary doctorates for his work in the field of education and human rights.

      He is the co-author of national bestsellers Take Action! A Guide to Active Citizenship, Take More Action, The New York Times Best Seller Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World and, most recently, The World Needs Your Kid.

      With his brother Craig, Marc is a syndicated columnist carried by the Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun and Huffington Post, as well as for Canada’s most widely-read women’s magazine, Canadian Living.

     Marc is the recipient of many honours, including the Order of Canada and selection by the World Economic Forum as one of the 250 Young Global Leaders. His work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, BBC as well as many other news and print media.

     These two amazing people are my heroes in terms of selfless service. Serving beyond the call of personal interest. They are awe-inspiring global personalities whose lives have been devoted to public interest and welfare more specifically fighting for the rights of every child through education. More power to you guys!

     For more information and details about their works, please visit and get to know them deeper.

Summer Scene

I wanna share with you a poem I created way back May 18, 2001. The exact scene was that I was atop a water tank in our house in Las Pinas City. Out-of-the-blue I had to check the tank due to a leak that somehow created chaos to some tenants in the apartment we're then renting. As the poet in me comes to life at that very moment, I rushed to my room to pick out of my bag a piece of paper and a pen before I proceeded on top of the water tank for a thorough checking. 

By the way, it is a normal thing about me carrying a pen whenever I travel. Every single travel I make a pen and a pocket size notebook always accompanies me. I have this self belief that once an idea pops-out of one's mind it should be captured in writing to get hold of the very words that will be translated by a pen into a paper.
I have been a lover of prose and poetry since I was in my early high school days. I can vividly recall a second year English teacher of mine complimenting me with such words as "you know what, someday you'll gonna be a prose or poetry writer". She said so because I was able to quickly translate into a poem's line an adjective word which she assigned us to work on. I love her since then. Now, I am living my dream. I may not be graced to have written in literary section of a daily broadsheet but whenever I write something on a topic which inspires me in a day I always feel sort-of-a-clandestine joy in my heart. A joy that only a struggling writer in me would appreciate and enjoy.

Here is the poem that takes you to revisit that summer of 2001. The time when cirrus clouds were the sole occupant of the skies. Where birds freely flying in a cozy breeze of summer wind. This is just a positive outburst. An answer to the self-cry of the malevolent society and confusing situation of our political system way back then. Weird as it may sound, the title is an ironic response to ailing political system we had that time.

Summer Scene

In a cirrus cloud a plane is speeding;
The bluish color of the sky playing innocent;
Of the summer scene so beautiful and stunning
In the vast field of widerness overjoyed by ecstatic feelings

Running water in a stream delight;
Those flying birds of untouchable flights;
The up high kite slowly down dropping
But the trees timid of its peaceful surrounding

The heat of the mother sun
Injecting to the flawless skin
Of a being laid under countless of shootings;
Beside the clashing of sea waves
Lies the secret of an ocean deep, immeasurable and unending;

Listening to the sound by a hushing wind;
Kissing refreshing of a sweaty body escaping;
The odorless air I am gasply breathing;
Freeing myself of a ghastly surrounding

Amidst the turmoil of politics arising;
Resign your thoughts to a tenacious debating;
Let the summer scene take its center stage;
To give us an accorded fun and long playing

Oh!, summer scene you have short days to go;
But the fulfillment is long-life endowed;
It will take another season to see you coming
But most of all,

Thank you o Great Provider for having these since earth's beginning. 

I had this poem posted in a website so called "". Great I was able to regain access of my account there or else this beautiful masterpiece will be lost forever. Hope you enjoy reading guys. Until my next blog. Scri mi curind......


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Really Excites You About Life?

When we think about life we're always confronted with various thoughts. Defining it -- is both easy and hard. Well, I guess your experiences defines what life do you live and the very words that comes out from your mouth and the actions that manifest through those words best explained what life you live.
A wide array of definitions has been explained what life really is all about. Definitions that comes from various people hailed from multiple cultural and racial backgrounds. Some says, "Life is life is a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you'll gonna get."(sssshh!--Forrest Gump--the movie). Others would define it as "the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities."

There maybe countless definitions of what life is, but allow me to leave you this question: "What really excites you about life?"

Here are the solicited responses from my circle of FB friends about "what really excites them about life?" Let me cater you with their opinions, views, and general perception of that question?

These people hails from different family background, experiences, and aspirations.

     1. Emmanuel Icaranom-- A lover of life, full-blooded SFC-who has an infinite expression on anything.

He says:

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. What’s exciting about life is that every time we wake up, it gives us a new reason to know, love and serve the Lord. Every morning is a new hope for prisoners to believe that one day his liberation will soon come into reality. For some people, every morning they wake up is another chance to make one’s dream come true.

What’s exciting about life is that every morning we wake-up; it’s like a soap opera we’re watching in the television that makes us wait in the next exciting and interesting episode.

Every episode brings new insights and learning in life. It’s just up to us if we’re going to use it for our betterment.

What excites me about life is to see every single day that I’m growing emotionally, spiritually and financially. Yes, in life there are lots of struggles and challenges that we can’t avoid and that we need to face but those things makes our existence more meaningful and exciting. It gives colour to our world.

As the famous line of Forest Gump in its self titled movie, “Life is like a box of chocolate. You’ll never know what you gonna get.” Isn’t it exciting that every day we wake up there’s a new things that’s being offered to us? Isn’t it exciting to see that each day we overcome a certain trials in life; we grow in wisdom and love of God? Life is full of surprises and that what makes life exciting.

What are those surprises in life that we could have? What are those learning and new insights that we might have? What is the meaning of your existence? What’s the purpose of your life? The answers will be unveiled to us as we journey towards the exciting and challenging time that we will be having as we live in this world.

As we continue our earthly pilgrimage, let us ask the good Lord for the grace for us to know the very meaning of our existence. Let’s enjoy the journey as life excites us with its surprises. May God be praised now and forever! DEO GRATIAS ET BENEDICTVS DOMINVS!

2. Yves Barbasina- a kid's hardworking officer-volunteer of SAI (Silid Aralan Inc), a true-blooded and devoted SFC in San Rafael, Montalban.
He says:

What really excites me about life?

One day, when I was on the internet and chatting with my friends, one of them asked me a question that I had a hard time answering and explaining. “Bro , pano ba maging masaya katulad mo?” How to become happy like you? I then paused for a moment and think of the best advice that I could give. I then remembered my closest friend’s words when he was mentoring me, “You cannot become happy with your life if you don’t know your purpose,” That’s it, I chatted him back and said the same words.

My friend was right, life will only become meaningful, livable and exciting if there is a sense of purpose. Reading the book about The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren solidified this claim in me. Knowing my purpose will allow me to straightly move forward despite dozens of hardships and trials. It is now clear to me why I am alive, and that is because the Lord wanted me to serve. That’s the very meaning and the reason of my being.

Singles For Christ (SFC), Silid Aralan, Inc., and my Family. Why did I list them? Apparently, they are my life. They are the reasons why I am excited. I believe that the Lord wanted me to serve through them. Joining SFC had enormously changed my life, it did not only make me closer to God, but it also introduced me to people who helped me view life excitingly and meaningfully.

Silid Aralan is also fulfilling my purpose. When I joined Silid Aralan in 2007, it was purely for the sake of money, I needed to have job then so that I would be able to send my sister to school. The salary was actually very small as compared to what can to earn if I’ll work in the corporate world. But I was very diffident that my skills won't earn me ticket to companies. Thus, I prefer Silid Aralan. But I soon realized that this is the vocation which I love and will teach me many things. Planning and doing things that will help our youth are things which makes me excited. Silid Aralan molded me and I will never leave this institution no matter what happen.

Last but not the least is my family. I love my family. When my father died, I bowed that I will not leave them. I also believe that we cannot serve other people unless we served our family first.

In the world where life's excitement is mostly defined by money and luxurious things, others may consider this life as boring and unexciting.

They may so.

I am secured.

Life’s happiness and excitement are my continuing choices…

Life is exciting, we just need to choose it…

3. Ann Kristine Ballesteros--a highschool crush- witty and pro-active.

She says:

Life is exciting as it is.

Every second, every minute has its own motivation.

I am excited to wake up everyday because I want to see the people around me.

I am excited to go to work because I love what I do.

I am excited to go back home because I know that my family is waiting for me.

I am excited to sleep because I love sleeping so much.

Nice, clean and new things excite me but the simple intangible things excite and inspire me more.

Above it all, I am excited to live every single day of my life because I know that someday these will all gonna end...making me commence a new and more exciting everlasting life with God.

Life is indeed beautiful to the person who sees it as such. There's more to life than what we know. More to discover, more to take part with and more to enjoy. Whatever our circumstances maybe, it is our own motivation and resolve that'll make our life as exciting as it can be.

Guys, until my next blog. I hope you won't run out of patience following and reading my postings. Godbless and goodluck!
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