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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Summer Scene

I wanna share with you a poem I created way back May 18, 2001. The exact scene was that I was atop a water tank in our house in Las Pinas City. Out-of-the-blue I had to check the tank due to a leak that somehow created chaos to some tenants in the apartment we're then renting. As the poet in me comes to life at that very moment, I rushed to my room to pick out of my bag a piece of paper and a pen before I proceeded on top of the water tank for a thorough checking. 

By the way, it is a normal thing about me carrying a pen whenever I travel. Every single travel I make a pen and a pocket size notebook always accompanies me. I have this self belief that once an idea pops-out of one's mind it should be captured in writing to get hold of the very words that will be translated by a pen into a paper.
I have been a lover of prose and poetry since I was in my early high school days. I can vividly recall a second year English teacher of mine complimenting me with such words as "you know what, someday you'll gonna be a prose or poetry writer". She said so because I was able to quickly translate into a poem's line an adjective word which she assigned us to work on. I love her since then. Now, I am living my dream. I may not be graced to have written in literary section of a daily broadsheet but whenever I write something on a topic which inspires me in a day I always feel sort-of-a-clandestine joy in my heart. A joy that only a struggling writer in me would appreciate and enjoy.

Here is the poem that takes you to revisit that summer of 2001. The time when cirrus clouds were the sole occupant of the skies. Where birds freely flying in a cozy breeze of summer wind. This is just a positive outburst. An answer to the self-cry of the malevolent society and confusing situation of our political system way back then. Weird as it may sound, the title is an ironic response to ailing political system we had that time.

Summer Scene

In a cirrus cloud a plane is speeding;
The bluish color of the sky playing innocent;
Of the summer scene so beautiful and stunning
In the vast field of widerness overjoyed by ecstatic feelings

Running water in a stream delight;
Those flying birds of untouchable flights;
The up high kite slowly down dropping
But the trees timid of its peaceful surrounding

The heat of the mother sun
Injecting to the flawless skin
Of a being laid under countless of shootings;
Beside the clashing of sea waves
Lies the secret of an ocean deep, immeasurable and unending;

Listening to the sound by a hushing wind;
Kissing refreshing of a sweaty body escaping;
The odorless air I am gasply breathing;
Freeing myself of a ghastly surrounding

Amidst the turmoil of politics arising;
Resign your thoughts to a tenacious debating;
Let the summer scene take its center stage;
To give us an accorded fun and long playing

Oh!, summer scene you have short days to go;
But the fulfillment is long-life endowed;
It will take another season to see you coming
But most of all,

Thank you o Great Provider for having these since earth's beginning. 

I had this poem posted in a website so called "". Great I was able to regain access of my account there or else this beautiful masterpiece will be lost forever. Hope you enjoy reading guys. Until my next blog. Scri mi curind......



  1. what a wonderful poem... really refreshing our minds, our spirit... that GOD created us this nature as our home to live... but what happen nowadays to our nature... totally and continuously destroy by those people whose carelessly ignoring the beauty of this... reason why we have floods and tornado and other disasters. Now is the time, we must protect our home... our nature... our earth.


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