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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The "Suggest A Name" Contest - Our Online Search for a Christian Name

The "SUGGEST A NAME" Contest
Not long ago, I had been teased by some of my co-bloggers to sponsor another blog contest as some of them had their successful shares already. Now, it's really happening. There is no turning back. This is it. I will be resting the fate of our soon-to-be-first-born's name to ALL OF YOU guys. 

Well, don't get me (us) wrong, it's not that we can't think of a decent name for our soon to be angel. But, I just feel it's more exciting if a lot of you guys would suggest a name for us--more specifically a Christian name. And this is one perfect opportunity to do just that. It'll be cool to know that when our first born grows up we can share this experience of how his/her name came up. 

As I've said in my Facebook status, this contest will not limit itself to co-bloggers but will extend to my Facebook & Twitter friends as well. To wit, this is my first ever blog contest. And you guys will have the chance to be my first ever winner/s if finally chosen.

CONTEST NAME: The "Suggest-A-Name" Contest -- Our Online Search for a Christian Name.

PURPOSE: This contest was designed/devised to search for a Christian name to our soon-to-be-first-born. 


1. If you are a Filipino (be in Pinas or elsewhere around the world), user of Facebook or Twitter or hosting a blog site --then you are QUALIFIED TO JOIN. No age limit is required.

2. Think of a unique Christian name for our soon-to-be-first born.

3. The Christian name shall consist of two names (e.g. Luke Daniel or Samantha Ruth).

4. Entry must be one name for a boy and one name for a girl. Each contestant is limited to one entry only. Only English Christian name will be validated.

5. For bloggers, you need to write an entry in your blog with a minimum of 200-words to a maximum of 300-words (including explanation why you choose the particular Christian name) and a link to this particular post shall be mentioned in your entry. Notify me by writing a comment in this post that you joined this contest.

6. For non-bloggers (e.g. Facebook & Twitter friends), you can submit your entry by tagging me in your Facebook status update & by putting the link of this post plus containing the explanation why you choose that particular Christian name. For Twitter friends --by mentioning the link of this entry and tweeting your chosen Christian name. No limitations in words -it may come in short or longer explanation depending on which social network you are using.

7. For non-bloggers-- you are REQUIRED also to write a comment on this post right below the comment's portion. You may also drop a message in the "HEY! DROP A MESSAGE PLEASE" portion in the middle right part of my blog but it does not fall as a requirement.

8. In cases where a tie (for having exactly the same name suggestion) is observed-- there will be a "clincher question" twist. Whoever can answer the clincher question shall emerge as the winner breaking the tie. THAT IS, if the  names were chosen.

9. For those who may find the "mechanics" too technical, you can chat with me through FB or send me a PM via my Facebook inbox and I will further explain it. You can reach me also through this email address:

10. Be positive, creative, imaginative, and pro-active in thinking of a Christian name/s. I am sure you can do great at it.


Entries shall be submitted starting April 15 up to June 15, 2012. Clearly stating that the deadline is on the midnight of June 15, 2012 (Friday).


1. GRAND PRIZE - Winner of the contest will receive the following prizes
    a. P5,000 worth of cash
  b. one collector's item "Starbucks Mugs or Demitasse" whichever is available.

     a. P2,000 worth of cash
   b. one collector's item "Starbucks Mugs or Demitasse" whichever is available.

     a. one collector's item "Starbucks Mugs or Demitasse" whichever is available.


Announcement of winners will be on July 15, 2012. The names of winners will be posted in this blog. And will be notified via email.

For easy tracking and reference, I encourage you to leave your complete name in the comment's portion of this post or send it through my email as stated above.


By the way, we (my wife and I) will be your official judges.

A. Uniqueness and Creativity   -  50%
B. Overall Impact                   - 25%
C. Relevance to the Theme        - 25%

For winners, outside of my location, I will send your prizes via courier. For winners within my vicinity, I can personally hand it over to you (with photo souvenir of us).

Good luck to all the contestants. Pray that your entry will luckily be chosen as the name of our soon to be first born.

God bless and May God be praised. :)) 

Signing off!


  1. Hmm, I'll try and think about it. :)

    Congratulations! :D

  2. this sounds interesting... oh and thank you for taking the time to comment on my photos :) have a great day!

  3. I will join the contest :)

  4. How come there's a minimum number of words requirement for bloggers, and for the non-bloggers there's none? Can I just submit my entry as a non-blogger instead? Haha! Meron na kong naisip if it's a boy, but girl, wala pa.

  5. @Michy -- I'll be expecting your entry..hehehe!

  6. @Vin--looking forward for the submission of your entry. :))

  7. @Theo -- Thanks, submit your entry then. Looking forward to receive it soon. :))

  8. @Gasul --hahaha..that's for bloggers to really have a blog entry out of this. hahaha! You are a blogger Alex..hahaha..kaya need mo to submit as a blogger--haha 200 words lang naman ok na..

    Yong mga non-bloggers kasi di naman sila pwede mag blog entry hahaha..pero may rules naman for them na kelangan sundin..hehehe.. Hintanyin ko ang iyong sagot..lols..hehe. thanks for joining. :))

  9. wow! congratulations for your coming bundle of joy.. :)

  10. @Arjee--Thanks....join ka sa contest ko ha :))

  11. oooh. nagka goose bumps tuloy aketch dito kuya. but anyhow congratulations to the coming angel ^_^ i shall try to write. mag iisip pa ako ng pangalan :)))

  12. Done! i twitted already just look at the url i posted Mr. Jay Rada!thanks for the contest, I had so much fun looking for the names.

  13. @Jasmin -- Thanks for your entry. Keep your fingers crossed. :))

  14. ang hirap mag-isip ... marami pa namang time until June. lols.

  15. hello daddy Jay! I have posted my entry and tagged you in your facebook account: For baby boy: Jacob Aaron and for baby girl: Jaida Aaliyah (the explanation and meanings are elaborated there) hehe. God bless and welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!!!

  16. here's mine.. Congrats ulit!

  17. here's mine! congratulations ulit!

  18. tito jay, mag post na ako ng suggestion q sa fb...muntik q na tong nakalimutan..hehehe...(remwell)


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