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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Neophyte Cook # 1: "Chicken Cordon Bleu"

The Neophyte Cook - this segment in my blog will feature my cooking apprenticeship without the formal culinary lessons, shy of cooking standards, and is done out-of-passion in cooking. Recipes will vary from various cuisine's dishes as long as I can modestly prepare and my guts tell me to do so.

The result of my kitchen hardwork
It's been a while since I last blog about food. Well, for the reason that we seldom go out these days. I usually do the food blogging after a dining experience in a restaurant or a food chain. Normally, my food blog entry will end up rating these restaurants we have dined in. You can check out my other food blog entries in the archives portion of this blog.

Last weekend, I decided to cook my own apprentice version of "Chicken Cordon Bleu". It was supposed to be done last week but due to a limited time, my wife and I agreed that we'll do it next week. And so it was it. It's my third time and I still feel uneasy preparing it. When in fact I should have had mastered it already. Read the next paragraph as it explains the uneasiness in me.

The little dilemma added up when I realized I don't have a print-out recipe to look upon the procedure since I didn't bring my laptop going to my wife's place. (FYI - My wife and I don't live in the same roof everyday, I mean our jobs were the reason. I only go home during weekend, seldom on weekdays since I'm staying in a flat near my office. The distance of our place to each other is like close to two hours' drive). So I ended up collecting my thoughts to come up with the "how to" prepare one.

Looks succulent and palatable isn't it?
But I'll leave to you the verdict of how I fair cooking it? Did I pass your standards with flying color? Or a passing mark is enough? Just make your judgement as to how I presented it aesthetic-wise since you can't taste it anyway and so judging the taste is impossible. Well, I'm quite sure before any verdict would be given, your mouth is drooling over to taste it right? Haha-- it's for your eyes only since I can't share some because as of this writing we only have four pieces left in the refrigerator. My wife and I liked it so much anyway. Out of 10 rolls, we have eaten six rolls already. Mind you, after it was taken out of the oven, I immediately took a pinch from one of it. The fresh from the oven aroma literally puts me craving.

I don't know if you have prepared one for yourself already or had tried cooking it your own. But if you want be an apprentice like me too, I would share you the recipe link: Chicken Cordon Blue. To have the best tasting result, prepare it with complete ingredients as suggested. Preparing this one entails many variations. I mean -- there are lots of ways how to cook one and ingredients may vary as well.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a French cuisine. The recipe is a huge classic. It is known that French supermarkets sell tons of frozen version everyday. It's one of the easiest recipes I know and the result is a big hit- at least for us...lols.

Until my next recipe. Watch out! 


  1. Namit! San-o baya ako makatilaw, hehehe

  2. Kanamit, san-o baya ako makatilaw?

  3. Syemays ... how did you cook that? I want!

  4. @Err --I'll cook for you once I chanced a spare time to visit soon.

  5. @Kay -- It's easy Kay..hehehe..hope I'm there to cook one for you..pag uwi namin invite ka namin sa condo and we'll cook for you.

  6. looks yummy.. wish i could cook though.. tubig lang kaya kong iluto ng maayos.. lol

  7. @Arjee---tukayo..turuan kita hehehe...madali lang yan..hehehe..may recipe naman..hehehe..

  8. ay masarap yan!!!! i can help teaching arjee how to cook this, hehe



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