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Monday, April 9, 2012

Solitary Moment - Page 2

I just don't feel so good today yet these are my thoughts.

I just suddenly write and look at  what I've done.

Office isn't the best place as of the moment. Pressure building up and some people in it are just uncooperative and over demanding.

Deadlines here and there. Short notice reports and stuff troubled me a bit.

But after all of these unlikely scenarios, I just blurted out these words.

Funny thing is I took extra effort to put it in MS Powerpoint presentation and saved it via JPEG format --to look presentable.

God, thank you for extending so much of my patience. God thank you for giving me extra strength to control my temper.

God, simply I just want to THANK YOU.


  1. but then God created Monday (except this monday)to punish us for what we did over Sat-Sun...thank God tomorrow's already Tuesday!

  2. @Rene--haha..If you're referring to Monday as the first day of work week and during Sat/Sun --we just literally laid our back. It's different here. We start our work week on Sat and end on Wed..hahahaha..

  3. @Thirdy-- Amen...I'll visit your blog soon. Unintentionally, I've been skipping to read some of your posts. Nakakaligtaan ko bumisita..hehe

  4. I suggest, you go to church when you're free, it would be great to spend time there in solitude, silence and in prayer....,

    it's guaranteed, i swear!


  5. @Theo--there is NO CHURCH from where I am at.LoLs..thanks for the suggestion anyway. :))


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