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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiring People - Part 2 -- Meet Yves!

This photo was taken in Tagaytay during my wedding
 last December 13, 2011 where he attended
as one of my invited guests

Yves P. Barbasina

A name, an ordinary name. And who is Yves?

Well, the world needs to know this person. He's an ordinary guy, I know, but he is a hyper driven yuppie working as a Program Manager and Administrator at SILID ARALAN INC. focusing on empowerment of youths through leadership trainings and other socially-related advocacies.

Before I give you what's fascinating about this person, let me put it clearly—I won’t be writing his autobiography here but I’ll be focusing on how I know this awesome personality.

How did we meet?

I never knew this person until one of my closest SFC leader and buddy Rex Geneston was integrated in SFC – San Rafael in Montalban (Rodriguez now), Rizal  in the later part of 2009. That was the time when he finally decided to go back home for good. Having a status of a diligent leader here in the Mid-East. Rex was easily elevated to a leadership position when he joined the SFC’s of San Rafael. And to cut the story short, Yves was once under his umbrella.

And how did we meet? Rex requested me to render a “Special Talk” intended to his unit and If I recall it right it was the “GG Talk” (God's Gift) or we call it the “Courtship Talk or Love Forum” -- it is in this talk where we discuss how the courtship happens in the community, the do's and don't and other relationship issues. I guess I delivered the said talk way back 15th of June 2010. And I can so well-remember how I was bombarded with lots of relationship-related questions during the open forum which literally rendered me in perspiring mode..hahaha! Well, to boast a bit I managed to address their queries gracefully and in accordance to our community's teaching. And Yves entered the scene when we came face to face when he shook hands with me and poured me with heart-warming compliment after my talk.

Fascinating Facts About Him

  • A Social Worker who love meeting and talking to different people. A person who then  prefers to stay in a hotel rather than go out and explore different places, but when he'd tasted how exciting traveling is he did love it and eventually longed for it.
  • Enjoys organizing small events sipping coffee and eventually hosting it.
  • Prefers a sustainable community programs rather than a one-shot outreach program.
  • A versatile person who craves for more learning. He can go out in a group or alone (a loner in college).
  • Loves drawing and painting but took Computer Engineering out of obedience and luckily, was able to finish the entire degree in a timely manner.
  • A frustrated singer (he sings well, I can vouch for it since I've heard him sing when we  had a retreat before) who was pushed many times to join singing contests but is diffident. Thanks to Singles for Christ, was able to participate his first and last singing contest in 2008.
  • A health conscious gym-buff who goes to the gym thrice a week, runs marathon ( I wish I can do too), drinks vitamins, eats a lot but is often unable to sleep 8 hours a night --sad thing to hear :(
  • A Catholic Christian ready to share and defend his faith ALL THE TIME.
  • A mission ready SFC who won't back out from any challenge as it arises.

I'll borrow some of his quotable quotes which I can relate to:

"Leadership is an action not a position"

"I may not be earning so much but what's important is I am learning so much"

"When your life inspires others to move on despite trials and hardships, then you are a LEADER"

Looking back from where he came from he is a confident person now. He had attained numerous exposures and trainings which had made him stronger and assured himself that he can do great and not just good.

He is so passionate about life. And his interest in sharing his knowledge, guiding younger fellows, and influencing younger generations on how to live a meaningful life is a radiant quality that exudes whenever you speak to him. I am a witness to that. 

A dreamer who never runs out of ideas. Idealistic in a lot of ways that catapult his life into early finding his passion and purpose in life.

He is such a visionary aiming to see children reach its full potential and grossly believes that no kid was born dumb.

And by the way, I won't elaborate how many achievements he had achieved, how far he have gone, what places he had been into. I tell you it'll be a lot to write. 

I would end this by saying one of his fave quotes: "Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.

The great friendship we enjoy is turning 3 years after several months. And though we aren't seeing each other oftentimes due to distance but as we believe "friendship is not confine to always seeing each other, but we are bounded by the principles and advocacies we live by. He is a great friend and will be keeping him for life.

To get to know more of him you can add him on Facebook by clicking this link: Yves P. Barbasina


  1. I definitely love his favorite quote. If only more and more people will live by those lines, everyone will be capable of doing bigger things instead of doubting themselves.

  2. @Sumi--yeah he has lots of quotes which happens to be my quotes too. He's really driven in all his undertakings. Such a fine young man with clear direction in life.

  3. Thanks kuya Jya, I was really overwhelmed with this article.hehhe
    Thanks a lot :)

  4. "I may not be earning so much but what's important is I am learning so much" - this should encourage me moving forward... great to have friends with such qualities.. you are indeed blessed

  5. What a brave soul. Nagpafeature. Nice!

  6. @Yves--welcome deserve this. And I know with this thing you'll be moving ahead in leaps and bounds. Just be humble when you reach your pinnacle ha..hehehe..I know you will as evident by the life quotes you live by.

  7. @Arjee--Thanks for reading this. Great you've got something out of this post. I know you're having some concerns too. But just keep moving. God bless you too. And you can be his friend too...hehe

  8. @Kay --hahaha..ako talaga ang nag-feature sa kanya without him requesting me to do it..hahaha..I don't know if you've met him sa kasal ko. Baka nakita mo siya but got no chance to speak to him. hehehe. He is a visionary and we share the same passion. Of working to less privilege kids aiming to finish school. I am part of the Silid Aralan Inc. as benefactor and you can be part too.

  9. i'm back reading.. wow. this one's inspiring.

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