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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiring People: One In A Thousand Cab Driver – Maximo Aton

“In a sea full of dishonest and rude people, there is still at least one or two that will do what is right and remain honest and good hearted “
Mr. Maximo Aton
(photo courtesy of Yahoo news)
Who is Maximo Aton? I don't even know him. I wouldn't even meet him perhaps in my lifetime. But his story is worthy of emulation and so I am writing this blog about him.

I heard it in the news and saw it shared in Facebook. And so without even finishing the simple article shared by Mr. Raine Cruz about his experience to the above mentioned subject, I quickly turn myself into my laptop and started writing about this story. In my mind, this is my simple share of spreading the goodness that this humble man had done and the venerable act that Mr. Raine Cruz did in sharing his story.

Kudos to the both of you!

Few days ago, I was ranting my opinions in a comment portion of my good friend’s post about her bad experience with some taxi drivers somewhere in Dasmarinas, Cavite. In fact, it’s not only me who had shared my personal disappointment but her post was bombarded with coherent reactions of disgust about how many of our cab drivers were turning evil  by being opportunist just to meet ends. I would personally attest to the fact that even my wife and I had to experience the same when we had our yuletide vacation last year. But the only difference in our case was that I’ve always diplomatically argue with the cab driver when I've sensed that he’s taking advantage of us.

But it seemed that in a sea of dishonest and crooked people, there is still at least one or two that will do what is right and remains honest and good hearted.

Such is the case of this great and worth emulating simple man Mr. Maximo Aton – a plain taxi cab driver who once again exemplified few of the true characters of a Filipino – kind hearted, mild mannered, and God-fearing. He’s a man who was never ever tempted to do unworthy act even though opportunity of doing so was just right at his palm.

I learned about his story today when I happened to read a “shared article” in Facebook done by Mr. Raine Cruz – his passenger who was overwhelmed by the intensity of kindness Mr. Maximo Aton had shown him and his friend Hero. To read about his article please click this link:  A Man Worthy of Emulation

It is true that finding noble people these days is like looking for a needle in a shore full of sand. Rarity is the term to call it perfectly. Each day, we are dominated by news on television about murder, bank robbery, kidnapping, rape, and the biggest culprit of our system – CORRUPTION. These sad realities hinder us to fully trust other people especially those whom we have just met or brushed-off shoulders with. In our own effort to safeguard and be a steward of ourselves, somehow at some point we tend to forget the idea that there are still few people who are worthy to rest our trust. Those people who remains reliable and even shy of doing act discreditable to their own dignity. People who still choose simple lives than having a luxurious one but obtained through misconduct.

As a person, who faithfully advocates our new tourism campaign slogan “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” it’s another testament of honesty that I can use to boost my own campaign here in  a foreign land. This story will surely spark high interest to tourists that truly we’re a country of more fun and great people.

I know I’m just one of I guess millions of people now who have been touched by the honesty of Mr. Aton. And I am doing this act not because I was compelled to do it but I’m doing it out of my modest initiative to help proliferates this good news to the world. To be inspired and do random act of kindness even in trivial ways will surely glorify our Almighty more than our people.

Mabuhay ka! Mang Maximo and million thanks to Mr. Raine Cruz for sharing your simple yet worthy-of-a-read story.

And by the way here is the video courtesy of GMA's 24 Oras news.

God bless to the both of you!

Note: If you want to extend personal messages of congratulations to Mr. Maximo Aton you can reach him through this details:

Maximo Aton
O.L.A. Taxi with Plate Number TYZ 619
I'm still trying to contact Ms. Raine Cruz through FB to ask for his number.

P.S. - As much as I wanted a photo of Mr. Raine Cruz but I can't grab any from his Facebook 
account. Anyway, I'll just share it in his page if possible.


April 29, 2012 - Last night, Raine and I finally exchanged words through private FB message and he was so thankful for this article. He then provided me Mr. Maximo Aton's mobile number. So, for those who are willing to say hi or few words to Mr. Aton, just send me your request and I'll provide you his  mobile number. As a respect to Mr. Aton privacy as a person, I won't post his mobile number here.

As we mutually agreed, I'll make a separate blog entry for Mr. Raine Cruz for paving the way to Mr. Aton's public recognition and praises for his kindness and honesty. He too deserves praises for elevating into public platform a simple yet inspiring story of Mr. Aton.


  1. That's nice of you, Mr. Aton. :) Keep it up and may other people follow your lead.

  2. @Michy --May his tribe increase


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