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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Curious Tag Game

It's been fast circulating in the blogging world. I have read I guess four entries from different bloggers and I was entertained by their answers. Some have shown boldness and courage to go through answering some thought-provoking questions. While others, on the other side of the tunnel, just play safe.

And jokingly prodding to "tag me in" to one of my blog mates Michymichymoo of I Am A Dekaphobic she gave in and re-edit her entry to include me in the list of tagged people. Thanks Michy for the gesture-- it's highly appreciated.

There are certain rules to follow for this game and below are the details:
  1. Post these rules
  2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you in their post
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
  5. Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged
11 Random Things about myself:
  1. I can't go out of my house without bringing a pen.
  2. I just read philosophy and inspirational books
  3. I am a fan of war movies --but definitely not a war freak
  4. I so loved ancient history
  5. If I'd be given a chance and with lots of money, I want to embark traveling the world.
  6. I'm into checkered polos and long sleeves
  7. I am a swimming & football junkie
  8. I'm so obssessed with badmiton & can play competitively
  9. At home, they call me "Jhun"
  10. Sweet foods won't sell on me though I eat just a bit-- yeah just a bit!
  11. I love mixing sauces when I eat (catsup, soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce etc whatever are avail)
Answer questions of the tagger:

1. What is my favorite restaurant?
Just bring me to Max Restaurant and I'll flash you with my most disarming smile.
2. Froyo or Ice Cream? Which brand?
None! But if you're prod me up, I'll choose ice cream -- Baskin Robbins simply catches me.
3. Coffee or milk tea? which brand?
Of course milk tea, been drinking it before it exploded in the market as shakes. It's Lipton - the usual tea in the market. Unless you're referring to the tea shops currently in craze sa Pinas.
4. What is the last movie you watched?
Fireproof - though it's not current --it's about a young married couple having marital conflict. It's an inspiring movie especially for couples
5. Which book did you last read?
Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen --it's an awesomely inspiring book
6.  Do you have a planner? Which one are you using?
None, I just have my improvised one.
7. Who is your favorite artist of all time?
Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock in movies; Michael Jackson in music
8. What is your first blog entry?
Starter's Delight - if you're referring here in blogspot.
9. What is your favorite Filipino dish?
Sinigang (any sinigang menu) I like it because it's all complete, you already have a soup in it. Which I really like since gusto ko lagi humigop ng sabaw. hahaha!
10. What is your most popular blog entry of all time?
Summer Scene --I really don't know why it topped the list, It's not even my all time favorite personally...hahaha
11. What is your current profession?
I am a Purchasing Officer working overseas

11 New sets of questions:
  1. Who is your first grade teacher?
  2. Where would you want to go five years from now?
  3. Which person in the history do you admire most? Why?
  4. Which song that when you hear tickles you?
  5. Who inspires you?
  6. When you're locked in a dark room what would you do?
  7. Would you prefer being "smart or wise:"? Why?
  8. Do you agree in alms-giving? Why or Why not?
  9. What is the silliest thing you ever did in your entire life?
  10. If you would choose, which charity organization would you wan to belong and serve?
  11. What is your perception of "heaven"?
And so these sets of 11 simple, thought-provoking questions will be answered by the following bloggers I personally follow. Here they are below: 
  1. Alex Molina of The Gasoline Dude
  2. Sumi Go of The Purple Doll
  3. Jeo Beloy of Go Figure
  4. Kathy Ngo of Life Is Kulayful
  5. Just Ambros of JUST Thoughts
Do you share of post guys!


  1. @Mitch-- ayan na tapos na siya..hahaha! you can continue reading in :)))

  2. Good answers Jay! BTW, I've already watched Fireproof. It's a must watch for everyone, even to single people. ;)

  3. dumaan na rin sakin toh, ehehehe


  4. @Theo--yeah, in fact I've read your post about it. Kaya di na kita itinag. hehehe..

  5. @michy--yup, can drop tears movie. Emotional-wise, it was great to witness how the man in the end realized what love is--that it's unconditional and marriage is not just a contract but a covenant uniting two opposite sex into one.

  6. This is fun ah! :D I am totally like you with "I can't go out of my house without bringing a pen." I'll definitely post my answers this weekend or early next week ;)


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