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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Accidental "Yogurt" Experience

It has been running for like a week or two now that every time we take our lunch we would visit Baskin Robbins after and feast with a pint-sized & sometime even on a cone ice cream as our dessert.

Today, after a quick lunch we head-off again to Awwal Street corner 1st Street where Baskin is located. But while we're about to take a left turn then straight to Baskin's location we saw this "Freshly Berry - Frozen Yogurt Cafe"---hmmm..sound like parang pambabae lang tong food store na to. Pero, out of curiosity, we entered in and check out what's the stuff inside. Siyempre yogurt ang dominant since yon ang nakalagay sa banner nila. We're hoping that somehow may ice-cream sila. Pero, kabayan Joseph Aldea- the store attendant who served us said it's purely yogurt. Immediately he handed us a taste-sampler while discussing a bit about their products. So, umiral na naman ang katakawan namin. Taste dito, taste doon. And bingo, masarap naman siya...hahaha..With our taste buds convinced, we abandoned the idea of going to Baskin. Right there and then, we began checking out the flavors. And they've got the following: Fresh Berry Tart, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Decadent Dark Chocolate, Classic Strawberry, and Mango.

The takaw-tingin gang checking out what flavor to try-out. While Joseph was busy giving details of what to try and what's the good choice.

And here's our individual picks:

For Satty McScotty a.k.a. the cutie....hahaha...he has chosen

Strawberry Classic with chunks of Mango & Pineapple toppings
For Ryan T. he got his choice below:

Decadent Dark Chocolate with Blueberrty & Raspberry toppings
I don't really know what to choose and so just not to have similar choice with one of them, here's what I got.
FreshBerry Tart with Strawberry & Kiwi toppings ---panggulong choice lang...hehe
And the ever-unassuming Jimmy just settled with his plain Dark Chocolate minus the toppings

Just a plain Decadent Dark Chocolate--na hindi naman mukhang dark..wahaha
And so we started to land the teaspon (pink pa ang teaspoon..tengineng teaspoon na yan..wahaha) into our mouth. While busy savoring this mouth-watering smoothies, kabayan Joseph A. told us that it's good for digestion and will render us easily induced toilet room meeting (alam nyo na yon). As to him, it's a good diet and he even revealed to us that Saudi women frequent the place plus the gym-afficionado guys both Saudi and Pinoys. With his words, it made Satty even interested since he's planning to enroll for a work-out session at the gym --truth is kaming dalawa ang may balak...hahaha.

Joseph even offered us (pero sa akin napunta since sa akin inabot) a free voucher or should I say discount flyer wherein we can buy one gallon of yogurt (take note the gallon same with ice cream) with only strawberry flavor. So, I might bring one gallon to my wife at a cost of SAR15.00. Hoping there's a branch in Al Ahsa where she stays.

  1. Location: -it's prime since it's near Sheraton but it's unnoticeable  ------------------ 3 stars
  2. Store Ambiance: -cool and relaxing due to good choice of color -------------------- 4 stars
  3. Area Cleanliness: achieved the standard hygiene expectation------------------------ 5 stars
  4. Food Taste and Choices: - at par and competitive with the best --------------------- 5 stars
  5. Food Service, Preparation and Handling: -thumbs up! excellent -------------------- 5 stars
  6. Overall Experience: commendable esp. for ladies, gym goers & diet-freak-------- 4 stars
If you wanna try it, just visit the store at:

Awwal Street cornet 1st Street
near Sheraton Hotel Dammam
Dammam, KSA
Look for kabayan Joseph Aldea --it's still great to be served by our own.

Worth a  visit and a try especially recommended to diet-freak people and digestion-troubled stomach.

Give it a try guys!


  1. wow! sana may branch dito sa Khobar

  2. @Lee- Dhahran would be the closest to you. It fits your needs since you're a health conscious guy..hehehe..try mo pare.

  3. OM! yum :)

    kuya, i was here. can we exchange links?

  4. I used to like Froyo, but now I'm shifting back to ice cream and gelatos.. XD

  5. @Sumi- Actually, I'm not a fan of either..hehehe..most of the time, di ko nauubos ang order ko. I don't know but I really don't like sweet food that much. Minsan, pinapagalitan na ako ng mga kasama ko kasi di ko daw inuubos eh ang liit na nga daw ng inorder ko..hehehe.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)))

  6. True! When you down that much yogurt, you meet up with the toilet in about an hour or so.

  7. Kaya nga daw effective talaga sa nag da-diet esp. yong mga serious sa pagdiet. :)))

  8. mmmm yogurt, so yummy!



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