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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Worthy Pursuit

"There is more to life than sitting in our comfort zone. We were made for something more than merely avoiding failure. There is something inside us that wants to walk on the water -- to leave the comfort of routine existence and abandon ourselves to the high adventure of following God's lead for a greater and worthy pursuit."-- JayRadaRafol

When God presents us with a platform to help and change lives of others we cannot choose our circumstances where, when, and how it will happen. Unexpectedly, it just happens in a least likely place. In the same way that it chooses no race, color, gender, status, and most of all it ignores appearances. Our heart just obeys to the leadings of the Divine. Out of nowhere, we’ll just realize that we’ve touched someone’s life and impacted to our community. On a greater scale, a domino effect spreads-out to the society where we thrive.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What We See Sometimes Isn't Always What It Is

I spent almost two hours searching for this video in my FB wall since I got it posted last year. I got exhausted and I felt like almost giving up but my inner voice (spirit) told me to go on and do few more try. Ending, I still didn't find it. Frustration started to fill me so I buzzed two of my community friends to help me how to quickly search for it. They gave me inputs and tips but those tips were the same thing I just did awhile ago. 

But my search didn't end to that, I then shift to YouTube in the hope that I might find it there by using key words. I tried few key words but I failed. I tried again and again to the point of almost losing my patience. Still FAILED! But at the back of my mind, I keep on convincing myself  by saying " Don't give up, sayang ang effort". So, with all the positive thoughts and energies backing me up, I did continue to search. 

Occasionally, the thought of letting it go keeps bugging me, forcing an entry into my head. But, I hold on. I persisted. I persevered. And luckily I found it. Wow, as in wow. I'm on the brink of giving up...really. It was like I was hangin' by a thread and ready to let go anytime. But, thanks God I did it. And you know what were the key phrase I put in? It's this "Invite someone to church" and bingo! below video popped-up in the list of choices and this is what I exactly look for.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Of Books, The Smell Of It, And The Love For It

When I was in my pre-school age I knew I wanted to write. I can remember the time when I used crayons as my writing pen when there was no pencil to be found. I used to write on the sand, on banana leaves and even the body part of it, in our window grills made of bamboo, on top of our table. Several occasions where I was reprimanded by doing vandalism..hahaha..bata pa lang vandal na hahaha. I just have the love for it. I even found myself using the edge of my pointing finger and scratching on top of our table as if I'm writing something while having our lunch or dinner. My tatay would normally get pissed off as he doesn't want to play while in front of the grace of God. He's right but I can't help it...matigas lang ang ulo..hahaha!

But reading? Hell no....I don't love it then. It was the last thing in my mind. I can vividly remember during my first Grade in school where in I was called by my teacher to read in front of the class as part of our reading drill. Wow man!--I am literally shaking and my palms were cold and wet. I knew I can't read fluently that's why I was so afraid to be called in front. Adding to the pressure was the bullying of my classmates. But I'm good in school. I finished the first grade ranking fifth overall. The only thing that bothered me then was reading. It's not that I can't read at all but I just don't love the idea. It annoys me.

Some of my books' collection

When It Rains It Doesn't Only Pours But It Floods

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. 

We use to say these above phrases during our childhood days. Times when heavy rains incessantly drenching our surroundings. Times when we desperately want to go outside to play but we can't because of massive rains. And time when what we received were more than what we asked. 

We will say like "Tama na Ulan, tumigil ka na! As if we have the power like that of Superman or Batman or any cinematic heroes that we can command a thing or manipulate a situation to put halt to it. 

The news I saw on TV about the continuous monsoon rains makes me sad. Being in the rim of countries frequently stricken by calamities, we always feel helpless when calamity strikes us. All we do is to just prepare. But even then, our preparation isn't enough to combat these kinds of disaster. While watching the news, my mind was busy thinking of how can we extend our help in the fastest time it could allow. It has been our tradition in the community where I belong to extend help through donations (either in cash or in kind) to those mostly affected by any natural calamity. 

Inspiring People: "The Better Samaritan And A Good Soul Unfolded In Rugged Clothes"

It always fuels me to write stories of inspiration and hope. It always motivate me to continue to touch people's lives as I encounter one along my journey.

More so, it is equally delightful to hear and read stories of such sort. Of those stories that are heart-warming. Of those stories that triggers a weary soul that despite how difficult a situation still manages to smile and ready to fight and move ahead for life. Of those stories that melts our heart because it touches our emotional core in a positive way. Of those random act of kindness. Of impromptu situations that positively changes a person's view of life afterwards. 

Today, let me share with you a great story of a good-hearted young man strangely meeting a man that inspired him in myriad of ways who despite his horrible situation finds no reason to resign from life.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Petite Boxer - The "David" Of Our Times

Mark Anthony Barriga - you may have lost your fight for a quarterfinal slot in boxing but you've done you incredible best to fight toe to toe with a former Olympic silver medalist Khazakh. What you have shown in the ring was pure gallantry. Fighting for your country and knowing that you're the only hope for a medal contention was quite an enormous challenge.

The weight of expectations in your shoulder wasn't easy to bear yet you've focused and showed the whole world that a Filipino fighter never back down. That a Filipino fighter is always mission-ready to accept whatever challenge he may in. The slimmest margin of 1 point (17-16) was enough of a testament and proved that you were up on the world stage. That a story of David fighting a Goliath wasn't a myth but a true legend. And you've gracefully displayed it on the ring and helped us remember the story.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That "Kaboom" Moment

That “Kaboom Moment” –is a self-coined phrase synonymous to “awkward moment or kill time moment” wherein you’re not expecting a thing to happen and yet it happen in a very awkward situation. Uhu? Did I get it right? LoLs.

It’s nothing special actually, just a little rant or a trivial outburst

I had this idea while I was walking toward the office for my night shift.

v  That “kaboom moment” when you’re dressed up properly, office attire with neck tie and all when you just quickly realized while walking along towards your office that you forget to insert a hanky in your pocket and you need to wipe your sweats because it’s super duper hot (extreme humid weather) temp. is like 50+ degrees and when you reach your office you’re sweating so much as if you just get out from a bath room, Kaboom.

v  That “kaboom moment” when you realized that you fail to bring extra clothes to change the wet one. And you’re right in front of an air-conditioning unit. Kaboom!

v  That “kaboom moment” when you’re about to go home, you’re in a hurry because of “call of nature” urgency when out of the blue, your boss call you up to do something for him that will cost you at least 5-10mins. Your face is twisted  and trying to hide na may pinipigil ka. Nag decide ka kasi na doon na sa flat mo pasabugin. Kaboom!


In this XXX Olympiad, our country--the Philippines had sent 11-Athletes to represent our country in different events. The Chief De Mission is Mr. Manny Lopez -Vice President of the Philippine Olympic Committee. 

To run down the qualified athletes, they are : Boxing - Mark Anthony Barriga, Swimming - Jasmine Alkhaldi and Jessie Khing Lacuna, Archery- Mark Javier and Rachelle Ann Cabral, Athletics - Rene Herrera and Maristela Torres, BMX Racing - Daniel Calauag, JUdo - Fili-Japanese - Tomohiko Hoshina, Shooting - Paul Brian Del Rosario and Weightlifting - Hidilyn Diaz. Hidilyn was the flag bearer during the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The first woman to carry our nation's flag

While it has been observed that our contenders were slowly bowing out of their respective competition, one man raises our hopes as he brilliantly delivered in his event. The main man of the hour is non-other than MARK ANTHONY BARRIGA - Boxer extraordinaire.

The Greatest Olympian Of All Times - His Swimming Highness MICHAEL PHELPS

Michael swam into history when he took the gold along with his Team USA friends (Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer, & Ricky Berens) in the 4 x 200M Freestyle Relay finals earlier tonight.
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