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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When It Rains It Doesn't Only Pours But It Floods

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. 

We use to say these above phrases during our childhood days. Times when heavy rains incessantly drenching our surroundings. Times when we desperately want to go outside to play but we can't because of massive rains. And time when what we received were more than what we asked. 

We will say like "Tama na Ulan, tumigil ka na! As if we have the power like that of Superman or Batman or any cinematic heroes that we can command a thing or manipulate a situation to put halt to it. 

The news I saw on TV about the continuous monsoon rains makes me sad. Being in the rim of countries frequently stricken by calamities, we always feel helpless when calamity strikes us. All we do is to just prepare. But even then, our preparation isn't enough to combat these kinds of disaster. While watching the news, my mind was busy thinking of how can we extend our help in the fastest time it could allow. It has been our tradition in the community where I belong to extend help through donations (either in cash or in kind) to those mostly affected by any natural calamity. 

Below are the different areas grossly affected by the heavy monsoon rains.

Different Areas in Manila
The sight of it pains everyone of us. Adding to the pain we get from some of our government officials who are erring in our system.

Some parts of Las PInas City - South of Metro Manila
We are used to these kinds of disaster but we can't help to shed tears as we see our own country being bombarded by one after the other.

Some parts of Bulacan - North of Metro Manila
When will people mend ways and start thinking of caring for the nature? Obviously, there are reasons attributable why this scenario happens. We are still to be blamed. Lots of us don't really care and insensitive enough to the cry of nature. A cry that reads "Please be responsible with your act people".

Some parts of Valenzuela City

Some parts of Marikina River
No one to be blamed but us. I hope we'll wake up before it's too late. Before we see Manila and other key cities and provinces drowning in deluge.

Some parts of Manila Proper
We don't always have to follow this quote "To err is human, to forgive is Divine". Yes, we are human and is prone to commit blunders. Yet, we should also think of minimizing if not totally eradicating the thoughts of committing errors by doing best. I believe we can still overturn our sad realities and use it as opportunities to step up and do our absolute best.

Nonetheless, disaster is of nature's doing, but can also be minimized if we are just responsible to things around us. 

My prayers goes out to the people grossly affected by this incident. I hope you all are safe and your immediate needs are satisfactorily provided in this difficult times. 

God bless you! 

Photos credit from the Internet


  1. grabe tlga samen onti lng nmn ang baha peo pag lumabas ka sa area nmin aun lagpas tao nadin grabe tlga nanyari at ang nakakpagtaka ee di to dhil sa bagyo ondoy part tkga

  2. Kulapitot --Hope ok na kayo diyan sa Pasig. Siguro major part na rin ng prob sa baha ang drainage system natin baka super clogged na talaga.

  3. Mecoy-- nakakalungkot talaga noh...pero parang part na ng society natin ang baha. Ika nga It's not more fun in the Philippines without baha. Of course we still dream that one day it'll be minimized if not completely gone. Definitely, we have to change or mend our ways

  4. soo sad....wake up call sa lahat esp yong pagtapon din ng basura kulang tlga sa disiplina...kaya nga ako dito sa canada i obey all the rules when it come to recycling...

  5. I hope, we people will learn now based on this miserable experience we have just had. I hope everyone will have a total change of heart and will really interpret the world "responsibility" in its truest sense. All we can do is hope coupled with good actions.

  6. Hope people will realize the importance of proper garbage disposal. We cannot just ignore things like these.

  7. Michy---yeah, sana nga magbago na yung mga dapat magbago at ma-realize na tayo din talaga ang may kasalanan ng lahat ng mga ito. Kasi kung walang clogged drainage, free-flowing lang sana ang tubig at walang baha baha.

  8. One thing about us Pinoys, we always find reason to smile. When interviewed on TV, you will noticed their smiles even how tragic their stories were. May kumakaway pa sa likod!

  9. @Littleyana --hehehe..naman hahaha...talagang di pwedeng di mag smile kapag nasa TV na.....that's one thing I'm proud of being a Pinoy ---the SMILE --anywhere, anytime.

  10. saw this on the news too. almost every year nararanasan natin to.. hope everyone can do his/her share para maiwasan ang pagbaha...

  11. @Totomai -- Oo nga, ang pinaka solusyon talaga sa baha ay ang "change of attitude" towards proper disposal of garbage ng lahat ng Pilipino expecially those who settle in areas where floods are frequent. Alam ko nasa isip nila ang tamang gawin pero ang masaklap they're not putting it into actions. Gagawin lang kapag may nangyayari sa paligid.


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