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Friday, February 15, 2013

BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 2

Me, Senyor (Christian), Pao, Mecoy & Bino
I'm pretty sure you're kind of "bitin" sa first part ng meet up namin. You might be guessing, thinking, assuming there's more of it. Well, yeah there is  and here’s the second part of our meet-up last February 9.

Just a bit of info - most of these bloggers hailed from the South of Manila except for the rose among the thorns - Senyor who happens to be from Pasig. I came from Carmona, Cavite, though I got a place in GMA Kamuning too, Pao from Calamba, Mecoy from Cavite City and Bino is from Alabang. 

Wonder where we headed-off after the Fish and Co. experience? The photo on the upper left was the teaser - actually 'the proof'.

BUT, after we feasted with the succulent and appetizing food from Fish and Co. we took a side trip first to Starbucks and each one of us had our fave coffee blends and smoothies.
I took the photo that's why I wasn't in the scene.
Before we got our Starbucks Coffee orders.
Finally, after the coffee side trip, we headed to Starmall in Metropolis  Alabang to burn the calorie intake we have had from Fish and Co. And a bowling game had its share of task. Initially, we planned to go all the way to MOA just to make sure we can play bowling. I, for one, is a bowling enthusiast and it's to my advantage if we can play that night. Kaya atat na atat ako maglaro - LoLs!

While we're heading our way to MOA via bus route going to Makati, Bino suddenly realized that there was actually a bowling center inside Starmall. We're on board a bus already when we decided to alight again to check out if the  bowling lanes are open at Starmall. Bino's instinct never failed him when we saw an open bowling center on the fifth level of the mall.  Luckily, we were spared off traveling an hour or two going to MOA.

We entered in and quickly had our shoes changed into set of bowling shoes. And the game begun.
Pao looked like he was outbalanced. LoLs!
Senyor throwing the ball like a flash. LoLs! - Go! Senyor!
Defied by the gravitational pull of the bowling lanes -hahaha..
Senyor in winning form? - pero asar lagi yan sa frequent 
zero score niya hahaha!
Another shot slightly unrehearsed
And the scores ! This was actually our second game, we didn't take a photo of the scores for the first game since it's horrible. Plus, Senyor wanted to make bawi on the 2nd game -hahaha! pero he ended frustrated pa rin sa score niya - hahaha!

S - stands for Senyor - with a total score of 39 points. J - stands for Jay with a total score of 105 points (I was able to pull out as the winner of the 2nd match, M - stands for Mecoy who got a total points of 57 - not bad for a newbie who happened to play for the very first time.

P - for Pao, who was the front runner early on in the game but loses by 3 points to me with a score of 102 points - hehehe! bawi next time Pao. And B- for Bino who is the dark horse or shall I say under dog? He got a total score of 79 points

Wait there's more funny photos I want to share. Here's the quirkiness yet fun moments.

How sweet! hehehe! (Senyor and Pao)
Mecoy & Senyor 
Pao with his big egg? LoLs- bowling ball pala hehe! 

Eto ang astig hahaha- Peace Senyor hehe!

Harry Potter in a tight jeans? hehehe!
Mecoy with a bowling ball
Uhuh! So there it goes guys!  After sweating it out with a bowling game, do you think we finally called it a night? Nope..naahh..not yet. The third and last part will wrap it up. Wait for the part of the "first impression" towards each other. It's exciting, you'll get to know more of these awesome bloggers.

For those who missed to read the first part, click this link BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 1


  1. You're having a great time here in Manila, Jay! More! :)

  2. glad this post is detailed, feeling ko I was with you guys on this fun eb :)

  3. Great poses and how fun it must be that unforgettable afternoon, evening and morning?

  4. nakakakaba naman angnpart III... Gaano ka kaya magiging detailed? hehehe

  5. Haha, aliw ako kay Senyor, naka-quota sa landi sa mga papa-bles! Kaya ang baba ng score sa bowling e, sa iba naka-focus, haha.. charot!

  6. Adik lang si Senyor! Hyper na hyper... Ang saya niyo namang tingnan. :D

  7. Hindi p akp nkapagbowling sa tanan mg buhay ko dahil basain ako ng kamay! Sir jay nice meeting u!

  8. Sir Jay, nice meeting you last night!

    sorry at di tayo halos nakapag-usap.. shy-type lang talaga ko! haha. :-)

  9. saya niyan!! sama ko minsan!! hehe

  10. haha natutuwa talaga ko sa posing ni senyor
    pang beauty queen!
    haha nagenjoy ako sa bowling ahh! akala ko puro kanal ako ee
    kasi clueless talaga ako sa sports na yan

    exciting ung 3rd part meaningful sakin yun eeh

    anyway accurate ba yung top commentator mo parekoy?
    haha first kasi ako gulat lang hehe

  11. yeyy babawi ako on our next game! next, badminton! :) parang kahapon lang nangyari! :))

  12. Sulit ang bakasyon, glad it turned out well sa lahat ng meet and greet moments nyo!

  13. First time ko magbowling hahaha. Saya! Sana may next time pa :)


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