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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Hiatus I Long To End Our Days!

Perhaps, some if not many, are missing my posts here.
I too miss to post but my hiatus is work related. If you’re reading my previous postings I’m sure you have the concrete idea
Let’s call it hiatus.
Forced hiatus to be exact. And who’s the culprit? Work, work and work.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are You A Responsible Pinoy?

Hey guys, I just want to share with you all about the word “RESPONSIBILITY” here. I may sound too preachy here but let us be reminded how we can best display being responsible.  It can help us examine our life’s check and balance status. Henceforth, we can reassess if we are still within its frame.

For all we know, at times we fall short of being responsible. Our selfish attitude sometimes befalls us to its trap and we somehow take for granted to exercise responsibility over people and things in our own life.

Responsibility is taking care of your duties. Responsibility is answering for your actions. Responsibility is accountability. Responsibility is trustworthiness.
 Why is being responsible important?

Responsibility is a core value for living honorably.
Responsibility is being accountable for your behavior.
Responsibility is being dependable when you have things to do.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TRAVEL -Tara Na! Sa Paraiso ng SIBUYAN - The Galapagos of Asia

Cresta de Gallo - is a kidney-shaped unexploited islet
 45 minutes off Sibuyan Island. Cresta boasts a dazzling
white sand beach, vast coral reef teeming with colorful
and breath-taking underwater life making it ideal for snorkeling
and scuba diving, unusual volcanic rock formations,and most
of all, serene and paradise-like surroundings thereby making
your stay on the island, no matter how brief, a memorable one.
"Sabi ko sa inyo, dadalhin ko kayo sa paraiso eh! Wow!" --yan ang pambungad na mga salita ng TV Host/Actor Richard Gutierrez sa trailer ng kanyang pinakabagong show sa GMA 7 na pinamagatang "PINOY ADVENTURES".

I feel so proud that he'll be featuring our place - Sibuyan Island- as a pilot episode on May 13, 2012. It's the first time our place will be featured in full length episodes ( I guess, it'll have three episodes) on TV.

Here's the video of the trailer of that upcoming show of Richard Gutierrez. 

The Pressure of Purchasing

Part of my working space in Procurement Department .
Messy right? Indeed--just for today
Today, I feel like I just needed a breather. A slap of fresh air and a breakaway from all the office work pressures. If you happen to be working in the procurement department maybe you can closely relate to every inch of stress that this kind of job brings. 

It was a whole day of chaos in my department. Admittedly, we are under staff compared to other departments in our company. Adding to my pressure was the recent resignation  of one member of my team. Well, he'd got a new job in an investment bank with a much higher renumeration. Who won't be tempted to quit a current job if the offer from a new prospect is something highly irresistible? Everyone right? 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Para Sa Iyo, Mahal Kong Ina

"The heart of a MOTHER
is a deep abyss
at the bottom of which
you will always
find forgiveness."


Just awhile ago while browsing the net, I came across a screen pop-up in one of the sites I've visited and it's reminding of next week's Mother's Day celebration. 

Suddenly, my mind was like shelling out countless of various thoughts. Thoughts for my own mom. My dearest "inay". My nanay. The woman chosen by God to bear me for nine months. A lady carefully picked by our Creator to carry a boy who later will be HIS servant. And as a gesture of paying homage to the home maker, my poetic side will be put to testing water once again. Seldom when I compose poems in my own language. My poem collection are mostly done in English and my Tagalog entries can be counted using one hand only. And this entry will prove that I can be better if not the best of both worlds.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Samu't Saring Pagmumuni-muni - Version 1.1

Mga ilang araw din akong nawala sa blog na ito. Isa lang ang kahulugan nito. Walang bagong blog entry. Sa ilang araw na iyon anu-ano nga ba ang mga pinagkaabalahan ko? 

Ang totoo niyan marami akong mga bagay na ginawa sa loob ng ilang araw na iyon. Kung aking bibilangin, apat na araw din pala akong nag-hibernate sa blog na ito. Katulad ng ibang masipag na Juan (masipag daw oh! haha! oo, masipag ayaw ko kasing maikumpara kay Juan Tamad), punong-puno ang aking iskedyul. Umaapaw nga eh pero ang lahat ng mga iyon ay pawang mahalaga sa akin.

O siya! bibigyan ko na nga kayo ng ideya kung ano ang mga pinagkapaguran kong gawin sa loob ng apat na araw. At eto ang mga mahahalagang bagay na aking pinag-kaabalahan:
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