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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TRAVEL -Tara Na! Sa Paraiso ng SIBUYAN - The Galapagos of Asia

Cresta de Gallo - is a kidney-shaped unexploited islet
 45 minutes off Sibuyan Island. Cresta boasts a dazzling
white sand beach, vast coral reef teeming with colorful
and breath-taking underwater life making it ideal for snorkeling
and scuba diving, unusual volcanic rock formations,and most
of all, serene and paradise-like surroundings thereby making
your stay on the island, no matter how brief, a memorable one.
"Sabi ko sa inyo, dadalhin ko kayo sa paraiso eh! Wow!" --yan ang pambungad na mga salita ng TV Host/Actor Richard Gutierrez sa trailer ng kanyang pinakabagong show sa GMA 7 na pinamagatang "PINOY ADVENTURES".

I feel so proud that he'll be featuring our place - Sibuyan Island- as a pilot episode on May 13, 2012. It's the first time our place will be featured in full length episodes ( I guess, it'll have three episodes) on TV.

Here's the video of the trailer of that upcoming show of Richard Gutierrez. 

Nakaka-inspire makita, marinig, malaman na ang isla mo ay pinag-uusapan, pinupuntahan and slowly gaining national attention. A thing which has long overdue. It could have been in early days should our tourism had done its most active part in marketing and boosting our own tourism in the island. Sad to say, the slow paced progress in terms of tourism and in general I might say is due to the mere fact that it all roots to our ailing and erratic political system. Some government officials before don't have this burning passion on how they can institute progress within a small island. Or maybe their attention were caught by the tempting corruption and had fall short of their own agenda of progress. Well, it's another story and I don't want to sound accusing here. Let the past takes care of itself and let's move forward to what's new and exciting that our island can offer.
Sibuyan Sea has rich marine biodiversity. It is largely
unexplored by divers but those lucky and adventurous
enough to have ventured there report some tremendous diving.
I am proud to tell the whole world that our own "Cantingas River Resort" holds the record of the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines for I guess three-consecutive years. Now, If my statistics is right it is second to Coron's own "Kayangan Lake" where I just visited last Dec. 17, 2011. Well, I'm not that sure, I stand corrected if you proved my data is wrong.
The ever-flowing Cantingas River, the cleanest inland body
 of water in the Philppines as declared during the Arroyo regime.
Here you can swim with the fish and shrimps and literally may
drink the water where you swam.

The crystal clear water of Cantingas River
Another reason to feel proud of is our Mt. Guiting Guiting.
The majestic Mt. Guiting Guting, proclaimed as "Natural Park"
by the government of the Philippines in 1996. It is home to the
world's densest forest and a plethora of unnamed plant and animal
species. It is regarded as"the most difficult mountain to be climbed".

These are just few of the fascinating facts about Sibuyan. There are lots of things you need to know more about our enchanted island. Have you heard of a story about a "golden ship" believed to have a name of "MV Sibuyan" where one cargo vessel accidentally docked right in the middle of the water gateway of Cantingas river's extension to the sea just by following its lead? Fascinating right?

To get to know more of our island just click this link Sibuyan Island

Siguro nga napapanahon na para magbuklod-buklod kaming lahat at sama-samang tumulong para sa tuluyang pag-unlad ng aming maliit na isla. Panahon na para bumalik at magpakita ng suporta. Ika nga "It's payback time.". It is indeed the right time to be proactive and vigilant by helping our island's advocacy to progress.

Panahon na! Tara na sa Sibuyan. Dahil sabi nga "It's More Fun in the Philippines" but "It's More Enchanting in Sibuyan".

Pack your travel bags now and head on to Sibuyan!

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  1. it's pretty obvious why you are proud of your province, maganda naman eh, malinis at malinaw yung tubig sa batis...i like that! :))

    1. T.R. --and you are grandly welcome to visit our enchanting island.:))

  2. Replies
    1. I'll try michy...thanks for the invite! :))


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