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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are You A Responsible Pinoy?

Hey guys, I just want to share with you all about the word “RESPONSIBILITY” here. I may sound too preachy here but let us be reminded how we can best display being responsible.  It can help us examine our life’s check and balance status. Henceforth, we can reassess if we are still within its frame.

For all we know, at times we fall short of being responsible. Our selfish attitude sometimes befalls us to its trap and we somehow take for granted to exercise responsibility over people and things in our own life.

Responsibility is taking care of your duties. Responsibility is answering for your actions. Responsibility is accountability. Responsibility is trustworthiness.
 Why is being responsible important?

Responsibility is a core value for living honorably.
Responsibility is being accountable for your behavior.
Responsibility is being dependable when you have things to do.

Examples of responsibility

You complete your chores at home without being constantly reminded.
You take good care of your personal possessions.
You come home on time.
You call your parents if you are late.
You eat healthy food, get plenty of exercise, and take good care of yourself.
You take care of your lunch money and don't lose it on the playground.
You keep a promise.
You put part of your allowance into a savings account instead of spending it all.
You complete your school assignments on time and to the best of your ability.
You take care of your pet.
You return library books on time.

Responsible children

Understand and accept consequences for their actions and try to correct their mistake
Complete assignments and tasks
Clean up after themselves
Do the "right thing" and apologize if wrong
Help others in need
Follow through without giving up
Understand the effect they have on others
Heroes and heroines

Eddie Akau - was a well-known surfer with great strength of character and a willingness to sacrifice for others. As a lifeguard, he saved over a thousand people.
Nellie Bly - was a newspaper reporter who advocated women's rights and exposed terrible conditions in the slums, hospitals, factories, prisons, and orphanages.
Thomas Jefferson - was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. As president, he tried to reorganize the courts of law, establish a system of public education, and guarantee religious freedom.
Eleanor Roosevelt - modeled civic and national responsibility as a social activist.
Harry S. Truman - as president, never shirked his duties and always accepted full responsibility for his decisions.
Booker T. Washington - founded the Tuskegee Institute, a school for blacks, and promoted improving job skills.

Proverbs and maxims

Ideas don't work unless we do.
He who is not ready today will be even less so tomorrow.
If everyone sweeps in front of his own front door, all the world would be clean.
What is popular is not always right. What is right is not always popular.

More quotes on responsibility

Responsibility educates. (Wendell Phillips)
The price of greatness is responsibility. (Winston Churchill)
No man was ever endowed with a right without being at the same time saddled with a responsibility. (Gerald Johnson)
Man is still responsible. His success lies not with the stars but with himself. (Frank Williams)

Steps to making responsible decisions

Define your goal. What do you want?
Explore all the choices and options.
Gather information and facts.
Write down arguments for and against each choice.
Take time to think through the consequences of each choice.
Make the decision.

Put responsibility into action

Clean your room without being asked.
Throw away your trash and pick up some litter.
Practice self-control when you feel angry.
Clean up your area after lunch and encourage your friends to do the same.
Follow through on all assignments at school and chores at home.
Do your chores at home without being asked.
Look for something extra to do at home or in your community that is helpful.
Organize a park cleanup.
Keep a promise even if it is hard.
Express your anger with appropriate words and actions.

Community service ideas

Clean up your own back yard by collecting rubbish and recycling items around the school and home.
Organize a graffiti cleanup party.
Volunteer at a local community center helping younger students with recreation, crafts, and other activities.
Sponsor a canned food drive at your school.

Many types of responsibilities

MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to other people, animals, and the earth. This means caring, defending, helping, building, protecting, preserving, and sustaining. You're accountable for treating other people justly and fairly, for honoring other living things, and for being environmentally aware.
LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to the laws and ordinances of your community, state, and country. If there's a law you believe is outdated, discriminatory, or unfair, you can work to change, improve, or eliminate it. You can't simply decide to disobey it.
FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY means treating your parents, siblings, and other relatives with love and respect, following your parents' rules, and doing chores and duties at home.
COMMUNITY RESPONSIBILITY. As a part of the community, you're responsible for treating others as you want to be treated, for participating in community activities and decisions, and for being an active, contributing citizen. Pick up trash to keep the community clean. Read local and community newspapers to stay informed. Vote in elections when you're old enough.
RESPONSIBILITY TO CUSTOMS, TRADITIONS, BELIEFS, AND RULES. These might come from your family, your community, your heritage, or your faith. Learn what they are and do your best to respect and follow them.
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. It's up to you to become a person of good character. Your parents, teachers, religious leaders, scout leaders, and other caring adults will guide you, but only you can determine the kind of person you are and ultimately become. So get organized, be punctual, and honor your commitments.

How to plan to carry out obligations

Write a list of all the things you need to do.
Write down when each task or jobs needs to be done.
Write down what you'll need to accomplish each task or job.
Always have a backup plan - a "plan B."

More activities

Tell about an experience where you exhibited or did not show responsibility.
Think of a new skill or talent you'd like to develop. Practice and share.
Write a poem, jingle, paragraph, or saying about responsibility.
Research discoveries and inventions that have had both positive and negative consequences.
Consider whether math makes you more responsible. Cite examples.
Research responsibility in advertising.
Research responsibility toward indigenous people. Choose a country that was taken from natives by invaders, setters, or foreign governments.
Survey your neighborhood to see who needs help.
Write a skit that demonstrates your school's rules.
Find a job or start your own business such as a yard service or babysitting.
Make a family jobs chart.
Create a responsibility tree to show what you are responsible for doing.
Make your own daily planner.
Find examples of popular music that promote responsibility, dependability, and perseverance.
Examine the role of responsibility in sports.
Playa "What's Their Responsibility?" game for various careers.
Read stories about responsibility.


"Being responsible usually means behaving in ways that don't create problems for other people, and it also means doing things to fix problems (even other people's problems) when you see them. A responsible person will never see a problem and ignore it."

Note: Some inputs are credited to Google.


  1. But there are people who cannot accept responsibility and chooses to turn their back against it....,cowards as what I prefer to label them, kase takot humarap sa katotohanan


  2. Good insights. For me, responsibility is gained through proper upbringing of the parents and right environment exposure. It is hard to impose responsibility unto someone who does not know 'that feeling' of being responsible towards something. Hence, it is just a matter of experience and realization. =]

  3. LOL. True story!!! Some people just don't want to be accountable for their own actions. Having responsibility gives you different outlook in life. Makes you appreciate the efforts you put into.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. such a scary word... but it's a sign of true maturity


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