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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something To Smile & Be Proud Of - LOVE LETTER to FILIPINOS

Dr. David H. Harwell
Below is a "LOVE LETTER" - not about a typical boy/girl relationship but it digs deeper than that. It talked about praising our race. 

When I read it, my heart melted that I wanted to look for the person to thank him for saying many nice things about us. 

The letter made us remember that we are a chosen race and that we exudes love and compassion as a result of our sacrifices. 

A letter reminding us to love more our race and our being a Filipino.

This is from the writings of Dr. David H. Harwell as published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on February 17, 2013 (Sunday) as seen by yours truly in Facebook.

It is worth sharing that I personally share it here in my blog for you - my blog readers.

Anyhow, we have been so blessed to have received countless accolades from different people not from our race. But, it is more lovable and more heartwarming to receive it from someone who expressed his deep connection to us. And that person is Dr. David H. Harwell.  Don't skip read or else you'll miss the full extent of your smile or how fast your heart will melt. THIS IS A MUST READ!

Monday, February 18, 2013

DID YOU KNOW? - Something Great About JAPAN Worth Sharing

Cherry Blossoms Season

I read this beautiful information about Japan shared in Facebook timeline. I just feel the urge to share so that we can also reflect on.

It's pretty awesome reading articles like this as it awakens my interest to work for the common good of our people. 

It brings out a sense of nationalism in me and the pride of being a Filipino as well.  I am a common Juan and is proud of my race.

Ok, let us know what great facts this nation are made of.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 3

We had our chit-chat, the "getting to know you" portion. We finished feasting with the succulent foods. We bond even more with our "bowling game" encounter - and loosen up with so much fun. 

What's more? Will there be more? The answer is YES. Siyempre, I had promised kasi eh, so I need to deliver.

This will be the end part - the wrap up portion. And I must say the most sensible. Ito kasi iyong part where we squarely expressed our "first impression" towards each other - upon which in my point of view highly matters and significantly related when meet ups happen. 

Ito na yung part ng "brasuhan" hahaha..something like "ayusin mo sasabihin mo or else di ka makakauwi ng buhay" -hahaha..just kidding.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOTES TO SELF: Focus On The Positive, Recognize Your Shortcomings, Examine Your Core Values and Always Forgive

Jay, I want you to realize that you’re a good person, that your intention is pure.

Your heart breathes compassion. Do not allow yourself to be penetrated by instruments of evil that might ruin the good in you.

Do not be discouraged by people telling you, you’re like this and like that because you know yourself better.

There might be some inaccuracies & inconsistencies in some of your actions but it does not mean you’re defined by it. Never allow anyone to define you for who you are not.

You’re a sensitive guy, caring, and passionate with what you do. Allow it to flourish and outwit the attempts of devil to defile you.

If you have done something wrong unintentionally, learn to repent and forgive. It is because in forgiving you’re enlarging your future and increasing your network of influences.

Most of all, try hard to practice humility in words and actions. 

You're a sensible guy and you know your core values.


It is in your most adverse moment that the good in your heart will shine. Take courage to unleash it and defy the odds of negativity looming around you. 

And most of all, when things seem to be too big to handle let go and let God. You can always rest your case to God.

Reminding you,

Friday, February 15, 2013

BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 2

Me, Senyor (Christian), Pao, Mecoy & Bino
I'm pretty sure you're kind of "bitin" sa first part ng meet up namin. You might be guessing, thinking, assuming there's more of it. Well, yeah there is  and here’s the second part of our meet-up last February 9.

Just a bit of info - most of these bloggers hailed from the South of Manila except for the rose among the thorns - Senyor who happens to be from Pasig. I came from Carmona, Cavite, though I got a place in GMA Kamuning too, Pao from Calamba, Mecoy from Cavite City and Bino is from Alabang. 

Wonder where we headed-off after the Fish and Co. experience? The photo on the upper left was the teaser - actually 'the proof'.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BLOGGERS’ MEET-UP: About Meeting Place, Of Food, Of Fun, and Of Awesome Bonding - PART 1

Pao, Me, the famed blogger 'Bino' of Damuhan, and Mecoy
If you pursue blogging, one must (in my opinion) be ready to the idea of meet-ups with fellow bloggers. It's hard to exist as a blogger if you're not open to such things. 

Well, for anonymous bloggers it may  sounds threatening to them. For anonymous ones, it's like unmasking their anonymity and so I presume that they aren't really into "meet-ups" which is clearly logical. 

Meeting up strangers that only exists in the online world somehow gives us qualms and misgivings right?

There are “what” and “if” that haunts us occasionally. Pretty normal right? 

But on the other end of the rope, there is this certain amount of excitement that pushes us to go and to get to know them in real time and real world. And that's what had happened to us  last February 09, 2013 when we finally had our chance of seeing each other in person.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Stuff, Old Memories

Earlier, I was busy sorting out my old stuff I left in my sister’s house in Cavite – of course, that includes many of my books. 

Upon seeing them neatly tucked inside the cabinet, lots of memories had flashed back.

Each book I saw hold its own story.  I had to sort them out since I am planning to donate some of my pre-loved items to our PBO's Bazaar For A Cause slated on February 14, 2013. The same day where hearts will be the blooming attraction of that particular day.
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