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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Because We Care: Promoting PBO's Mission - Part 1

It started with a small dream. Fashioned for a cause. Groomed to spread happiness. Assembled to release the joy from within. 

As the tagline says: "We have a unified vision to take blogging experience to the next level by fulfilling our mission to share our heartfelt support to the less fortunate."

These group of people embodies the heart of a servant. Passionate for a cause, selfless for an act of kindness. 

It is so heartwarming to think when people starts realizing their potential to do great things by sharing their time, talent, and treasure to the next one in need. I am privileged to have known the real people behind these bloggers. People who not only devote time to create opportunities but also find time to share the happiness. Creating opportunities that will validate their existence in this world. 

It is remarkable to note that all of us have something within us that is reserve to touch one's life. An act that should be unleashed to spread out such a paradigm that will send smiles to the people in our community. That will push a glimmer of hope for someone in distress. That will uplift a burdened spirit that hope can still be availed and endless.

It is such a gift. A gift that is already there but few can't find release because of looming negativity in their lives. Only people on the sunny side of life maximizes the gifts that God endowed us. And a positive soul will still find opportunity even in the midst of a difficulty. It is because when an optimistic person treats a problem, they see it as opportunity. Opportunities to go beyond their limits. Opportunity to look into the problem and say" What's in it that is going to teach me"? Instead of endless whining and complaining having it. Being positive creates a clarity of purpose. 

I am so honored to be part of this cause. My physical presence maybe a limiting factor as of now, but I am sure when God presents me an opportunity to help in full blast I won't waste a fraction of my time to be hand in hand with these active servants in sending happiness, giving joy, and imparting beautiful and worth cherishing memories. 


  1. excited na rin ako sa Bazaar ng PBO!!!!

  2. Reminds me that I have to look for something to donate. :)

  3. naku dapat na ko magparticipate
    laking pang hihinayang ko kasi di nakatulong sa last project!
    long live PBO!!
    proud to be PBOers kahit di pa official kasi wa pa kong parte sa grupo

  4. Wow.. super touching post.. So proud to be part of PBO!

  5. Very well-written! At ito ang faveline ko, "It started with a small dream. Fashioned for a cause. Groomed to spread happiness. Assembled to release the joy from within." Intro palang very interesting na. Ito ang post about PBO na tila mas makakaantig sa mga mambabasa at sumusuporta o susuporta sa PBO, sana mafeature to sa official websites ng PBO!

  6. Ang ganda nito daddy Jay. Very touching. Eto ba sana ang suggest mo sa PBO blogsite? Sayang lang di naaprobahan :( Pero marami din namang makakabasa nito sa blog mo.

    Thanks Daddy!

    Proud to be PBOer :) Marami pa tayong project na gagawin :D

  7. I like the cause so I went to FB and liked their posts. Now a follower and maybe later an active doer and participant as well.

  8. thanks for this post daddy jay :) very touching and encouraging!

  9. Nakakaproud! ;)

    Hindi ko pa alam kung may maiidonate ba ko! WHAHAH! Mejo matagal pa naman ang deadline e. :P

  10. A huge thank you to everyone and you, especially, Juicy Jay for the support for PBO! yey! :)

  11. I salute you daddy jay for this post.

    Full support din ako sa mga adhikain at future projects ng PBO :)

  12. im proud to be part ng pbo pero sana makasali na ako next time talaga.

    my support sa pbo is always kahit busy ako at isang message niyo lang sakin for any consultation lagi akong handa to help anytime.

  13. TO ALL:

    Thanks to all your comments. Highly appreciate. We should all be proud that this endeavor came to life and we hope that all of you will fully support this cause.

    Spread the news please! Thank you :)


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