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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

About Blog Improvements, Of New Features, Of People and of Real Stories: LOOK WHAT'S NEW

In line with the changing of the year, I also have devised some changes, improvements, and features in my blog. A combo of both new and old but improved features will be frequently seen in my blog. As true to its main reason – which is to really inspire bloggers-readers, I have come-up with this idea. As a writer in the online world  and though blogging is subjective, I somehow feel to be utmost responsible with what I write. And what better way to write than to inspire your readers with things not as extra-ordinary but of simple event or situation where anyone can derive inspiration, embrace hope, and uplift drowning spirit. 

This year, I will be writing a more seasoned and relevant write ups. Those which has the element of human-inspired stories, those that can collectively stir the mind and heart of my reader to pedal their own dreams, those which are community-based wherein ideas and insights can be an effective tool in effecting and affecting positive changes in one's community and/or organization. On a larger scale, I will be writing in support of the development and improvement of my country. 

Though, I want to clear the picture by saying that I write not to impress but borne out of love. My writing is raw, imperfect, with flaws, isn't far from erroneous grammar. Technically,I am not a trained creative writer and I don't write based on structure. It's free flowing of thoughts captured by my pen out from my mind.  As long as I am not hurting anyone, I will continue to write. And best of all, it's God's gift I'm just putting in action.

So, what are these new features? Do you have any idea? Or while reading you're keeping your guesses intact. Ok, lemme put it straight. Here are the new features my blog will be frequently be seen of:

1. "The 365 Life Lessons Project" - You might think, "what's this? Well, this project aims to scribble everyday life lessons as it unfolds before my very eyes. These life lessons may come from anywhere, any given situation, any circumstances, and any people. Through this, the author (me) gives you (my readers) a positive thought/s to ponder on a daily basis no matter how bizarre a situation might be. It's a matter of picking up what's in it to be cherished or what's in it to be improved, or what's in it that God wants me (us) to learn. This project does not mean that I will have my entry everyday to complete the 365-days cycle. Entry can be two or three in a day or there will be day/s where no entry is posted. 365 Life Lessons- because I will complete my entry until it reaches 365 entries for one year. Got it? 

I was laughing hard while I put these two small photos above.
The one in the left was taken in Brentwood Place - Baguio City in 2005
The one in the right was taken last Christmas of 2009. See the difference?
Payat pa ako dito hahaha! Lol!

2. "The 100 Inspiring People Of My 2013" - Why not say "of 2013 " instead of saying "of my 2013"? Well, I have to explain that these people (whoever they maybe) are people whom I will draw inspiration from or simply people who will inspire me in 2013. This segment or feature isn't that new in my blog as I have featured several inspiring people here. But, I'll just intensify it this time. And who will be in this category? - Anyone - I will write about them. It is not limited to people I know, but it will also feature people I meet along the way, in the street, in the concert arena, in the sports stadium, people I chat with, people I look up to but haven't meet yet, my co-bloggers, people in my community, people whom I read in the book (like authors), people in the government (public figures), people in the faith aspect, and also people that are stranger to me but made an impact in my life. Basically, it will focus on ordinary people, humble ones yet living an extra-ordinary lives because of their works in their field and their positive advocates about life. People who spreads the value of unity, camaraderie, people who selflessly devote their time, talent, and treasure plus their energy to improving the quality of life of others. People who does not necessarily seek the limelight for recognition. IT MIGHT BE YOU! YES YOU! So watch out for that.

3. "My Weekly Awesome Blogger" - It can be you. YES! Anyone from my circle of blogger-friends has the chance to be featured in this section of my blog. And what's the criteria to qualify and be enlisted as one? Nothing -it is simply my own prerogative. I won't put any specific criteria since having one will just make you guys conscious about it. Unconsciously, you won't really expect that it is you who will make the cut of my weekly feature blogger. It is about being yourself and celebrating who you are as a person.

4. "Akda Sa Sariling Wika" - In this segment of my blog, I will exercise what I learned in my Filipino subject way back in HS and in college as well. It is so fitting to acknowledge the help and mentoring of my former Filipino teachers by writing an article fully done in my national language. Articles here can be random post or based on a topic on a national level. 

5. "The Poetry Corner" - This blog segment will showcase my long lost love and passion for the arts of lyrical expression. I have been a lover of prose and poetry eversince HS and you can find some of my works in Post Poems - where I have several collections of self-made poetries. I may also write poetry in Filipino to delight my readers who love to read "Tula in Tagalog".

And there you go, these above things are my new blog features. Who will be the lucky ones to make the first cut to be listed as a "Weekly Awesome Blogger". And who will earn the spot of my number 1 in the list of 100 Inspiring People Of My 2013.  What will be my first Tagalog entry? And which topic will be my first peom entry for 2013? Finally, what will be the ice-breaker entry in the section of "The 365 Life Lessons Project"? Are you excited? Watch out for it.

Spread love and stop animosity!


  1. Woot woot!
    Something new for 2013 and it looks big time huh! ha ha

    Atta go Jay! We're here to support and hopefully inspire you all the way :) Can't wait to see/read what's up for the day from here. Now blog hopping would be extra fun!

  2. weeee! Kaabang abang naman! Goodluck sa 2013!

  3. Hmmnnnn... Bagong bagong mga pagbabago ngayong 2013...

    Ang saya naman...

    Sana maging awesome ako sa iyong paningin kahit sa December pa..practice lang...

  4. Seems so interesting and inspiring and lots of works brother. God bless you brother. Looking forward reading your post:)

  5. Naexcite daw ako bigla sa blog mo Daddy Jay. Actually isa na eto sa mga inaabangan kong blog. Sakto lang ang english at catchy sakin ang mga post mo. Dahil interest ko siguro ang mga naiisulat mo. Positive at may lessons :)

    1. Abangan ko etong life lessons mo. 365 entries? Huwaw ibig sabihin sa isang taon baka makamahigit 400 entries ang magawa mo. Dami nyun. Sipag mo dad! Mukhang marami kami lessons na matutunan sayo. Mas maputi ka sa right side :)

    2. Alam ko na... kaya ko pala gusto ang blog mo dahil inspirational eto. hehe. Kailangan feature ako dito. dyuk!

    3. Who's the luckiest awesome bloggers kaya yan? pinapaexcite mo kami ah. Pero para sakin ikaw ang isa sa mga awesome bloggers.

    4. Aabangan ko to. Dapat walang english ah. pure tagalog. dyuk!

    More powers sa blog mo Daddy Jay. Kaabangan ko lahat yan. Very inspirational dahil inspiring din ang buhay mo. Naeexcite na akong makita ka at makilala pa ang akda sa napakapositibong blog na eto. I wish katulad mo ang tatay ko. Namiss ko daw bigla. haha. Happy 2013 :)

  6. Very innovative! taking blogging to the next level. Can't wait to see who will be on your list. Good post!

  7. Great way to start the year!

    Continue writing no matter what. I write because it is my only way to let go of my feelings, albeit, the grammar errors and inconsistencies. My blog is my home, a personal journey I wanted to share.

    More power to you.

  8. Yey! Magtatagalog ka na kuya jay! :))

    Parang challenging ang number 1! ^_^ Pero alam kong kayang kaya mo yan lalo na pag dinaan sa speed typing! HAHAH! (yan na si boss, tago ang keyboard! lol)

    Madaming ngang awesome blo9ggers ang nageexist dito , at natutuwa ako dahil nakikilala ko sila kahit online lang.

    Good luck sa iba pa sir Jay! :)

    Excited na rin akong makita ang poetic side mo sir! :))

  9. hope I'll be featured here. just kidding.

  10. this is great...proud of you classmate Jay.

  11. this is great...proud of you classmate Jay.

  12. well jay im also squeezing my brain for something new this year i mean blog shift is ending soon got to be clever for the next posts haha

    1. "The 365 Life Lessons Project" - you one great man jay i know na marami kaming matututuhan sayo

    2. "The 100 Inspiring People Of My 2013" -haha sino sino kaya mapapabilang dito kakaexcite naman

    3. "My Weekly Awesome Blogger" - ayos na pakulo to pareng jay sa dami ng blogger ok na ok to
    mag sisilbi pang link ang blog mo

    4. "Akda Sa Sariling Wika" -ayun bihira daw satin ang bihasa sa sariling nating wika haha interesting to kaso baka gang dito duguin ako haha

    5. "The Poetry Corner" - well alam ko namn magaling ka kitang kita sa mga post mo

  13. Ms. B - Thank you for signifying your full support in this endeavor of mine. You're awesome.

  14. JonDMur- Thanks sa pag-aabang mo hehehe...the gesture simply excites me.

  15. Senyor - watch out nalang, malay mo bigla akong maduling at maging awesome ka agad hehehe..kidding....anyone has the chance naman

  16. Ms. Joy - thanks a lot, yeah indeed it is a lot of work.

  17. Arvs- parang abangan lang ang susunod na kabanata hehehe. thanks for a very long comment.

  18. Ma'am Malou - ika expect the unexpected though my mga segments na siya hehehehe..pressure din hehe

  19. Pao - sabi ng if there's a will there's the highway..lols este way pala...kaya yan basta ba ikaw agad ang awesome blogger ko eh hehehe

  20. Albert - naman....pwedeng pwede...hehehe

  21. Mecoy - I'll be waiting for your blog changes and new features as well. I'm you have awesome ideas as well. Good luck


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