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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Because We Care: Promoting PBO’s Mission – Part 2

Relating to my previous post CLICK HERE- this is the continuation of my promotional campaign to spread out this worthy cause initiated by four ordinary yet  driven people behind a group called “Pinoy Bloggers Outreach”.

I've always been fascinated with people who despite their life's busy schedule still find time to think of something that alleviate a poor human condition. 

I, for one, is also a social worker and has been involved to numerous social organizations both permanent and as a volunteer. I love the idea of extending a hand to the less privileged people. I don't know but I guess this is my personal mission here on earth. It always gives me a priceless satisfaction and inner fulfillment of the soul. I see life in a different perspective when I'm with people who shares the same blazing passion with me.

To come up with this endeavor, one must know the value of commitment, of being selfless, and of being in a mission-ready mode. Our society loudly praises people with a big and compassionate heart for others. Our society recognizes men and women who go beyond their ways to reach out and touch other people's lives. 

People who are passionate to do and continue this kind of work must learn to work without expecting any recognition from others, without asking for a limelight. People under this conditioned themselves that this is a work of charity and not a work to seek fame and fortune.  It is about being able to give to be a blessing. 

I believe that the true essence of service is when nobody cares about your work yet you keep on doing it with the same passion as you have done it the first time. The only role of media in this is to let people be aware that this endeavor exists so that they can help in their own ways out of willingness and not due to prodding. That people will care for this cause because they're breathing the same kind of passion and desire to be of help to the next one in need.

One reason why I believed and decided to be part of this cause is because it mirrors humility, compassion, and the desire to be a positive change to a society where they thrive.

PBO won't be possible without the movers and shakers who meticulously conceptualized ideas, carefully planned the course of action and putting into action a dream that started from  generous hearts of a group of yuppies trying to make a difference.

It is but fitting and proper to introduce you the brains behind this cause. They are simple and ordinary people whose dream is just to enact the burning desire of their compassionate hearts towards other people who are in dire need of a helping hand. They came from different parts of the world with different life backgrounds - the only melting pot they've got is through blogging. And here they are!
1. Ms. Gracie Hanssen of "Gracie's Network"

2. Mr. Mar Verdan of "Unplog"

3. Mr. Arvin Erick Vicente of "Chateau De Archieviner"

4. Ms. Arline Matulac of "The Pink Line"

Therein, lies the core importance of this post. As a member of this young and budding organization, I am speaking in behalf of my team using this site as a platform to voice out our appeal for help from those whose hearts are generous enough to share a lift of burden for the needy kids the organization is helping.

We just had finished our first Pinoy Bloggers Outreach program at White Cross in San Juan, Metro Manila on January 8, 2013. Now, the team is gearing up for the second outreach program. So we designed a fund-raising activity called "PBO Bazaar For A Cause" - wherein we will accept donations of pre-loved stuff to be sold online and in person and even cash donations. Proceeds of which will go directly to the benefit of the next social organization we are targeting - most definitely involving kids as well. 

May we realize the love, enthusiasm, determination and passion for life of the less privileged young ones. Together, let us be a contribution to the society where we live. A penny or any donation when generously provided by thousands of people will sure make a difference in the needy's life. 

And a gesture of smile from their young lives will act as their way of thanking us for extending support to them. Let us help build the characters of the young ones as they are our future's biggest hope toward positive change.

So everyone who might read this post, DONATE NOW, do not have second thoughts. Your meager assistance is a lot to them. Get your friends support and be involved in our advocacy as well. You may visit our Facebook Fan Page Pinoy Bloggers Outreach for more information on how to send in your help.

Let us shake the world with purposeful action. Let us do our share to create an impact to the kid's lives who have been denied of a right to live sufficient lives due to poverty and isolation. Your immediate action will save young kids from loitering on the streets in the future or even becoming a liability of our society by resorting to illegal acts due to insufficient knowledge on how to live a decent life.

Stand up and say to the world -- I can help in my own little way. 

It only needs a YES and a commitment to the passion.

God bless you future generous donors!

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." - 
John Holmes


  1. Go PBO! Thanks to the movers who started this cause. Simpleng bagay man ang nagagawa natin, we can help light up someone's life especially the children.

    More projects to come!!!

  2. nauuso na rin ang social worker by heart online daddy jay hehehehe timing na timing ang pagbalik ko online at blogging dahil ito ang nakita ko, ito ang naabotan ko at buti nga umabot ako sa pbo membership hehehehe kapag malaman ito ng mga artista tyak naman hindi nila to papatosin hehehe happy sunday rest daddy jay!!

  3. Naku maganda talaga ang cause ng PBO at sana ay maipagpatuloy pa!!!!

    Maraming Salamat Daddy Jay!

  4. GO PBO! I fully support this kind of social good. It's pretty awesome that people from all walks of life could help out.

  5. Go PBO!

    Daddy Jay, wala kasi akong pre-loved items eh. Since isi-sell nyo naman online ung mga items na mako-collect ng group, suggest ko sana na magkaroon ng official Paypal account ang PBO. Possible ba un? I can donate some of my Paypal savings thru PBO's PP account. Verified credit card lng ang need nyo para makapag withdraw sa Paypal.

  6. Thanks for this post Daddy Jay. Nakita ko ang pangalan ko na buong buo. hehe

    I remember before i joined PBO we talked about social working that's why siguro naging open minded about helping others and I eagerly joined the PBO team.

    Go PBO :D

  7. Thank you sir for this entry.

    Sana marami pang bloggers na katulad nyo ang sumuporta sa PBO!

    Salamat and we will keep spreading the news thru our blogs, FB and twitter about our next event and fundraising campaign!

    Go PBO!

  8. uy social worker ka pala. ako diiiiiiiin! well, among others. hahaha XD

    nagpapractice ka ng field?

  9. saludo ako sa mga taong sa likod ng napakagandang proyektong ito
    it gives blogging a special purpose!
    sana by next project may magawa na ko para makatulong

  10. Another special post for PBO! Thanks daddy Jay!

    Still thinking what to sell as a donation.

  11. This is nice. I'd love to know how I could help. :)

  12. Sey - thank you! and yes simple things are most of the time, the best.

    Lala - And yes, we need you in the group lala. It is time to help now.

    Senyor - maganda talaga walang duda

    Zion - thank you for signifying your support

    Fiel - cash na lang hehehe..kidding..good suggestion u got there. Sana mapansin nila ang suggestion mo or u can post it sa PBO page. And let officers decide.

    Son Arvin - Welcome son! your start to become a philantropist hehehe

    Mar - welcome! dadami din yan. let us make way how to generate supporters.

    Overthinker - di ako active ngayon sa field. nasa abroad ako eh..I just do my share by giving a little help.

    Mecoy - PBO is always open to people like you so don't worry makakasama ka din sa mga future endeavor.

    Pao - Welcome Pao...hmmmm..kahit simple lang basta galing sa puso.

    Theo -You are welcome to be part of it.

    Michy - You can visit the PBO Fanpage sa FB. It would be nice if you could extend some help :) Thanks in advance.


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