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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Poetry Corner: I Need To Be Loved

I was requested by our school principal to create a poem to be recited in the recognition day of my pupil in Grade 4- English. At first I told her, maybe we could just research for a poem fitting for that year Department of Education's theme. Don't ask me what's the theme....LoLs...I completely forgot about. But she insisted it would be nice if I can compose a simple one. And so the obedient in me, quickly submitted to her prodding. My feet was put to testing water when I find it hard what poem to create. It took me several nights of thinking until I came to this lovely yet meaningful poem.

It was composed by yours truly last February 25, 2007 for my English pupil - Erika Marie Esteban
I Need To Be Loved
I need to be loved

A child says to his mother
With a tight hug and endearing caress
A constant longing of an orphan in distress

I need to be loved

A child says to his friend
Come with me in my great need
Play my simple toys or maybe we read

I need to be loved

A child says to his little dog
Show me your tail and wiggle it
In a silent place where our happy face meet

I need to be love

A child says to a priest
Bless me with your holiness
Cast a prayer upon me in my sadness

I need to be loved

A child says to a doctor
Heal my ailing heart with affection
I desire for security and health reason

I need to be loved

A child says to an engineer
Build me a castle with a structure of joy
A resting place that no one will annoy

I need to be loved

A child says to a salesman
Sell me the meaning of true love
And I'll keep it inside the wings of the dove

Teach me how to be loved and cared

So that I'll find no more despair
Oh great and adorned teacher
I need to be loved is what your students utter.

It was flattering to receive commendable compliments not only from our principal but to the school directress as well. And even my grade four pupils were impressed by the simplicity of the poem yet full of emotions and meaning.

Pardon me, I'm just revisiting my literary works way back when I was still teaching in grade school. I happened to published it in Post Poems website and delighted to retrieve it again.

In the days, ahead, I will try to write fresh and new ones. A more seasoned and relevant to the current times. So watch out for it.


  1. What a child says is music to the ears. I just love their innocence and sincerity.

  2. Oooh ang cute ng poem! Kahit bata maiintindihan.

    I need to be loved too, sir Jay! HAHAHAH!

  3. simple yet full of meaning. love really does wonders even to the most frail heart.

  4. i used to be a teacher and this poem is great...

    I love the last part... teaching is the best profession especially if you have the passion to inspire.

    you are so good.

  5. Olivr - You're right indeed. Children know nothing about lies, from their hearts spring sincerity and candidness. Thanks pare!

  6. Pao -- Hahaha..Pao love na kita...if that's what you need....Anyways, the poem is direct to the point and vivid. Maiintindihan nga ng mga bata eto kasi this is for them hehehe

  7. correct! the poem is simple yet meaningful :)

    mahirap din gumawa ng poem ah, lalo na kapag walang source of inspiration,

    everyone needs to be loved! hehe :)

  8. I love the poem! :) All of us needs to be loved :)

  9. Nasabi mo na sakin before na isa kang poetric. hehe. Ganda ng tula mo daddy! I need to be loved too :P

  10. Isa ka pa lang makata parekoy. Loved the poem you composed. Pwedeng gawing kanta yan haha. Lapatan lng ng tamang tinig at tono hehe.

  11. wow jay i didn't know na nagteacher ka pala?
    anyways laki ng tiwala sayo ni principal
    at di sya na bigo
    sarap basahin ng poem mo parekoy!
    galing naiimagine ko binabasa to ng isang bata
    nakakagooesbumps un haha

  12. Jep - salamat parekoy and yeah it's kinda hard to compose when you're not in the mood or you don't have a particular inspiration. For me it's easy to compose when you're happy or depressed.

  13. Lawrence - thanks bro. and you are so right.

  14. Senyor - wow, nice to know you were once a teacher too. masarap magturo kasi napaka challenging. and you also learn while you teach. Thanks for the compliment

  15. Arvs - thanks, yup nasabi ko na sa'yo need to be loved din ikaw...parang "How Do I Love Thee" hahahahaha

  16. Mecoy - Yep, I once stride the world of teaching and it's fun and challenging. Indeed, it's a noble profession. Thank you!

  17. Fiel - I compose lyrics of songs as well, but I just can't find someone to arrange it to fit as a song. Hopefully, one day I can find or befriend an arranger. Thanks parekoy!

  18. Well I'm enjoying this corner. I'm a literature lover. Prose and poetry is my most fave :)

  19. Ms. B- we have lots of common ground..di kaya mag soul mate tayo LoLs..hahahaha Kidding!

  20. Ako rin, I need to be loved! :))

  21. Theo- hahaha..mahal ko kayo mga bloggers hehe...


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