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Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Art of Leaving - As I View It

Some says life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And I guess I absolutely agree with  it. It is when you're tested in the water that you begin to see how and what life is.

Leaving is a part of one’s journey.

Leaving is seeking better opportunities beyond the realm of present job.

Leaving is believing that there are vast and open spaces for personal growth to discover.

Leaving is missing the opportunity to work again with people you come to see daily in your workplace.

Leaving is by all means the cause of heavy and hard cries and sleepless nights if reasons were motivated by financial stability and better security.

Leaving is not seeing on a daily basis the place where you were given the chance to improve your craft.

Leaving is walking away  a step higher towards your desired dream.

Leaving is also abandoning the beliefs and loyalty to one’s company and soon-to-be embracing a new and seasoned workplace.

Leaving is temporarily, if not permanently, setting aside the idea of camaraderie among work buddies.

Leaving is saying goodbye to the people you used to work with.

Leaving is but a mere word yet the degree of intensity can make one cries-out loud.

Leaving is just a 7-letter word but it pushes away someone from the immediate people that were his workmates for quite so long.

Leaving is a simple present progressive form of a verb but implies a heavy heart from you and the people you will leave behind.

Leaving is a verb form ending in -ing used as a noun but when it will be said emotionally, it can turn a happy soul into tears.

Leaving is but saying goodbye’s and thank you’s.

Leaving is synonymous with departing but it forces someone to shift from one place to another.

And finally, leaving is  but simply missing ALL OF YOU.

           I had busied my neuron thinking how I may associate the very word to different instances. Yet, just to think that I will be leaving put me in a freezing motion with varied thoughts and questions. That same thought that rendered me mentally blocked. 

Maybe the big question is "Why leave now?". I dared not to answer the question’ What makes you decide to leave?" 

Some people close to me just cannot entertain the sudden impact of my decision. But whether their acceptance is sweet or sour, I have to decide. I have to think of my future and of my family. I have to accept the challenge even if I can sense risk. The good thing about it is that I'm braver now.  And that's all that matter as of now. 

In this new journey I am about to embark I know I have a big God who will never question my motives and decisions. I knew it because He is a God of mercy and of love. His mercy endures forever. 

"There are things in life that is worthy of an endless pursuit. In this life there is only one big pursuit I'm braving to reach - that is the pursuit of God."


  1. Ay about leaving pala ang issue... pasecya daddy jay hindi naman ako updated kahit you mentioned na your problem through twitter...

    tsk... I can't say anything kasi wala akong ganyang experience... pag specific details na nalaman ko, dun na ako magcocomment...

    i only wish that things will be okay...

  2. Where are you going daddy jay? leaving for another country?

  3. leaving...

    yan din ang pinag-iisipan ko ngayon, kung aalis ba muna ako sa pagtuturo at maghanap ng ibang trabaho...

    tama ka sir jay, simpleng salita lamang ito pero napakalaki ng impact...

    hay... God bless and more power!

  4. well this sound intriguing yet i know what ever "risK" that is it was for the better
    i agree in everything that you said jay

    and as a saying goes as long as good it with you nothing will go against you

    best of luck on whatever you were about to do jay

  5. leaving is part of growing daddy jay. and everybody has to do that once in a while, i believed in "leaving is temporary" because we always go back to where we really belong.

    kahit saan ka man po mapunta, il be praying for your safety daddy jay.

  6. Senyor - hehehe! leaving on a jet plane lang hehehe.

  7. Fiel - I'll be back first sa ating homeland before considering leaving for another country. Pero, I guess I'll be back in the same country in a different company nalang siguro hehehe.

  8. Jep - think countless times before deciding to leave. Ako, I have spent sleepless nights and constant discussion with my wife before I came up with my decision to leave. It's hard but we have to move on since we can't freeze time and we can undo life.

  9. Mecoy - intriguing ba? hehehe! di naman, it's just a simple plain "leaving".

  10. Lala- I like what you have said "we always go back to where we belong" - hehehe. And I rightfully belong to our country - Philippines. In God's time, I'll be back there for good. But for now life has to move on.

  11. Talking about "leaving" as a real big deal?

    I left a company after working there for 18 years! I didn't call it leaving - I called it "big leap" :)


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