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Monday, November 26, 2012

About Disney Animated Film, of Heroine, and of Fate: Movie Review - BRAVE

The lead character - Merida
I had a pretty rough day today. All afternoon headache was disturbing me. It forbids me to think of a great topic to write in my blog. And so when I got off from the office, my mind just focused to "rest and relax". 

Unmindfully, upon browsing my laptop, I came across a movie file given to me by my good friend Satt few weeks back. When he saved a copy of it in my flash drive (USB), I'm a bit hesitant to watch it since I find the title not interesting and so I just pass on the idea of watching. But maybe this day is meant really for me to watch it. And so I opened the file and started watching. I find it entertaining, with cross-generational appeal, for all ages, and full of life's wisdom. And here's my own review of the movie.

"There are those who say fate is something beyond our command, that destiny is not our own.  But I know better! Our fate lives within us-- you only have to be brave enough to see it." - MERIDA

The above lines from the character Merida is what struck me. Yes, indeed I agree with her that we make our own destiny and our fate is the product of our own action. We can't just have our destiny without working on it."

It's noteworthy that Disney/Pixar's "BRAVE" - a 2012 release - is the first Pixar feature and the first Disney animated feature in a while -- to focus on a heroine, rather than a hero. The last time I recall a heroine leads a character in a movie is with "Mulan" - upon which the singing voice is our very own Broadway Superstar "Lea Salonga". And what's extra-0rdinary about this animated movie was that it's not a typical heroine whose fate is somehow bound up with romance -- that's the crucial distinction.

King Ergus and Queen Elinor
"Brave" creates its own mythology: a Scottish kingdom in the days of swords and spells, ruled by the raucous King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and his prim (and strong-willed) queen, Elinor (Emma Thompson). Fergus has riotously red hair, an obviously dominant trait that has carried over to his children: a trio of mischievous male triplets, as well as their older sister, Merida (Kelly Macdonald).

Merida is the central focus of/in the story. She is a willful, adventurous young woman who is athletic, opinionated, and outspoken. She loves riding and is an ace archer.
But her mother is a traditionalist, more of like an old-fashioned queen -- and she informs Merida that the time has come to marry her off. There are four clans that rule Scotland in peace -- and the leaders of the other three will be bringing their first-born sons to Fergus' castle to let her choose between them.
Merida is having none of it. Given a choice of competitions in which to have her suitors vie for her hand, she picks archery -- then outclassed all three of them, as a way of saying she would just as soon be independent. But her mother refuses to budge.
So Merida goes off to the woods to blow off steam -- and is led by magical sprites called wisps to a remote cabin behind a Stonehenge-like site. There, she meets a wood-carving witch (played by Julie Walters) with a thing for bears, from whom she extracts a spell to help her change her fate. The spell takes the form of a pastry, which will fulfill Merida's wish once her mother eats it.
But the spell, in fact, turns Elinor herself into a bear (creatures for which Fergus harbors as great an enmity as Stephen Colbert does). Too late, Merida also discovers that, unless she does something to mend the breach between her and her mother within two days, Elinor will remain a bear and lose all the trace of her humanity.
The film isn't just about glorifying female heroism, it's also a mother-daughter story, a clash of generations that builds to an exciting climax full of tension and emotion.
Brave - is amazing to look at -- watching its blend of imaginatively cartoonish humans and brilliantly photo realistic settings. But, as important as the visuals are, the bottom line - the starting point- is the comedy. Without that, these films could be a work of any studio. What's always distinguished the Pixar films -- aside from continually ground-breaking animation -- is their sense of story and sense of humor.
I recommend this to all children above 5 years old. For those below 5, parents should be with them side by side since it might provoke the kiddos to have nightmare from the vicious bear who served as the villain in the story.
You've got to watch it guys, it's purely entertaining and somehow has a magical blend in it. Plus it carries a moral story that is applicable to our contemporary times. Have a nice read. 

I hope my review is convincing enough for you to buy/prepare your popcorn and a glass of soda with your family members or your friends alike  sitting in your living room sofas while watching it.


  1. Awwts... na spoil tuloy ako ahehehe! may dvd copy kami nyan dito pero di ko sya pinapanood lols. at dahil jan, panonoorin ko na talaga tong Brave!

    good review btw!

  2. @Fielkun- could have opted to skip pero binasa mo pa rin. Watch mo siya at maganda

  3. I've watched Brave before sa big screen! And I enjoyed it too.. Favorite ko yun triplets na makukulet lalo na nun nag-transform sila, hehe.. At touching talaga yun mother-daughter story..

  4. @Joanne - Yes, lots of moral lessons had been imparted in this animated movie, about relationships of mother-daughter, about setting boundaries in a daughter's life, about seeking independence, about making life decisions and about unconditional love. :)

  5. I just watched it last Saturday. It's really great isn't it? I loved the movie and the triplets as well.

  6. It is Kay, well rounded ang's for children, young boys, girls, mother and father, whole family. And the lessons are great.

  7. Gusto ko yung brave. Mahilig ako sa mga cartoons alam mo ba yun. hehe. Thanks for the review. Spoiler ka. :'( hehe dyuk!

  8. Arvs --hahaha.sorry, binasa mo pa kasi eh..dapat ng makita mo post ko, ini-skip mo nalang sana at pinanood mo na muna hehehe...palusot pa no. panoorin mo na kasi maganda yan.

  9. nakakainis kasi dapat mapapanuod ko na to ng buo bigla naman akong sinundo ng gf ko dito haha di ko tuloy natapos nakakatamad namang manuod ng magisa hahaha
    ito kasi ung mga want ko movie kahit pambata ee mganda ung message
    excited na ko sa "legend of the guardians" haha kaso sa net ko lnag papanuorin haha para tipid diba

  10. Mecoy - naku tapusin mo kasi maganda ang message ng entertaining'll keep laughing with the inclusion of the character of the triplets..hehehe..

  11. Parekoy!

    I want to know what do you want for Christmas. You've been tagged!

  12. sounds like an interesting movie. ganda ng review mo Juicy Jay.

  13. salamat po sa pag follow ;-) parang yung isang blog ko na follow mo. tagal ko na po yung hindi na uupdate. natatakot din kasi ako sa cybercrime. hehehe

  14. may nag-invite na sa akin na manuod nito kaso natanggihan ko, at dahil sa review na ito papanoorin ko siya.

    Tama ka sir, hindi nga gaanong interesante ang titolo.

  15. i had to watch this twice. it didn't have that disney magic (for me anyway) and that pixar moment that grabs you. i mean she's likable but that was it. the story for me kind of mimic, just a bit of "brother bear" anyhoo, have a great week!


  16. @Nong Inong - hehehe thanks at na convince ka to watch this movie. It's fun though at marami moral lessons through the course of the story. :)

  17. @Vin - hehehe..really? it didn't buy you off? Well, what I can say is that it depends on the experiences we have in life that would correlate to the story. If you weren't moved or touched by the story, maybe because you have different circumstances in life. It's up to the viewer's perspective din siguro. Thanks for droppin' by. Have a great week too. God bless.

  18. Pioxee - thanks, better watch it soon and have your realization and insights too. :)

  19. I'm actually just about the see this! Kaka download lang kahapon :) Buti na lang madali ako makalimot, kahit nabasa ko ang review mo, hindi ko din maaalala lahat pag pinanuod ko na :)

    Now following you, nice blog Juicy Jay :)

  20. Zaizai - hahaha..pareho pala tayo, can easily forget things..(sign of aging well?) hahaha..anyways, just watch and be entertained.

    Thanks for following my blog :)


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