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Friday, November 30, 2012

About Family Bonding, Of Veggies & Fruits, Of Breads, and Of Malling: Unplanned Mall Visit

Family bonding is synonymous to having great time, enjoying sumptuous meals while having funny talks, and just having fun times with the members of the family. It owns a very significant part of my time. When it comes to family time, I make sure I have portion allotted to it no matter how busy I am with work and stuff. In short, I'm a family oriented guy. 

Isn't it nice to hear a guy who devote plenty quality time with his family? I say this because lots of my friends somehow lacks in this department. Lucky me? It's a choice actually. If you choose to do it, it won't be a problem with you even if you're the busiest person in the whole world. If you value the importance of being with your family, you will deliver no matter what. As I've said, it's a choice. And everyone has a choice. Right?

Just earlier, around 5pm (Mid-east time) we went to the mall just for two "not-so-major" reasons. We went there just to bring and tour around my mother-in-law and of course my little boy Damien Caleb. It's his first time to visit a mall. It's quite funny because he doesn't even have the slightest of an idea that it is a mall he's going to. At the age of nearly two-months, he has his first taste of strolling inside the fancy and state-of-the-art AL OTHAIM MALL. And that moment won't even register in his mind at that tender age. 

My boy listens as I talk to him.  The backdrop is actually a man-made
landscape and the plants you see aren't real. They're all plastics.
But what we do value in moments like this is the importance of a family bonding. Money can't buy this precious moments and so we grab every opportunity that we got because we can't rewind our lives if we miss chance like this.

My bro-in-law Ted, mom-in-law, my wife and my cute little boy
As we stroll along inside the mall, we decided to go up and have our dinner. So we order from DQ (Dairy Queen) burger meals just enough for all of us. After we finished biting the biggie-size burgers and finished nibbling the fries, my wife and I decided to rush to the supermarket to check out and buy what we need in our kitchen. While checking out some grocery items, I went to the veggies and fruits section to check out what we need. While doing some random check which veggies and fruits to pick up, I suddenly remember that I got my Samsung Galaxy Note hidden in my cargo pants side pocket. And so, I took it out and started taking photos of the veggies and fruits. I'm a veggie guy and I love the idea of seeing veggies around. Here's what I got.

The squash or shall I say pumpkins?
The carrots in a flashy orange color

Valencia Oranges
Musk Melon - that's how it is called here
Pomegranate- Have you heard about this fruit?
Lemon - our substitute for "calamansi"
Water melon - breeds here are bigger than ours and oblong-shaped
Sorry I forgot to take photos of other veggies like broccoli, green pepper, and cabbages. The next thing I did while my wife's in the grocery section was to check out bread options. Everytime we go out for groceries, we always drop by at the bakery inside the supermarket. We used to buy our favorite bread "Mixed Arabian Pie with Olive toppings"

Mixed Arabian Pie with Olives toppings
The baker who prepared our fresh from the oven order.
 The baker musingly posed in front of me and then after taking the photo he even checked out the outcome of the shot. Luckily, he was impressed-hehe!. But before this shot, I already checked out other bread options and I found these different types of bread.

Believe me! I have tasted all the bread variety above but I just can't name each of them. I forgot to ask the baker who assist me. But I tell you, they are so sweet. That's it.

So, let us call it a night. I'm sleepy now. It's 1:10am here now. I'm the only one still awake finishing this entry while watching a TV series. Hope you had fun reading while drooling. LoL! 


  1. Sarap ng mga tinapay! o_O bread lover kasi ako. HAHAH! Although yung iba mukang hindi bread, pero mukang masarap! :)

    Your family is very lucky to have you ser! followed you. Keep me posted! :)

  2. Pao- Oo, masarap talaga ang mga tinapay at ang iba di ko alam baka pastries or tarts na ang tawag diyan...di din kasi ako mahilig sa mga sweets talaga. Thank you for the compliments. Highly appreciated. Thanks for following me. I guess I followed you too already. :)

  3. husband quality! yep so hard to find someone like you today. most males thought that it will ruin their ego if they do act like a husband :(

    and I need to check that bread maker. I'm not fond of bread but I do like Danish bread but this one looks sooo... (drooling now haist!)

    btw, great pic with Damien Caleb with that landscape :)

  4. you really are a great man jay a perfect guy a girl would love to have,
    family time is something that must never be set aside no matter what,
    it's the point of the time where you can stay out of everything and enjoy yourself with the people you loved the most
    and its the best time for talking some matters it would strengthen the bond and it would produce good memories that you can cherish

  5. Naks! Daddy Jay isa kang napakaresponsable at sweet na tatay at husband. Ipagpatuloy mo yan sir. Idol ko mga amang katulad mo. hehe ui, ganda pala ni wifey :P

    Nagutom ako sa bread. Mukhang masarap. kakaiba yung water melon. Mukhang ang sarap ng life dyan ah :)

  6. Ang sarap ng mga breads! Ehehm pasalubong! Hehe joke, and ga2nda ng mga veggies and fruits, fresh na fresh! :))

  7. Hahaha...yup masarap nga yan pero too sweet for me. Remember di ako masyado sa mga sweet foods hehehe.


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