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Saturday, November 17, 2012

About Tourism Campaign, Exciting Places & People: It's More Fun in The Philippines - New Campaign Video

I plan to write about this last night pero di na kinaya ng antok ko para tumipa pa sa laptop (bangag lang). Ikaw ba naman ang maging baby sitter ng almost 2-months old na cute boy (i-claim nang cute, walang kokontra), siguradong paglapat palang ng likod mo sa bed tiyak na ang “snoring session” niyan.

In short, my fight to stay awake didn’t win last night. Pero kahit puyat man, may malaking ngiti naman sa mga labi kasi bukod sa masaya ako to be with my son and wife every weekend, may isang bagay pa na nagpangiti sa akin kagabi habang binabaybay ko ang kahabaan ng daan patungong Dammam. Galing kasi ako ng Al Ahsa where my wife and son stays. My work is stationed in Dammam kaya weekend lang kami nagkikita-kita.

Anyway, let’s focus to my topic for today. As you may well know, the title speaks for itself. Indeed, it’s really more fun in the Philippines. It’s in the perspective of the positive people. Doon sa mga di naniniwala, hayaan na natin sila basta tayo masaya at nagpapakita ng suporta sa ating inang bayan. Makibaka, wag matakot…ah eh di pala eto rally..hahaha…tourism campaign pala ang ating pag-uusapan.

If you’re following my blog, you can easily tell how I solidly support the tourism campaign of our government. One of its aims is to boost the influx of tourists visiting our country - to explore and have fun. It is for them to experience the hospitality and benevolence of us Filipinos. For tourists to get to know and sometimes immerse into our culture, enjoy the food from the best to the exotic ones, and the euphoric atmosphere, fiesta like surroundings in our country. Not to discount the amazing, captivating, and disarming smiles of us Filipinos, truly any foreigner will have a memory of a lifetime and would probably be back again. Haha- that's how positive I am. Sabi nga ng isang kaibigan kong foreigner from Germany: "You know you have good laws and awesome culture, the problem with your laws is that they are not strictly implemented. Tama naman siya! And he even enthused: "When you're out of your country and you speak to people having interest to visit your country, speak of your country in a positive way or approach yet realisitc. Tama na naman siya! Kaya mag mula noong marinig ko yun way back 2001, I feel I have this implied responsibility to market our country to invite more tourists and investors (businessman lang ang dating).

Last night I saw this newest campaign video of DOT (Dept.of Tourism) in YT. I feel so delighted and awed on how they presented our country in more than two minutes airtime. It really captured me because of the sophisticated visual effects and its realistic way of marketing.

And here's the new campaign video of our tourism.

It really showed the real essence of us being a Filipino and our country. It has depicted our culture from the colonization period until the present day. It also showed our diversity as an archipelago. Things that we can offer to visitors. I feel pride in this video. But not the pride that borders to being boastful but just being who we really are as people and what we really are as an archipelago-nation.

Truly, “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”. This campaign video gives every Filipino a positive approach on how we should promote our country despite some negative images that had been hurting us for ages. Yes, we have our worst realities, who else don’t? Any country has its own weakness. Any nation has rotten garbage in its own backyard. But we are not design to focus on these areas we are built as a nation to come together to work on solutions and that’s how I see this effort of DOT.

As a Filipino, it is our implied duty and responsibility to think of ways on how we can contribute and affect change to our nation. Enough for the endless whining, enough for too much destructive criticisms. Let us do focus and act upon what we believe can be a catalyst for a better change in our nation. 

I am also thrilled about the exciting and hopeful forecast of many of world economic managers that our country is to closely eye for since it is one of the SEA nations to watch that will make a "break out" in terms of economic boom and bloom. Let us work hand in hand to achieve what we have started for change.

Let's keep an eye for the Philippines! 


  1. I agree na talaga more fun sa ating bansa. Kahit ibang mga banyaga ay nagsasabing maganda sa ating bansa kitang kita naman diba. Nasa tao lang talaga ang problema nating mga pinoy. Nice post sir!

  2. Full support din ako dito sa campaign ng DOT na it is indeed ITS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    dream ko talaga na malibot ang mga magagandang tourist spots dito sa Pinas someday before I travel the world. (naks!)

    ganda nung video, hd na hd sya!

  3. @Archieviner - Yes, it boils down upon your personal perspective and grand scheme of things. And being optimistic about it is a nice attitude to begin with.

  4. @Fielkun - sabi nga small things comes from small beginnings. So you can start planning now. Masarap maglibot sa ating mga famous spots. Before venturing the world I guess it's wise if we discover first the beauty of our own. Thanks :)

  5. napaka ganda ng ad nila nakakaproud ang pinas
    it indeed more fun in the philippines

  6. Agree!! More fun talaga sa Pinas, kaya nga nag-iipon ako para makapunta sa famous tourists spots din.. At pag tinatanong ng customers ko where I'm located, proud akong sabihin sa Philippines!

  7. @Joanne- that's the spirit, we should be proud of our race and culture.


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