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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "BurgerFuel" Experience

What a name!

What an awesome fast food chain! It really fuels one's desire to come and try their mouth-watering burger delights.

How annoying it was to see four easy-go-lucky guys  last night whose primary purpose was to check-out gym outlet yet ended inside a fancy-built and presumably one of the best servers of burger in town. Too bad there's none of it in Pinas.

Our not-so-hungry stomachs led us to one of its store -outlet in Carre-Four, Dammam. 

I'm speaking of the BURGER FUEL. This dominantly purple, highly decorated yet not-so-over-top fast food chain boasts of its cool ambiance and the awesome burger experience.

Burger Fuel originated in New Zealand and is labeled as the original gourmet burger.  And here's the short story about how it was formed.

Burger Fuel -Carrefour, Dammam highlights also its
almost all-Filipino staff and crews
Back in 1995 at the bottom of the world on  a crazy, beautiful and pristinely unspoiled tough little island (two in fact, North and South Island, took a while to come up with these names) called New Zealand we felt ti was time to give the dirty old Burger a good old "Kiwi" makeover and start moving the world's favorite "food vice" to the healthier side of life. Not to mention giving those big old multi-national boys a bit of a shake-up. What emerged from months of testing, measuring, stealing ingredients and eating thousands prototypes was the BURGERFUEL Burger, and dropping directly out behind this was the BurgerFuel culture. If you want to read more about it please click this link: THE BURER FUEL -NEW ZEALAND

After a few minutes walk from where we parked our car, we reached the branch and quickly entered in. Our admiration of how it was designed inside finds it hard to be contained & suppressed that we almost blurted-out in ecstasy. But we're too quick to control our temper and settled in since there were numerous Saudi diners whom attention might be drawn if we'll be acting like nasa Pinas lang kami. Though in a subtle way, we still managed to goof around as we normally do everytime we're together.

The overall ambiance was so indulging that a quarter pounder or a third-pounder with cheese (YES, they have this so-called third-pounder) won't be enough in a sitting especially coupled with malt-shake in vanilla flavor. First time to hear such a serving.

My choice: Bacon Backfire Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Brie, Salad, Relish, & Aioli
For complete menu listings, please click this link: Burger Fuel - Menu

We also tried the following:
Combustion Vege: SunFlower Seed, Chickpea and Basil Pattie,
Melted Cheddar, Avocado, Peanut Sauce, Salad, Relish & Aioli
Combo Meal
Our order seems for take out but it's actually a dine-in one. This is how they serve it.

If I were to rate the experience, this is my assessment being 5-star on top and 1-star at the bottom.

1. Food Quality and Preparation:          - 5 stars
2. Food Service and Handling:             - 5 stars
3. Area Cleanliness:                              - 4 stars
4. Store Ambiance:                               - 5 stars
5. Overall Experience:                          - 5 stars

Going out of the store prompted me with mixed thoughts. Part of me was guilty for always being disarmed and tempted to eat and eat. Ang takaw kasi! While on the other side of my brain it says "STOP" give time for work-out, you're really not in muscular shape anymore but running to be an obese. ALARMING na eto..hahaha. From a 61-kilo guy to a now 87-big fat ass dude...huhuhu! Where have all my healthy lifestyle habit gone? I used to be a health conscious homo sapien. But now, it is too difficult for me to be in the lane of work-out afficionado people.

Being a lazy-bug sometimes and drooling in my bed facing my laptop after work is partly blamable why I reach my current weight. And there's this point where I'm in regret for my uncontrolled apetite for food. I'm not on a losing end though, but I really want to change my habit, to bring back the "super-sipag-mag-jog-na-spiderman" in me. It is perhaps a "wake-up call" now. A time where I should respect my body. A time where only healthy food should enter in and fight  the excessive eating habit.

It's high time Spidey! you have the power to change it and act upon it and maintain responsibility over it.



  1. Wow! I love burgers! :) Hope somebody brings a franchise here in Manila. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Michy- Yeah I hope they'll bring a branch there in Pinas. I seldom eat burgers nowadays, but tasting their products were so awesome. The succulent yet crispy taste of it really indulge someone to eat another serving. And the serving is equal or even more of a Big Mac cut there sa atin. How I wish I can share it with you.

    BTW, thanks for always reading my entry. God bless. Hope to meet you someday in Pinas.

  4. We longtime planned to try one in corniche but always having second thought coz I kinda dont like the restaurant name. Imagine fuel in a burger & the background color is purple, duh! But after reading your blog we will defenitely try it sana this weekend kaso wrong timing kasi kwaresma na! Sana I found your blog earlier t2 Jay para natry na namin. Galit na nga si kuya Josh, sabi nya Yes gusto ko magBF but we went to Outback instead c",) Thanks for sharing your BF experience. Anyway, good luck spidey! Hehe..

  5. @Tita Vangie --Oh, you should try it tita with Josh around. I'm pretty sure you'll gonna love it. As stated it's the only gourmet burger of all burgers. Thanks for the read and visit. God bless

  6. Nakakagutom! My gulay ... I want

  7. @Kay--kung pwede lang ipa-package pinadalhan na kita kaya lang sayang lang pagdating sayo kasi spoiled na pala..hehehe.. masarap talaga siya...considering a number of variety of burgers na din natikman ko bug this is distinct in taste.


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