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Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiring People: An Ordinary Man With Extraordinary Act

As a token of appreciation to the person responsible for the overnight fame and public recognition of the simple taxi cab driver Mr. Maximo Aton, I believe he equally deserves praises and appreciation too. 

And here I present to you the main man  Mr. Raine Cruz 

Mr. Raine Cruz with the VP

Mr. Aton's story won't explode into the public  and gain thousands of attention and appreciation should this ordinary man failed to act on his impulse of reciprocating the honesty our hero Mr. Aton had shown him.

Now, you might be asking the question, "Who is Raine Cruz?" Well, I don't even know him personally. It was just last night when we had exchanged few and kind words when he accepted my  friend's request in Facebook for my purpose of asking him some details about the story he wrote for Mr. Aton.

Have you ever experienced hailing a cab, riding in it, and eventually after alighting left one of your most important things inside? And the worse part is you'll only realize something is missing from your belongings when you're already home. I am sure some of you, if not many, can relate to this. And perhaps few of you didn't even manage to retrieve your valued things.

Here is a similar story of Mr. Raine Cruz but the only difference which I find it quite strange is that  he was able to retrieve his valued things from the taxi cab he had rode in with his friend that fateful night of April 26, 2012. For his full story about the incident, please click this link The Honest Cab Driver.

Perhaps only few of us can think of doing what Raine had done. Or maybe a simple "thank you" to the honesty of the person we owe for a thing returned to us is enough to gesture our gratitude. But   what had Raine exemplified is a milestone act of gratitude to the person he encountered that night. 

Though, initially agreeing to meet with Mr. Aton in their decided place brought him a little qualms. A usual reaction of a person who's not confident enough if a certain valued thing can still be retrieved given the fact that he and the driver are completely stranger to each other. And to make him a bit calm he once again asked the presence of his good friend Hero to accompany him to the agreed place. That night, he's determined to pursue and retrieve his valued belongings (a laptop + P5,000 cash) since the laptop contains important contents for his works as a photographer. 

To cut the story short, Mr. Aton showed up to the agreed place with a wide smile on his face. That smile erased the lingering qualms Raine had while anticipating what will happen. And to his surprise, the laptop and the cash money weren't even touched and remained intact.

(Flash Back)
By the way, before a meet up happened, Raine tried to call the Crowne Plaza Hotel to try his luck if the security personnel had managed to record information of the cab they've rode in. Raine and his friend Hero were at Crowne Plaza Hotel that night for a "raket" as he coined it. So the hotel was their point of origin.  And to his surprise, the guard provided him the car's plate number and Mr. Aton's mobile too. He then called Mr. Aton and spoke with him. The cab driver disclosed that he attempted to go back to Raine's place but failed to locate his place once again and so he planned that night to go back to Crown Plaza Hotel to endorse it there since he didn't even know what to do with those things.

Raine offered Mr. Aton a meager amount of money as a reward which the latter initially refused. But due to his insistence, Mr. Aton accepted it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inspiring People: One In A Thousand Cab Driver – Maximo Aton

“In a sea full of dishonest and rude people, there is still at least one or two that will do what is right and remain honest and good hearted “
Mr. Maximo Aton
(photo courtesy of Yahoo news)
Who is Maximo Aton? I don't even know him. I wouldn't even meet him perhaps in my lifetime. But his story is worthy of emulation and so I am writing this blog about him.

I heard it in the news and saw it shared in Facebook. And so without even finishing the simple article shared by Mr. Raine Cruz about his experience to the above mentioned subject, I quickly turn myself into my laptop and started writing about this story. In my mind, this is my simple share of spreading the goodness that this humble man had done and the venerable act that Mr. Raine Cruz did in sharing his story.

Kudos to the both of you!

Few days ago, I was ranting my opinions in a comment portion of my good friend’s post about her bad experience with some taxi drivers somewhere in Dasmarinas, Cavite. In fact, it’s not only me who had shared my personal disappointment but her post was bombarded with coherent reactions of disgust about how many of our cab drivers were turning evil  by being opportunist just to meet ends. I would personally attest to the fact that even my wife and I had to experience the same when we had our yuletide vacation last year. But the only difference in our case was that I’ve always diplomatically argue with the cab driver when I've sensed that he’s taking advantage of us.

But it seemed that in a sea of dishonest and crooked people, there is still at least one or two that will do what is right and remains honest and good hearted.

Such is the case of this great and worth emulating simple man Mr. Maximo Aton – a plain taxi cab driver who once again exemplified few of the true characters of a Filipino – kind hearted, mild mannered, and God-fearing. He’s a man who was never ever tempted to do unworthy act even though opportunity of doing so was just right at his palm.

I learned about his story today when I happened to read a “shared article” in Facebook done by Mr. Raine Cruz – his passenger who was overwhelmed by the intensity of kindness Mr. Maximo Aton had shown him and his friend Hero. To read about his article please click this link:  A Man Worthy of Emulation

It is true that finding noble people these days is like looking for a needle in a shore full of sand. Rarity is the term to call it perfectly. Each day, we are dominated by news on television about murder, bank robbery, kidnapping, rape, and the biggest culprit of our system – CORRUPTION. These sad realities hinder us to fully trust other people especially those whom we have just met or brushed-off shoulders with. In our own effort to safeguard and be a steward of ourselves, somehow at some point we tend to forget the idea that there are still few people who are worthy to rest our trust. Those people who remains reliable and even shy of doing act discreditable to their own dignity. People who still choose simple lives than having a luxurious one but obtained through misconduct.

As a person, who faithfully advocates our new tourism campaign slogan “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” it’s another testament of honesty that I can use to boost my own campaign here in  a foreign land. This story will surely spark high interest to tourists that truly we’re a country of more fun and great people.

I know I’m just one of I guess millions of people now who have been touched by the honesty of Mr. Aton. And I am doing this act not because I was compelled to do it but I’m doing it out of my modest initiative to help proliferates this good news to the world. To be inspired and do random act of kindness even in trivial ways will surely glorify our Almighty more than our people.

Mabuhay ka! Mang Maximo and million thanks to Mr. Raine Cruz for sharing your simple yet worthy-of-a-read story.

And by the way here is the video courtesy of GMA's 24 Oras news.

God bless to the both of you!

Note: If you want to extend personal messages of congratulations to Mr. Maximo Aton you can reach him through this details:

Maximo Aton
O.L.A. Taxi with Plate Number TYZ 619
I'm still trying to contact Ms. Raine Cruz through FB to ask for his number.

P.S. - As much as I wanted a photo of Mr. Raine Cruz but I can't grab any from his Facebook 
account. Anyway, I'll just share it in his page if possible.


April 29, 2012 - Last night, Raine and I finally exchanged words through private FB message and he was so thankful for this article. He then provided me Mr. Maximo Aton's mobile number. So, for those who are willing to say hi or few words to Mr. Aton, just send me your request and I'll provide you his  mobile number. As a respect to Mr. Aton privacy as a person, I won't post his mobile number here.

As we mutually agreed, I'll make a separate blog entry for Mr. Raine Cruz for paving the way to Mr. Aton's public recognition and praises for his kindness and honesty. He too deserves praises for elevating into public platform a simple yet inspiring story of Mr. Aton.

Christian Corner: "We Aren't Created To Be On Our Own"

Photo courtesy of Google --I just modified it
Since it's SUNDAY, I just want to share this article by Greg Monteclaro

Being in Community 


“In Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5 

We are called to belong, not just to believe.

We are created for community, formed for a family, fashioned for fellowship, and none of us can fulfill God’s purposes by ourselves. The Bible says we are put together, joined together, built together, members and heirs together, and held together. 

We were never meant to be on our own, and must not strive to be separate from others. While our relationship to Christ is personal, it is not intended to be exclusive. In God’s family, we are connected to every other believer, and we will belong to each other for eternity.

Following Christ includes belonging, not just believing. We are members of his Body — the Church. C.S. Lewis noted that the word membership is of Christian origin, but the world has emptied it of its original meaning. Stores offer discounts to “members,” and advertisers use member names to create mailing lists. In churches, membership is often reduced to simply adding our name to a roll, with no requirements or expectations.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dining Adventure: La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant

I consider eating now as one of my most tempting guilty pleasures in life.

If it's called as such then so be it. After all, who would've resist eating good food. More so, dining inside a fancy restaurant not locally inspired but internationally made.

How did we end-up into La Tavola - Italiana Restaurant?  Lemme tell you, it was a laid-back afternoon yesterday when my wife approached me like this "Are we goin' out? referring to maybe a stroll in a mall or a dine out escapade. I was really having a not-so-good-mood since I'm feeling dizzy for no apparent reason. I was blaming the gloomy lights inside our house giving us a yellowish-inspired surroundings as the cause of my being dizzy. And so I responded unconvincingly "Uhmm Yes? and then suggested to call our CFC family friend (Otadoy family) to go with us. First few attempts weren't successful. My wife gauging that maybe they're having a siesta probably as of the moment they're on a sleeping mode. And yes, she was right after about past an hour when she received a call from Rachel. A short convy took place then my wife prompted me once again if I'm still willing to go out. She's having qualms since I'm in a sleeping mode and perhaps she might be thinking I would just pass on the idea of goin' out. Well, guess what I finally decided to go. So my wife asked me what time shall we go out and I told her around 5:30pm. We mutually agreed and so we waited for the Otadoy's to fetch us up from the house.

They've fetched us a bit late but it's fine since not everyone was in a hurry or at least hungry that time. Floyd drove smoothly heading to Sports Ghornata first since my wife and Rachel (they're office mates in the hospital they're working at) had to canvass prices for trophies needed in their hospital's "Hygiene Division". I'm not certain if it's intended as awards for their sport fest. 

After several minutes of discussion and checking out of prices they ended up not buying even one instead just took photos of the different trophies and intends to present it to their superior. Thereafter, we drove fast to Al Othaim Mall. But before that, Bea was having a bad mood before entering and after going out of the store. She was crying -- just having tantrums maybe.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Christian Corner: Somewhere In The Middle

"Somewhere in the middle you'll find me" 

Yesterday, I was in the middle of work hurrying to finish a deadline, in between my busy mind, I still keep my focus on continuous brainstorming about our 2014 -2nd HS Grand Reunion. I'll be spearheading the team. You can gauge how busy I am right? Well, yeah I love being busy. It delights me realizing that my neuron is working and working for a goal. A goal for common good.

And since I'm so annoyed by the deafening silence in our office I decided to put on a wireless headset run via bluetooth connection and browse some Christian songs. This is my habit -- whenever I want to be inspired I always play Christian songs --it's my comfort zone especially when I am writing. Drawing an inspiration from a song that's intended to glorify our God is a blast and worthy of a listening ear.. And there ain't no other form I'd be inspired aside from it. 

And this is the song. Listen carefully and try to internalize it and maybe somehow you'll gain wisdom after hearing it.

It's quite funny how I was caught up by this Christian song when in fact the singer's message was "it's for the youth who goes through a critical stage in their teenage life.

And so I am leading you back to my high school era. An era of each person's lives where dreams begin to sprout, where fools rush in, where confusion sets in and where preparation for the tedious college life is being boiled down on hot water of middle school learning.
Some of my HS Batch 94 who attended last April 8, 2102

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Versatile Blogger

At first, I was thinking is it for real? or what's this? Ahahaha! But minutes after I read Michy Michymoo's of I Am A Dekaphobic entry that's when I realized that it was some kind of a trend in the blogging world only bloggers can associate and appreciate.

By the way thanks to my sponsors for my clothes, for my beautiful eyewear, for my shoes....ah este...thanks to Mich for considering me by giving this kind of award. 

Wait? Am I that versatile blogger already? Huh? well, sige na nga baka bawiin pa...hahaha.

The rules of this award are the following:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you this award. Don't forget to link his/her blog.
  2. Post seven (7) random things about you.
  3. Give this award to 15 other bloggers you love and let them know you gave them this award.
Seven (7) Random Things About Myself
  1. I am coughing hard when I wrote this
  2. Planning to finish an entry about the defunct show "The Seventh Heaven" and "The Probe Team"
  3. Again, I dreamt of Praque, Czech Republic -- the city that continues to enthralls me in awesome stories of a friend who just had a recent tour. It has been my dream to be a tourist in that fascinating country but it's been for ages now that still far from realization.
  4. A passionate yet neophyte cook
  5. As the Overall Batch Coordinator, I am busy conceptualizing our 2nd HS Grand Reunion by 2014. How about that? Ang aga ng preps...hahaha..well it pays off to be maagap than masipag.
  6. In the middle part of "How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Wanna Be" by Jack Canfield. -Awesome book!
  7. I so missed playing one of my favorite sports - Badminton. FYI - my all time fave are SWIMMING,SOCCER, and BOXING.
And to follow the lead of those who have done this already, I am awarding "THE VERSATILE BLOGGER" to the following people
  1. Jeo Beloy of Go Figure
  2. Pretty Kay of Life Is Kulayful
  3. Theo of Theo's Casanova
  4. Orange Pulps of A Dose of Orange Ink
  5. Sumi Go of The Purple Doll
  6. Xian Garvida of A Christian Named Francis
  7. Alex Molina of The Gasoline Dude
  8. Arjee of My Infinitesimal Universe
  9. Key of Noblesse Key
  10. Jiggy Cruz of The Tangled Web
  11. Totomai of Distilling Thoughts
  12. Kevin Pangilinan of The Second Time Of My Life
  13. Carlo Magno of CARLO MAGNO: Life Beneath The Desert Sun
  14. Marvin De Gracia of Just My Two Cents
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At last it's already done! Now, it's time to notify them..hehehe!

Christian Corner: Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me, Dying He Saved Me)

Christian Corner: -- this blog's segment will feature my endless pursuit of real joy through enriching my faith, allowing myself to learn through my spiritual struggles. Sometimes, exposing  my spiritual dryness--a humanly character of any person, and all that relates to my Christian beliefs. It has no intentions to intimidate, nor to force others to believe what I believe and how I believe. But, this is a section that aims to encourage anyone who seems drifting away, going astray and clouded by doubts into discovering their own personal relationship to Jesus.

Today, I will feature a Christian song. A song I must say is listed as one of the many Christian songs favorites I claim.

Casting Crowns - one of my fave Christian bands

The subtitle captured me the most. And it says: "Living He Loved Me, Dying He Saved Me"

Here's the complete lyrics if you feel like singing it. It's worth listening and after you can contemplate and reflect on it.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Neophyte Cook # 1: "Chicken Cordon Bleu"

The Neophyte Cook - this segment in my blog will feature my cooking apprenticeship without the formal culinary lessons, shy of cooking standards, and is done out-of-passion in cooking. Recipes will vary from various cuisine's dishes as long as I can modestly prepare and my guts tell me to do so.

The result of my kitchen hardwork
It's been a while since I last blog about food. Well, for the reason that we seldom go out these days. I usually do the food blogging after a dining experience in a restaurant or a food chain. Normally, my food blog entry will end up rating these restaurants we have dined in. You can check out my other food blog entries in the archives portion of this blog.

Last weekend, I decided to cook my own apprentice version of "Chicken Cordon Bleu". It was supposed to be done last week but due to a limited time, my wife and I agreed that we'll do it next week. And so it was it. It's my third time and I still feel uneasy preparing it. When in fact I should have had mastered it already. Read the next paragraph as it explains the uneasiness in me.

The little dilemma added up when I realized I don't have a print-out recipe to look upon the procedure since I didn't bring my laptop going to my wife's place. (FYI - My wife and I don't live in the same roof everyday, I mean our jobs were the reason. I only go home during weekend, seldom on weekdays since I'm staying in a flat near my office. The distance of our place to each other is like close to two hours' drive). So I ended up collecting my thoughts to come up with the "how to" prepare one.

Looks succulent and palatable isn't it?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Samu't Saring Pagmumuni-muni - Version 1.0

Habang ako'y papauwi sa flat ko galing ng opisina ng katanghaliang tapat kanina, ako'y nagmumuni-muni ng mga bagay-bagay. 

(While on my way home from the office at around lunch time, my mind was busy contemplating with various things.)

Nilalakad ko lang pala pabalik ng aking flat galing sa opisina at gayundin naman papasok. Mga sampung minuto ay matagal nang paglalakad kung tatantsahin mo.

(By the way, I just usually walk going back to my flat and coming to office. More or less, it will take only ten minutes of walk.)

Siguro mga ilang buwan ko na ring pinag-iisipan ang mga bagay-bagay na pilit sumisiksik sa aking isipan. Na tila ba namamalimos ng atensiyon na pilit ko namang pinagkakait sa pamamagitan ng di-pagpansin sa mga eto.

(I guess, these various thoughts has been running into my mind for several months now. As if it begs for attention while I was too selfish ignoring it.)

Anu-ano nga ba ang mga bagay na pilit na sumisigaw sa isipan ko? Sa totoo niyan, marami-rami din. Sige mga mambabasa sabayan ninyo akong isa-isahin natin ang mga panauhin ko sa aking isipan.

(And what are those things which keeps shouting in my head? Truth is, it's been a lot. Readers join me as I run down the visitors of my mind.)

  • Paglalaro ng Badminton - isa eto sa sobrang nami-miss ko nang laruin. Ang totoo niyan may sinalihan na akong club dito sa KSA--ang FUN (Filipino United Netters) Badminton Club. Pero dahil sa work schedule ko at sa may kalayuan ang venue, di ako nakapagpatuloy. Sa Pilipinas naman, makikita mo ako sa kung saan saan lang. Dumadayo ng laro sa iba-ibang badminton Center. Kadalasan sa Metropolis Badminton Center, Toyota Alabang Smash Center, Christ The King in Muntinlupa, Smasher's Point in Binan, Laguna, The Playground in BF Almanza, Las Pinas, Shuttle Badminton Center in Mandaluyong and one in Bocobo too na di ko lang natandaan ang pangalan. Marami-rami di ba, halatang masipag maglaro. lols!
  • (Playing Badminton -- I really miss to play this sport. As a matter of fact, I already enlist myself in one of the badminton club here in KSA - the F.U.N. (Filipino United Netters) Badminton Association. But I was forced to quit due to my work schedule plus the venue is quite far prompting me not to pursue playing at regular timings. Back in the Philippines, you can usually see me just roaming around the metropolis. I've been playing in badminton centers like that in Metropolis Badminton Center in Alabang, Toyota Alabang Smash Center, Playground in BF Almanza, Las Pinas, Shuttle Badminton Center in Mandaluyong and the one in Bocobo, Malate too I just forgot the name of the place. Quite a lot right? been so badminton freak lols!
In action at Smasher's Point in Binan, Laguna

Ready to jump-off and smash

My badminton accessories and rackets 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Solitary Moment - Page 3

Today, I want to thank God for sending amazing people in the middle of my fuming anger. 

If only you can see me while I was in total havoc earlier, you wouldn't have believed that I can be turned in to a raging bull. Perhaps, you might be shocked and think "Is that Jay? Can Jay do that?" kind of pressing questions. 

I literally was shouting in anger in the office earlier due to an office mate who I feel cheated and disrespected me. I won't detail-out what really took place but it's completely work related. I know myself and I am a diligent worker - I wouldn't be given a bonus in three folds and praises more than I humbly expect if I am just a lousy kinda guy. And I seldom being provoked to be so pissed with a situation BUT HE JUST DID. I really wanted to instigate a fist fight. Oh God! forgive me!

Good thing it didn't happen or else I might end up sleeping inside a stinky jail for the first time here. Worst is, I might be sent home deported for a very unworthy situation that has an intention to just provoke me into uncontrollable anger. Fist fight isn't allowed, if a police officer sees you in action or if the one you're in troubled with reports to a police --you're a dead man. I mean, it's not allowed here. And the worst thing is if the officer would see your opponent to be bathing in blood --Hell no! you're automatically deported. That's their law and no one can't bend it.

And with that I say ""GOD, thank you for arming me with great fortitude. It's true - me as human can still be susceptible to uncontrollable anger and animosity. Yet, you're showing me countless instruments that touches my inner core and helps me confront a difficult and provoking situation with benevolence & grace. Truly YOU are amazing and I'm forever grateful."

I still err for I am human. So do with my faith - it is still a work in progress. I still am in the middle stage of refinement and will still undergo so many challenges that would try to rust me off. Yet I am willing to face the giants in me. I know the road to holiness is like a tiny hole. But I am banking on your will and armor. I am capitalizing my faith in you.

I will win the battle I'll make sure of that. I won't let you down. I know YOU are there --watching every inch of me and my actions.

Thank you God, for never abandoning me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The "Suggest A Name" Contest - Our Online Search for a Christian Name

The "SUGGEST A NAME" Contest
Not long ago, I had been teased by some of my co-bloggers to sponsor another blog contest as some of them had their successful shares already. Now, it's really happening. There is no turning back. This is it. I will be resting the fate of our soon-to-be-first-born's name to ALL OF YOU guys. 

Well, don't get me (us) wrong, it's not that we can't think of a decent name for our soon to be angel. But, I just feel it's more exciting if a lot of you guys would suggest a name for us--more specifically a Christian name. And this is one perfect opportunity to do just that. It'll be cool to know that when our first born grows up we can share this experience of how his/her name came up. 

As I've said in my Facebook status, this contest will not limit itself to co-bloggers but will extend to my Facebook & Twitter friends as well. To wit, this is my first ever blog contest. And you guys will have the chance to be my first ever winner/s if finally chosen.

CONTEST NAME: The "Suggest-A-Name" Contest -- Our Online Search for a Christian Name.

PURPOSE: This contest was designed/devised to search for a Christian name to our soon-to-be-first-born. 


1. If you are a Filipino (be in Pinas or elsewhere around the world), user of Facebook or Twitter or hosting a blog site --then you are QUALIFIED TO JOIN. No age limit is required.

2. Think of a unique Christian name for our soon-to-be-first born.

3. The Christian name shall consist of two names (e.g. Luke Daniel or Samantha Ruth).

4. Entry must be one name for a boy and one name for a girl. Each contestant is limited to one entry only. Only English Christian name will be validated.

5. For bloggers, you need to write an entry in your blog with a minimum of 200-words to a maximum of 300-words (including explanation why you choose the particular Christian name) and a link to this particular post shall be mentioned in your entry. Notify me by writing a comment in this post that you joined this contest.

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Things I Love About "The Philippines"

When the sure-fire hit video "20 Things I Dislike About The Philippines" came out I've tried to be objective at most.  After all, the guy who authored it has all the freedom in terms of speech and expressing his opinions. But minutes away after I clicked it, I began to be defensive and a bit annoyed. I personally took it at heart. Maybe patriotism and loyalty took its action in me. 

Admittedly, most if not all of what he'd said were true. Certainly, comments made by him should be taken as constructive criticism if we really want to take positive and sustainable action for change. 

So why am I that offended? When usually I am the type of guy who would take  opinions open-minded. 

I just can't believe when at some course of my random chat conversation to a number of foreigners online and asking them if they know all about my country -The Philippines. I was ecstatically surprised when I guess 80% of them knew little about my country.

As someone who solidly support the tourism ad campaign of our country at present, I felt disrespected more than cheated with this viral video depicting dislikes about our nation. I felt that somehow it is hindering my own "It's More Fun In The Philippines" campaign. And knowing how powerful web and media are, certainly it can ruins our effort in boosting our tourism industry.

And as a solid response, I decided to bring your attention to "Ten Things I Love About The Philippines". Maybe some of you might get caught with the same things I love. And I urge you readers to randomly check fascinating things and facts that made you LOVE THE PHILIPPINES.

Solitary Moment - Page 2

I just don't feel so good today yet these are my thoughts.

I just suddenly write and look at  what I've done.

Office isn't the best place as of the moment. Pressure building up and some people in it are just uncooperative and over demanding.

Deadlines here and there. Short notice reports and stuff troubled me a bit.

But after all of these unlikely scenarios, I just blurted out these words.

Funny thing is I took extra effort to put it in MS Powerpoint presentation and saved it via JPEG format --to look presentable.

God, thank you for extending so much of my patience. God thank you for giving me extra strength to control my temper.

God, simply I just want to THANK YOU.

Friday, April 6, 2012

In My Own Eyes - A Holy Week Reflection

"You give me hope in spite of everything
You give me love in spite of so much pain"

These are the very lines from the song sang by the character of Ben (Tyler's older brother ) in the movie "Letters to God" that struck me most. How profound isn't it? 

Earlier, we had our mini-recollection as our response in observing the holy week season here. Our location only permits a discreet observance. I'm so thankful still for the minuscule opportunity to express our faith.

On the other end, we don't focus on fear but we focus on how fear magnify our courage to serve more and to glorify our one great God despite restrictions. And I personally believe that God protects us with his unbreakable shield. But of course, we are well aware where we stand --our high respect to the culture and religious tradition remains our top priority.

Now, let's go back to the movie. It's so awesomely moving and inspiring that I quickly need to sit down and have a short review of it after the recollection. I'm not sure if I can collect all my thoughts as I have a short span memory but I'll try to use it anyway and I'll let God direct my mind for ideas to flow in unstoppably.

Letters To God --is all about a young boy fighting cancer who writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman, with a troubled life of his own, becomes entangled in the boy's journey and his family by reading the letters. They inspire him to seek a better life for himself and his own son he's lost through his alcohol addiction.

Mr. Brady & Tyler
The story of what happens when one boy's walk of faith crosses paths with one man's search for meaning -- the resulting transformational journey touches the lives of everyone around them. Tyler is an extraordinary eight-year old boy. Surrounded by a loving family and community, and armed with the courage of his faith, he faces his daily battle against cancer with bravery and grace. 

Ben, Samantha & Tyler
To Tyler, God is a friend, a teacher, and the ultimate pen pal. Tyler's prayers take the form of letters, which he composes and mails on a daily basis. The letters find their way into the hands of Brady --a beleaguered substitute postman standing at a crossroads in his life. At first he is confused and conflicted over what to do with the letters. but the decision he ultimately made becomes a testament to the quiet power of one boy's shining spirit and unshakable faith.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiring People - Part 2 -- Meet Yves!

This photo was taken in Tagaytay during my wedding
 last December 13, 2011 where he attended
as one of my invited guests

Yves P. Barbasina

A name, an ordinary name. And who is Yves?

Well, the world needs to know this person. He's an ordinary guy, I know, but he is a hyper driven yuppie working as a Program Manager and Administrator at SILID ARALAN INC. focusing on empowerment of youths through leadership trainings and other socially-related advocacies.

Before I give you what's fascinating about this person, let me put it clearly—I won’t be writing his autobiography here but I’ll be focusing on how I know this awesome personality.

How did we meet?

I never knew this person until one of my closest SFC leader and buddy Rex Geneston was integrated in SFC – San Rafael in Montalban (Rodriguez now), Rizal  in the later part of 2009. That was the time when he finally decided to go back home for good. Having a status of a diligent leader here in the Mid-East. Rex was easily elevated to a leadership position when he joined the SFC’s of San Rafael. And to cut the story short, Yves was once under his umbrella.

And how did we meet? Rex requested me to render a “Special Talk” intended to his unit and If I recall it right it was the “GG Talk” (God's Gift) or we call it the “Courtship Talk or Love Forum” -- it is in this talk where we discuss how the courtship happens in the community, the do's and don't and other relationship issues. I guess I delivered the said talk way back 15th of June 2010. And I can so well-remember how I was bombarded with lots of relationship-related questions during the open forum which literally rendered me in perspiring mode..hahaha! Well, to boast a bit I managed to address their queries gracefully and in accordance to our community's teaching. And Yves entered the scene when we came face to face when he shook hands with me and poured me with heart-warming compliment after my talk.

Solitary Moment - Page 1

I lost track of how many weeks I had been so neglectful of encoding an entry in my blog.

I don't know but those lost times were like my brain was put to freeze. Every time I look at my laptop and try to write, ideas won't come out.

What is happening to me? Is it a writer's block again? Damn! if it is then I want it go and stray away in my brain path. I don't need it. 

I want to write. I want to write. I need to write.

Perhaps, all of us (writers/bloggers) had been into these days. And we are quite familiar to this avenue. Most of us had been crossing its alleys a number of times. I mean days where our attempt to write isn't fruitful and we're just ending up wasting our time and finishing none. It's stupid right? A time where you really crave to write yet your brain don't give you great ideas. Your brain was like in a dormant state that forcing it to be active is really painful.
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