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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Christian Corner: Somewhere In The Middle

"Somewhere in the middle you'll find me" 

Yesterday, I was in the middle of work hurrying to finish a deadline, in between my busy mind, I still keep my focus on continuous brainstorming about our 2014 -2nd HS Grand Reunion. I'll be spearheading the team. You can gauge how busy I am right? Well, yeah I love being busy. It delights me realizing that my neuron is working and working for a goal. A goal for common good.

And since I'm so annoyed by the deafening silence in our office I decided to put on a wireless headset run via bluetooth connection and browse some Christian songs. This is my habit -- whenever I want to be inspired I always play Christian songs --it's my comfort zone especially when I am writing. Drawing an inspiration from a song that's intended to glorify our God is a blast and worthy of a listening ear.. And there ain't no other form I'd be inspired aside from it. 

And this is the song. Listen carefully and try to internalize it and maybe somehow you'll gain wisdom after hearing it.

It's quite funny how I was caught up by this Christian song when in fact the singer's message was "it's for the youth who goes through a critical stage in their teenage life.

And so I am leading you back to my high school era. An era of each person's lives where dreams begin to sprout, where fools rush in, where confusion sets in and where preparation for the tedious college life is being boiled down on hot water of middle school learning.
Some of my HS Batch 94 who attended last April 8, 2102

Somewhere between....

Somewhere between my mind, I'm highly ecstatic to lead a batch once hailed by one of our HS teachers as the "most vibrant" to ever surfaced our former school. To bring back our batch glories and relive those moments when we're so young and naive, when were so delicate and upright, when we're so carefree and unattached -- is my ultimate driving force. I am determined to finish the race and finish it with wide smiles of satisfaction.

Somewhere between.....

Somewhere between our sail to pursue our dreams after high school, there were several stories that each of us had experienced, stories that each of us won't tell, encounters that made some of us stronger and experiences that made us have second thoughts or had made us spent countless nights of contemplating.

Now, we're in the middle...

We are in the early middle stage of each of our lives, we're pursuing different paths but somehow our worthy get together made us all walk back to the same road we once had made giant strides.

And it was last April 8, 2012 when that once again happened. The 2012 Grand Fiesta Reunion made it all a worthy memory to all who have attended.

Let me share with you a message I wrote in behalf of our HS Batch 94 when our batch participated last April 8, 2012 Grand Fiesta Reunion. This grand fiesta reunion was spearheaded by HS Batch 92 and they gather 21 different batches from 1980 to 2003. And since we're asked to submit our batch message, I was tasked to do it. And here's my simple message.

"It has been quite a journey for all of us who hailed from one of the three towns of Sibuyan Island –San Fernando -- in the majestic and enchanting province of Romblon. Our humble beginnings sparked the ardent desire within us to climb the arduous ladders of elusive success. We are yet to reach the pinnacle. Our unending quest to progress into our chosen career paths still give us thrills, shivers, and chills. Some may have faltered, others’ climb were slow, while some have had the universal luck easily reaching the summit of their dreams.

Yet at the tipping point, we are all united. Yet at the forefront of every batch’s endeavors, we are all the frontliners. We are all the exhortation pushing forward each other. We envision each other as equal in rights, privileges, and opportunities. The only difference in it maybe is the intensity of desire, gravity of determination, and magnitude of actions we put into our efforts.

Speaking in behalf of our batch, we are highly appreciative and thankful to Batch 92 for spearheading this Grand Fiesta Reunion upon which, I along with the rest of my batch mates, has strong gut-feel that this initiative ignites the blooming unity of our town people gearing towards a change we can believe in.

May this reunion solidifies our collective drive to achieve whatever goals we have set in, whatever plans we have brainstormed, and whatever courage we have put through. Together, bounded by the love to our Alma Mater & home town, we can create a change and be the change.

Let this reunion be a witness of unity, camaraderie, and humanitarian precept to fuel our hopes to sustainable progress not only to our Alma Mater but also to our humble town"

And this upcoming reunion we are working on, I can't rest until I know things are in order. I can't sleep on it. Admittedly, there were times when my spirit is weak. Time when entertaining giving up is forcing an entry in my head. But when I know that the effort is for the benefit of my batch mates and our former school, that's when I'm fired up to move ahead, to run forward propelling my wheel of courage and banking on my only source of strength --that is GOD.

And to end this entry, somewhere between my mind says. Don't give up for something worthy because when you don't give up YOU CAN NEVER FAIL.


  1. the glory days of being an HS student, hehe

    pero hindi naging maganda HS q, full of hurts...but syempre, i have already forgiven those people


  2. @Theo --Ouch...can relate to that somehow, part of my HS I was a victim of peer pressure, bullying and sort of that. But I used them as challenges. I capitalized on them. And yes, forgiveness is the key to moving on. Still, HS life is full of fun.

  3. I miss my HS days. I should propose a reunion soon. :)

  4. haaaay. high school days. mine was fun. but i still don't want to have a reunion. maybe five more years from now, yung time na miss na miss na miss na miss ko na sila. haha

  5. @michy- that's a good idea para naman makapag catch up kayo ng mga buhay buhay nyo.

  6. @Orange Pulps--hahahaha..kasi sobrang maaga pa to meet them dapat after 10 years.lols kasi normally after 10 years naman talaga ang first reunion di ba hehehe.

  7. Yves:
    hahaha, Last year we had our HS reunion where I was part of the organizing team. In deed, very exciting, I could still remember the days when I almost did not sleep thinking and planning. I hosted it as well and it was attended by around 160 / 800 + alumni, quite a good number. Praise God it was successful.


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