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Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Things I Love About "The Philippines"

When the sure-fire hit video "20 Things I Dislike About The Philippines" came out I've tried to be objective at most.  After all, the guy who authored it has all the freedom in terms of speech and expressing his opinions. But minutes away after I clicked it, I began to be defensive and a bit annoyed. I personally took it at heart. Maybe patriotism and loyalty took its action in me. 

Admittedly, most if not all of what he'd said were true. Certainly, comments made by him should be taken as constructive criticism if we really want to take positive and sustainable action for change. 

So why am I that offended? When usually I am the type of guy who would take  opinions open-minded. 

I just can't believe when at some course of my random chat conversation to a number of foreigners online and asking them if they know all about my country -The Philippines. I was ecstatically surprised when I guess 80% of them knew little about my country.

As someone who solidly support the tourism ad campaign of our country at present, I felt disrespected more than cheated with this viral video depicting dislikes about our nation. I felt that somehow it is hindering my own "It's More Fun In The Philippines" campaign. And knowing how powerful web and media are, certainly it can ruins our effort in boosting our tourism industry.

And as a solid response, I decided to bring your attention to "Ten Things I Love About The Philippines". Maybe some of you might get caught with the same things I love. And I urge you readers to randomly check fascinating things and facts that made you LOVE THE PHILIPPINES.

1. PEOPLE - Topping the list is our multi-cultural race and ethnicity. Pinoys are fun. We are people raised with grace and sensitivity and generally, won't say a word to defile somebody. One of the many reasons why we are called "Least Rude" in a recent survey. We are naturally friendly and awesomely hospitable.

2009 Middle East Conference in Manama - Bahrain
2. BEACHES - Why I love beaches? Well, I grew up in a place where seashore is like 500 big steps. And as someone who loves to swim and knows how to swim it excites me seeing numerous beaches abound our 7,107 or 7,108 islands-archipelago. Some of which are world-class, waiting to be A-listed while some are yet to be elevated to fame. Some remain tranquil perfectly suited for honeymooners like that of Coron in Palawan. I've been there and it's magnificent. Would love to come back again and again.

Club Paradise in Coron, Palawan - December 16-18, 2011
3. CRISPY PATA & ALL THAT IS --PORK - Wow, this makes me drool. In my point of view as an OFW, we really look forward to eating any pork menu--when we're graced with the chance to do just that. Admittedly, we are lovers of fatty foods--haha. And Crispy Pata, among others, is one thing we look forward eating when we get home-bound.

Crispy Pata

4. SUPER-HYPER-DUPER-MEGA-CHEESY- No wonder, Telenovelas really buy us off and television producers earn big bucks in producing those. We are lovers of anything that is senti- From watching sappy movies to listening to senti songs. How about that? To some extent--others would really cry hard when their fave "bida" is being mistreated.

5. PINOY-STYLE CHRISTMAS - It's a month-long celebration of different festivities and merriment. And pinoy-style distinctly holds the record for a month-long celebration. Naturally, we are happy people and it's innate in us to exert extra hand in making someone's life happier during Christmas. The food varieties abound. Caroling makes it unique and our own. I love this season more than any other season of the year.

Pinoy-style Christmas
6. FIESTAS AND FESTIVALS - Need I say more? These events literally took us a leap higher in terms of all year round festivities. Almost all months have different fiestas and festivals.

Pinoy Fiestas and Festivals
7. AWESOME NATURE SPOTS - I literally runs out of idea which spots to pick because there are plenty to choose from. These spots are one of the many reasons why I love exploring my country. From the serene Batanes Island in the north to the magnificent and attractive Palawan down the south.

8. TRAFFIC CONGESTION - Some would raise brows why I choose this--haha! Well, it's not fun at all. But realizing that we're a country of close to a hundred million people and Manila being the melting pot of all that there is --surely, traffic CANNOT be solved no matter how effort will be put in it. Geographically, Manila don't have wide streets and roads and the fact that jeepney runs at every point more so with people. We'll be sad if traffic congestion will be solved-haha. It what makes it fun especially during rainy seasons where people loves to play in the rain.

Traffic-Manila Style
9. MORE RICE PLEASE - Haha! As one of the many Asians who consumes rice as a staple food. It'll be a literally sad face if we run out of it. It's the perfect partner for all the viands we have. And Filipinos consumes more rice than I guess any other Asian nation. Plus the fact that you can make a variety of food products using rice.

10. MALLING - Closing the list is all about malling--it's the perfect past time of most of us pinoys. Whether we go out for shopping, checking bookstore, watching a movie or simple window shopping-just to kill time. We marvel at it. And this summer surely there will be this term of mine "mall overload" haha. If only malls can speak, probably it has complained countless of times already for people congestion. 

Malling in Manila
Certainly, there are lots of things to run down and add to my list but I choose only TEN of them since I might be consuming too much space for this entry. LoLs. Maybe yours are more exciting that what I have written here. So prepare one for yourself and share it in my page. Or you can share it by writing it in my comment's portion. 

Have a nice read everyone. Surely, IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHIIPPPINES.


  1. Also, a recent article revealed that The Philippines is one of the "least rudest" countries in the world. Cheers to that! :)

  2. @Michy --Cheers to that. I'll visit and post comments in your entries soon. I've missed it big time. :)

  3. there's no place like home,


  4. bwahahahahaha this is funny! panalo ka dude!

  5. No. 3, 5, 10. Actually lahat gusto ko din. Nakakahomesick >.<

  6. Arvs- di ba walang hihigit pa sa Pinas pagdating sa kasayahan..hehehe.


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