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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Around The World - Inside The Office?

Earlier in the office, I had my knowledge tested again by my Indian officemate about the different countries’ capitals. What led us to this idea was when we’re plotting out purchasing issues for international suppliers in our weekly purchasing and monthly purchasing plans.

He just randomly asked me question if I know the capital of India (obviously where he came from). I told him “Of course! Yes – crediting to my stock knowledge in my History subject in high school. I didn’t recite the answer. Doubting Thomas as he was, he insisted that I should pronounce it loudly to him. I told him no need but assuring him that I know the capital. But he further insisted to tell him or even write it in a piece of paper.

Annoyed as I was, I tell it directly to his face by saying, “Ok, the capital of your country is New Delhi” and to prove further my confidence I even wrote it in a piece of white bond paper in bold letters.  So, by that time, he was already convinced that I really do  know his country’s capital.

 I thought that the discussion ends there. But to my surprise, he challenged me to answer other countries’ capital in a random manner. I was a bit off-guarded there since I’m not really well versed in the capitals of the countries in the African continent but I know almost half of the 51 or more countries in it. Though capital of countries from Asian, North and South American, and European continents are still solidly lodge in my head. (FYI – we were asked by our high school History teacher to memorize the capital of Asian countries – but since I love history and ancient things, I did memorize more than what we’re asked for.)

So, my Indian officemate started to pop-up questions randomly. And here’s our question and answer portion.

Officemate: Ok, here is my first question. What is the-e-e ---capital of Turkey?
Me: (quickly answered) ANKARA
Officemate: No, it’s not Ankara…it’s Istanbul
Me: It is Ankara… will you bet SAR500.00 just to prove you wrong?
Officemate: No! but I know it’s Istanbul
Me: It is Ankara, the thing is --Istanbul is much more popular than Ankara because it’s a vibrant and modern city where commerce is largely seen compared to Turkey’s capital. Would you like me to search the net to further prove my answer?
Officemate: No, it’s enough! You got me there. I believe you. Ok, next question. What is the capital of Spain?
Me: He went far now, asking for Spain’s capital. I was a bit in LoL because I do really know its capital since my grade school days. So, I told him. MADRID
Officemate: You were right! Ok, next is “how about the capital city of Pakistan?
Me: Oh it’s so easy (boasting a bit). It’s ISLAMABAD.
Officemate: Why did you know that? You’re so clever
Me: Well, I read newspapers and books that’s why. Not even telling him I had these capitals memorized in my high school days – hahaha.
Officemate: (Thinking really hard for the next question) How about the capital of Denmark?
Me: Oh that must be hard (pretending I don’t know the answer and just guessing) I said, “it’s umm..ahh..COPENHAGEN?
Officemate: Are you sure?
Me: I guess I’m sure
Officemate: Wait, lemme check in the net?

So he opened the web and searched for the answer. I can’t contain myself and so I laughed.

Officemate: Oh my god! You’re so clever. How did you know that? I bet you know all the countries capitals (he told me)
Me: Well, no! It just so happened that you gave me countries that I know of.
Officemate: Ok, let me give you another one. (now he’s thinking hard again) How about the capital of Nepal?
Me: This time I struggled. I can’t even pronounce what my mind dictates me. I was tongue-tied. I was thinking so hard if it’s Thimpu or Dhimpu? I knew it back then but now I’m confused about the spelling. So I gave him the wrong spelling which obviously the wrong answer.
Officemate: Hahaha! It’s Thimpu, my dear! (that’s how Indian always address friends or acquaintances) putting words “my dear” always.
Me: Oh at least it’s near. I just had a memory gap. He laughed so loud at my attempt of a joke.

Lots of questions had been bombarded to me and it was only the capital of Nepal where I choked for a correct answer. And here are the additional countries to wit:

Australia – Canberra
Norway – Oslo
Portugal – Lisbon
South Africa – Pretoria
Thailand – Bangkok
Finland – Helsinki
China – Beijing
Ethiopia – Addis Adaba
Iran –Tehran
Syria – Damascus
Egypt – Cairo
Brazil – Brasilia
Peru – Lima
Venezuela – Caracas
Colombia – Bogota
Chile – Santiago
Ecuador – Quito

I even told him that Turkey is the only country in between Asia and Europe upon which he surprisingly said” Really? I never knew that. Then I told him “Now you know” and laughed boisterously.

So, I jokingly teased him to buy me a dinner or to treat me for answering almost all his questions right.  To my surprise, he agreed. But I declined it telling him I’m just kidding.

How about you guys? How many capitals of different countries do you know? Ok, lemme give you a challenge (No cheating please, don’t open the web for answers) What are the capital cities of the following: GERMANY, AUSTRIA, CAMBODIA, PUERTO RICO, EL SALVADOR and NICARAGUA?

No cheating!

P.S. I made this blog entry while inside the car on my way home. I was a bit bored after finishing the book Chicken Soup for the Soul. So, I decided to write an entry to ease the boredom.


  1. sorry daddy jay, dalawa lng alam kong capitals dun sa last part.

    Germany - Berlin
    Austria - Vienna (sausage) lols :P

    yung iba, no idea haha,

  2. haha pina memories din samin yan dati jay nung high school pa ko
    pero nakalimutan ko na haha
    nice manghang mangha siya eeh nu

    well ganda ng memories mo haha
    ako kasi makakalimutin na sobra

    anyway lam mo anu naaalala ko dito haha
    little miss Philippines hahaha

  3. and i am not good on capitals ..... hheheh just reminds me wid my officemate when did the name of all fonts we could find on the ms word

  4. Mahina ako dyan. So don na lang sa matatalino:)

  5. GERMANY - Berlin, AUSTRIA - Vienna, CAMBODIA - Phnom Penh, PUERTO RICO - dont know, EL SALVADOR - El Salvador and NICARAGUA - dont know

    I used to know all the capitals too, not because it was required because the first book I ever owned was an atlas. :) My mom got me into reading early. I think every parent should instill reading to their children early. :)

  6. genius...pero ako memorize ko riyan eh...i took political geo in college and we were required to memorize all the countries capital...

    feeling ko madadaig nmn kita sa US Statets and Capita Cities

  7. Austria lang alam ko eh.. Nice.. maganda mag quiz bee ng ganyan.. memorized ko kasi states ng Us

  8. haha kaw na maraming alam sa history :)

    naalala ko tuloy bigla yung mga kaklase ko na halimaw sa mga information tulad ng capital ng mga bansa, grabe :)

    parang na-blanko agad ako, berlin lang ata ang kaya kong sagutin hehe,

    napahanga mo ang indian mong ka-trabaho,
    sabi na nga ba eh, matatalino ang ating lahi lols:)

  9. Huwaw ang taray ng memory ng daddy ko. Di ko na maalala ang capital ng ibang bansa. Pwede math nalang ang usapan. :P

    Ang capital pala ng New Caledonia ay Nomea. Walang lang. hehe

  10. TO ALL - Salamat sa inyong mga comments! naitatak lang sa memorya ko until now kaya alam na alam ko pa rin ang mga capitals ng maraming bansa. Hehehehe.


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