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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Is "Pain The Second Best Thing To God"?

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While lobbying into my heart for some hurtful things that I had encountered recently, I came across just a while ago an FB status of my former co-SFC (now also a CFC like me). I felt I was knocked-out by the very words in it. I felt ashamed of how I somehow treated my situation into like questioning God. But at the very end of it, I just felt His awesome presence in me through this encouraging words. I just feel the need to share it with you guys especially those who are experiencing difficult situation like me. This somehow will assure us of the omnipotent presence of God.

Indeed, God never fails to deliver when you mostly need Him. There might be delays but surely He will run for a rescue into your life. And it did to me. Here is a powerful message God sent to me from a man of God -Tullian Tchividjian - a senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

"Being thankful for pain is such a hard concept to grasp because many of us are convinced that the pursuit of happiness and comfort is our “inalienable right.” So when our comforts, conveniences, and cushions are threatened, we cry “foul.” And this has deeply affected our understanding of the things that we should be thankful for.

The greatest people in history have been just as thankful for their pains as they have been for their pleasures. They’ve given gratitude for their desperations as much as their deliverances; their grief as much as their glory.

Charles Spurgeon once said, “Health is a gift from God, but sickness is a gift greater still.” Throughout his time in this world, Spurgeon suffered with various physical ailments that eventually took his life prematurely. He longed to be well but he recognized the supreme value of being sick and he thanked God for it because it was his pain that caused him to desperately draw near to God.

To be thankful for our comforts only is to make an idol of this life. “God-sent afflictions”, says Maurice Roberts, “have a health-giving effect upon the soul” because they are the medicine used to purge the soul of self-centeredness and this world’s vanities. Pain, in other words, sharpens us, matures us, and gives us clear “eye-sight.” Pain transforms us like nothing else can. It turns us into “solid” people.

It’s been said that pain is the second best thing because it leads us to the Best Thing (God). For, it is only when we come to the end of ourselves that we come to the beginning of God. And it is only when we come to the beginning of God that we come to the beginning of life.

The paradox of Christianity is that if you want to find your life, you must lose it (Matthew 10:39). In the world’s economy, life precedes death. In God’s economy, death precedes life -- the cross always precedes the crown. The good news, however -- the thing that should cause us to be supremely thankful -- is that when we lose our worldly comforts, we gain heavenly ones.

~Tullian Tchividjian


  1. Naku, super agree ako dito Daddy Jay :) and mejo nagi-guilty ako. Kasi minsan, napakaliit lang na bagay or problema, parang sobra ako kung makapagreklamo. Hindi ko na naisip yung ibang tao na mas malaki pa ang suliranin na dinadanas ngayon compared sa akin na kung tutuusin ay napakaliit lamang. Kaya humihingi talaga ako ng sorry kay Lord. Minsan talaga hindi ko ma control ang sarili ko sa mga ganung bagay.

    God's plan for your life involves all that happens to you - including your mistakes, your sins, and your hurt. It includes illnesses, debt, disasters, divorce and death of loved ones. God can bring good out of the worst evil.

  2. wow nakakainspire naman basahin ya parekoy

    well i guess this is one of god's way on answering your question parekoy

    everything will be just fine,
    no, everything will be just so perfect you'll see

  3. I agree with this cause those that have more difficulties are closer to God than rich people. Dito sa norway, dahil lahat ang material blessings ay meron lahat, they dont feel the need for God. In fact if one is a believer and reading the bible, they think that that person is crazy. If you share God's words, some can say, who are you? Are you better than the priests?
    Anyway, I learned to be always closer to God in good and painful moments.
    I just try to look at any moments as lessons to be learned.
    Thanks again for another awakening and inspiring post:)

  4. thank you for sharing this one...daddy ba?...daddy ka na ngayon ive heard...:)

    Sometimes God wanted us to experience pain, hurts, and problems because He wanted us to be strong in faith towards Him. It is also one way of calling us to be in a more intimate relationship with Him....:)


  5. nasapul ako dito.... thanks sa pag post nito... ^^

    Tama naman kayo....

  6. If our lives are too convenient to live, we may not seek God anymore. However pains and trials can also easily distract us oh so easily. Akala natin wala ng katapusan. Yung personal relationships lang talaga natin with HIm defines everything. Thanks for this post!

  7. Yes. Ako sa sarili ko, I've doubted God before, lalo na nung dumating yung isa sa mga pinakamatinding failure ko sa buhay. For a minute or so, I questioned God, "WHY?!" matched with somewhat hatred or something. But the after a while i felt this GUILT inside me. Why did I even question God? For I know to my self He has a better plan for me. My God. I'm so sorry.

    And yes, pain is the second best thing to God, for without pain, would we still know God?

  8. katulad din na nabanggit ni ate joy, dito sa europe, (in some part, "they/we don't feel the need for God" hindi ko na eexclude yung sarili ko dahil yung totoo habang patagal ng patagal ay nahahawa na rin ako sa kanila. hindi ko alam kung paano pero nakakalimutan ko ng magsimba at kausapin si papa God, at ang pagiging relihiyoso ko. Dahil narealized ko noon, tayo mismo talaga gumagawa ng ating landas."Prayers and God are only just to "boost" your self motivation and to feel safe and comfort." No sense talaga kung kinakausap mo si papa God kung hindi mo naman pinapahalagahan, inaalagaan ang iyong sarili. Pero bagong buhay na uli ako. Nitong past few months lang din uli ako nakikipag usap kay papa God dahil na realize nawawala ang aking landas at laging magulo ang aking pag-iisip. Lumaki ako relihiyoso kaya kailangan panindigan ko. Hindi ko sinisisi si papa God kung minsan ay shit happened. Kasalanan ko yon at dapat ako mismo ang magbago.

  9. Fiel - I quote "God can bring good out of the worst evil." - Absolutely agree! When God works in someone's life no matter how crooked that's someone's life has been God never sees the past but focus on the present and will work in the future of that someone. His mercy never runs out.

  10. Mecoy - Indeed, God really works in mysterious ways. He will just surprise you in a least expected manner.

  11. Ms. Joy - When materials things overshadows your spiritual life that's when troubles come in. Our earthly nature can easily be swayed by the material possessions we have. We tend to forget who is the giver of all that there is. But I salute you for really incorporating your faith even when you're not surrounded by people who do the same as you do.

  12. Xoxo - I certainly agree with you. It's one way of God to catch our attention.

  13. Olivr- hahaha..nakaka guilty ba...lahat naman ata tayo guilty of it eh..hehehe....It's good that we are reminded from time to time.

  14. Jon - hahaha...ikaw rin nasapul...lahat tayo pwedeng masapul niyan hehehe

  15. Ate Malou - Yes, you are right! When we're surrounded with luxuries and material possessions, out mind and heart focus on it that we tend to forget to thank the giver of all that we have. Thanks for the comment!

  16. Pao - Human as we are, sometimes there comes a point in our lives where we tend to question God. This especially happens when we feel that we're abandoned by Him for not answering our prayers in our time.

    But when we realized things, it is only then we'll come to know that God delays some things because He's preparing a grand one for us. We are just too demanding and too prodding.

  17. Cyron - We are the master of our own action and every decision we put into action we should take responsibility over it.

  18. This reminds me of 2 Corinthians 4:17:

    For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

    Our problems and pains are nothing compare to what God has promise. We just have to really trust Him with everything.

    Blessed day!

  19. Hirap talaga mag hold on kay God pag may affliction, pain and problem.. Pero it only reminds us that there's always God and Jesys that we can turn to..pero dapat not only in the time of need

  20. Pain makes us closer to the One that can ease that pain...


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