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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inspiring People No.1 - "A Man Of Steadfast Faith"

As stated in my previous post  of About Blog Improvements, Of New Features, Of People, And Of Real Stories, this is the first in my goal of featuring "100 INSPIRING PEOPLE OF MY 2013". Why "Of My 2013"? - it is because these people are of my own selection only, these people somehow inspire me in the way they live their lives, about their life advocacy, and about their positive vision that create optimistic influence in my life. 

On the side note, having my first entry does not necessarily mean he ranked number one on the list or he has earned my highest respect. All inspiring people to be featured here are on the same level-playing field - meaning they are equally inspiring in their own ways.

There are so many things and events that's been goin' on with the world today. Some of which are stories of technological advances and breakthrough, some of which are stories of triumphs and some stories are  headlining tragedies - stories like that of Sandy Hook Shooting in Connecticut, USA and just few weeks ago, the Cavite shootings in my own country as well. It's kind of sad to note that these events happen to innocent people.

In this age and time, people look for hope, for positive news, and for inspirations. Inspirations from people who can influence them to have a better outlook in life or to maintain optimism despite the crazy things that are happening around.

Today, I will tell about a story of a very good SFC (Singles For Christ) and family friend of mine. Actually, he's one of the godfathers of my first born Damien Caleb. He will be the pioneer entry for my blog segment "100 INSPIRING PEOPLE OF MY 2013".  

"A Man of Steadfast Faith" 
Randy Policarpo Dela Rama Turiano
This photo was taken when we attended "How To Be Truly Rich"
seminar of Bo Sanchez in Lourdes School of Mandaluyong - April 12, 2010

"A Man Of Steadfast Faith"

I had been planning to write about this awesome yet humble man for so long. The idea came to me way back year 2009. But I just don't know yet about blogging. The postponement has something to do with that. Good thing, blogging was born. Now that blogging instrumentally paved the way to let people know about "ordinary yet interesting and inspiring personalities", it is high time for this man to be elevated into the limelight.
Christmas Party 2009 with SFC Boys
(L-R - Sean, Ryane, Randy, Me, Eins, T2 Ben, Joms, & Floyd
Middle East Conference - Bahrain 2009
(L-R Me, Jansenn, Randy, Zaldnor, Leo, Rommel, sitting Eins and Albert)
In the span of time that I have known this person, my admiration on how he live his life constantly grows. Of course, we didn't grow up as childhood friends nor in the same province or region in our country. I came to know him in modern times already. What I mean is during our plight as an OFW.

Middle East Conference - Bahrain 2009
Cheering for our co-delegates
Due to our distance, chance of interviewing him in person was deprived to me. We are on the same country but in different location. He is working in the place where my wife works. Truthfully, they are working on the same hospital. I only get to see him during weekends, most especially if we have community activities and gatherings. So, with the impossibility of an ambush interview, I just came up with questionnaires for him to respond.

This is the transcript of that send- in interview:

Jay: What is the normal everyday routine for Randy?

Randy: During work days, I usually prepare breakfast if time permits, feed my adopted cat, been under my custody for approximately 3 months since she was nearly a month old. I read or watch news online while having breakfast. If not, I just watch or listen to online talks, mostly from Bo Sanchez. In the office, I work  in a 8-5 job, if there is a need to meet some deadlines, do stay at work until 8pm. After work, I busy myself preparing dinner. Thereafter, I read/watch news while having dinner.

During weekends, (since weekends here falls on Thursdays and Fridays), I usually wash my car - my way of burning extra calories. Then, prepare my breakfast. Do my laundry while also doing a general cleaning of my room. Then, go to the market for veggies and fish shopping. Prepare lunch. Power nap if time permits. Sometimes, I render OT at work if I got some pending work loads. Visit the gym if I have extra time. Basically, my Friday is allotted for community events, meetings, gatherings.

Jay: Where do you get your motivation everyday?

Randy: God, Loved ones and people around.

Jay: When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thought (aside from praying) crosses your mind?

Randy:: Well, aside from praying, just being grateful that I woke up again and given a brand new life. To make the most of the day, as if it wil be my last.

Jay: What is your personal prayer everyday? Can you share?

Randy: Thanking the Lord for the opportunity to live again and see the beauty of His creation. Thanking Him for taking good care of my loved ones, and for every single blessing He bestows upon me. Asking forgiveness for every shortcomings I've done and seeking His guidance for the day and enough strength for the challenges that I'll face.

Jay: Being an SFC leader for a considerable length of time, what vision/s do you still have in mind for our community?

Randy: As an SFC servant, my vision is basically rooted from SFC's global vision, "That every single men/women, experiencing Christ" in their lives. That more single men/women will get out of their comfort zone and make service their passion. That more single men/women will be brave enough to proclaim God's greatness especially in the land where religious freedom is restricted.

Jay: What makes you angry? sad?

Randy: Injustice, irresponsibility and carelessness

Jay: How is Randy when inlove?

Randy: a fine red sand in the desert that glitters with immeasurable joy and thanksgiving.

Jay: The ship is sinking, which would you choose, a mother or a girlfriend? 

Randy: I'm a good swimmer, hence, I could probably save both. But my mother will be my first priority as our love life has started since birth.

Jay: When do you think is the right time to settle for a family?

Randy: When the checklist for getting married is completed. Will have to be emotionally ready and financially capable of settling down.

Jay: When can we see you tying the knot?

Randy:: When the checklist is completed. Sometime soon, if God willing.

In Tagaytay during our wedding in December 13, 2011
where he served as our church commentator
Jay: When faced with a challenging situation, what's your initial reaction?

Randy: Face it peacefully, gently, and smoothly.

Jay: I overheard in one of the conversation way back that you had a plan of pursuing priesthood, are you still open to the idea? If given the chance, will you still enter the seminary?

Randy: Yup! I'm still open to that idea and will enter the seminary if given the chance. Having seen Jesus twice in my dream, is for me a remarkable sign of calling. At the end of the day, I just have to obey what He tells me to do.

Unrehearsed smile - an evidence of Christ-centered man
Jay: I know how you loved your father, but did you have any memory of him where he reprimanded you for a foolish act during childhood? How did you feel about it?

Randy: I remember one incident with my sister during childhood, when we played around our sweet potato plantation. We were like "twisters" when we pulled quite a number of sweet potato base, looking for a bigger root-crop for our bahay-bahayan game with other playmates who were our cousins. That was the only time that I think I was reprimanded by him. Then after, I didn't bother to go against his will anymore. My father succeeded in instilling within us the discipline that we need. He didn't speak much words during those days, but his actions, his examples, surely have taught us most in life.

His sporty side of life.
Jay: If your father is still alive, what would you tell him that you haven't told him when he's still alive?

Randy: I'll tell him how grateful I am for the golden moments he had spend with us. How blessed I am to have such a loving and caring father.

Jay: If you are not working in the Mid-East, where do you think you're connected now?

Randy: I'll probably be connected to a non-government organization for social welfare and development while managing our farm. And will surely be spending most of my time serving our parish.

Jay: I know how passionate you are in good governance and honest public service, do you have plans of running for a public office if someone (politician or not) encourage you to seek public office?

Randy: Improving the quality of human existence is among my goals in life. If getting into politics will pave the way to achieving that goal, I'll probably give it a try.

Jay: You are a successful bachelor now in your field, what is your idea of success?

Randy: Being able to serve my parents, my siblings, and the people around me. And being able to leave a legacy that will last forever, is one sweet success.

Jay: What life is for you?

Randy:: A one time privilege that needs to be given more attention.

Jay: Lastly, what is your message to those who wants to make their life beautiful, fulfilling yet simple?

Randy: Let me answer the question by sharing the last face to face conversation I had with my father. He was in the hospital for quite some time due to an illness. He was still weak, could hardly move and talk. I told my father that my month-long emergency leave is over and I need to go back to Saudi. I told him to get well  very soon and we’ll play basketball together, play guitar again, and have fun as one family. I was trying to cheer him up and trying to leave a joyful momentum. And for the first time, I told him how much we love him. And with a smile on his face, and teary-eyes, my father responded that he loves us all as well. I held his hand and made the “pagmamano” gesture, and left the room with tears falling on my eyes. The joy that I was feeling that moment was immeasurable, being able to convey the message of love for my father. I wish I could have just stayed right beside him until he gets well.  Before leaving the place, I went first to the hospital chapel and prayed and continued crying. Three months after, my father passed away. 

Life is simply about loving, caring, and spending our precious time with the people around us. Regardless of our state in life, regardless of how much or how less we have, we can live a fulfilling and beautiful life. My parents may not have bought us those expensive toys or may not have brought us to various tourist destinations during my younger days, but the moments that they have spent with us and the life’s lessons that they taught us, are totally priceless. It always lingers in my memory those days that my father and I were riding the carabao, playing and swimming in the river, watching together a parade while he carries me at his back, and the adrenaline rush whenever he throws me in the air and catches me again with an embrace.

The journey that I had with my father is a unique yet simple paradigm of life. He may have been gone physically, but his love never fades.

Indeed, this awesome yet humble man not only inspire me but those people whom he brush-off shoulder with, those people who witness how he profess his faith to God. If you can only see him how he worship, I am sure you'll have goosebumps. He can stir the whole crowd with his commanding passion every time  we have our praise and worship session. I would say, it is a gift from the Almighty.

He is an example of a servant leader - a person who will always attend to the needs of his flock before attending on his own. Truly, an example of a man with a steadfast faith and a selfless act.

The Brave Men Of The East
P.S. To get to know him, you can visit his FB account Randy Policarpo Dela Rama Turiano. He is a native of Bicol, Philippines.

To you bro, my sincere gratitude for allowing me to feature you here in my blog. 


  1. I like how he really wants to serve God.
    I like his definition of life.
    I like how grateful he is with his late father.
    I like how athletic he is.
    I like that he wants to be fully prepared before settling down.
    I like how he loves his mother.
    I like how he values the people around him.
    I like how he looks... He's Cute!

    I like him! No. I love him na... Lol

  2. wow congrats to Mr. Randy. Hanga ako sa kanya!

    Kaabang abang naman ang next ^^


  3. This another beautiful post of wonderful people. Thanks for sharing. Inspirational

  4. That more single men/women will be brave enough to proclaim God's greatness especially in the land where religious freedom is restricted.

    -----uy may puso siya para sa cross culture missions. be praying for him :)

  5. Interesting guy. :) The interview is kinda lengthy, dumugo ilong ko. :P

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    Inspirational ang life nya. Thanks for sharing :D

  8. he was a great man indeed a very god fearing one

    i like how he pray and as i also do I want to spoil my prayers with gratitude and repentance more than wishes

    and he and his father was such an inspiration though me and my father wasn't in good terms i could feel him,
    and his last moment with his dad was very touching,

    I agree to what he said about living a beautiful life

  9. A very inspiring post especially in the way he handles life with love and faith to God and his family. May there be more men of great virtues like him. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Haha natawa naman ako dun sa comment ni Senyor sa taas. Love na agad-agad? hindi ba pwedeng admire lang muna wahehehe /DYUK! :D

    Naku daddy Jay, thanks for sharing the inpiring life of Sir Randy. Nakakatuwang malaman na ang dami talagang mga tao sa mundo na very positive ang outlook sa buhay kaya naman sobra silang nakaka inspire.

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