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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Poetry Corner: Ashes of Burnt Eyebrows

Flattered to have received positive comments regarding the poem I re-published here in my blog entitled I Need To Be Loved delivered by my former Grade-4 student Erika Marie Esteban. 
And to delight you again with another masterpiece of mine. Here once again a simple poem I especially composed way back March 21, 2006 to my Grade 5- First Honor Ephraim Ders Murro which he delivered during the graduation ceremony that year. 
Currently, Ram (as I fondly called him) is now a sophomore student of University of the Philippines - Diliman, Quezon City taking up a five-year degree course. I just forgot if it's Mass Communication, Business Administration or Political Science - I need to ask him to be sure. And I'm still in constant contact with him and even to my former grade school students. In fact last May 2010, I had arranged a get together with my former students when I went back to the Philippines for vacation. I was surprised how big they were already and I even jokingly shouted out "Stop growing guys!". Now, they are pursuing their dreams in college and seeing them excel in school is equivalent to my achievement too. That my mentoring has paid off.
 Let's rewind the present time into March 21, 2006 through this poem.

Ashes of Burnt Eyebrows
Vivid memories of my primary years

Mixed with sheer laughter and pure tears
Along a line in every enrollment
Researching a nerve-cracking assignments

Annual field trips in many places

The refreshment of bottles and food cases
So many peers of friendly faces
Unspoiled children with lovely caress

Sleepless nights of hurried reviewing

Many afternoons of daydreaming
Days of battling difficult examination
Pass or failure comes lamentation

Wild fun and sometimes connived fools

Bring our teachers in constant roars
Wonder how I feel to be a Martinian
Your name I'll carry unto my old days

Your young foundation has been heavily tested

But you stood still and never miss
To educate us the core of values
That life is indeed has countless of clues

My gratitude to you I sincerely offer

For an education I have deciphered
That study is indeed a countless of
Unending ashes of burnt eyebrows

I have been a lover of prose and poetry since HS. And composing such were my emotional outlet that time. I'm a shy kid growing up and I brought that attitude up during HS. I used to be a timid guy, more so like naive. But my mind and imagination run deepest trenches and highest peaks. I'm not a kind of nerd or something. I just study hard that's why somehow I excel but I don't reach the top spot. I just settle for like 2nd or 3rd. I even recall reading the "World History" by Gregorio F. Zaide during secondary school. Out of which, my love for history and ancient things and events grew. 
I can even remember my sophomore English teacher saying to me "You know what, someday, you will  be a prose and poetry writer". This happened when she assigned us an adjective word and told us to compose a verse out of that. I outshine my other classmates by composing the quickest. And my teacher was so delighted that she even read the verse in front to the applaud of my classmates. That led her to say that compliment to me. Don't be misled ha...I'm just relating my story and it's far from bragging...hehehe! Anyway, hope you enjoy the simple poem. 
More to come and as promised a more seasoned and relevant to the current times. I will try to create a satirical poem being politics is the topic. I will try....let's see hehehe!


  1. im really loving this segment of you jay,
    well i somehow feels the same way with my nieces that i tutored back then

    anyways this was indeed a master piece
    and your sophomore teacher was really right

    well done jay!

  2. Di ka lang daddy, teacher kapa. Mukhang nagbubunga ang pagiging guro mo sa mga studyante mo sir. Buti at may balita kapa sa kanila.

    Naalala ko sa poem yung mga pagsubok na dinaanan ko nung nag-aaral ako way back a year ago. dyuk!

    Thumbs up!

  3. ang gandang tula ito Daddy Jay...


  4. There is something with the title that reminds me of my student's days. Though they don't relate well with the students I teach now, it is me who is burning eyebrows to continue being a good, if not the best, teacher.

  5. yong poem nakakarelate ako dahil nag aral ulit ako kaya halah ang mga eksena sa poem totoong totoo talaga hehehe

    bihira lang talaga ang lalaki dadi jay na magaling magcompose ng tula sa pagkakaalam ko lang ha kasi madalas ang babae mahilig gumawa at magisip ng ganyan pero i know the fact naman na ang lalaki ang ay malalim ang mga pinaghuhugutan hehehe

  6. I like the simplicity of your approach...

    Nakaka-relate ako sa story about your English teacher predicting what you are now... Galing... Hindi ako mahilig sa mga English works but yours are enticing...

    I wanna be the Filipino version of you... for real!

  7. so you're not bragging here huh? ha ha. ok to brag you have the right to do it :)

    Though I'm not that studious when I was a student, but I can still see myself from this poem :)

  8. Ang ganda ulet nitong poem mo parekoy. Ang galing, dami ko talagang natutunan at nalalaman tungkol sa iyo.

  9. Mecoy - big thanks...good to hear you have tutored your nieces before..masipag na t2 hehehe

  10. Arvs - I was forced to teach and I've realized I love the profession. hahahaha...dami ka bang memories noong mga college life mo hehehe

  11. Jonathan - Wow, that's a nice experience kaya successful ka ngayon because of that pagpupursige.

  12. Lalah- I beg to disagree, in history, it is the men who are poetic and expressive in writing. hehehe..kinontra lang hahaha like Shakespeare and Kiko Balagtas to name a few..hahaha

  13. Senyor - Thank you for the compliment..appreciated.

  14. Ms. B- hahahaha..nag re-tell lang ng experience ko hahahaha...

  15. Fiel - Salamat parekoy..hehehe. pasensiya na di yan current. Poem ko pa yan way back 2006 hehehe

  16. Naalala q bgla nng school days q, hehe

  17. Theo- hahahahaha...revisting memories ba hehehe


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