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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Procrastination - Are You Guilty Of It?

According to Mr. Google--Procrastination is an act of putting-off doing something habitually. In Psychology it refers to the act of replacing high priority action with task of lower priority.

Have you been guilty of procrastination? I bet we are at some point. It totally sucks right? 

I, for one, has fallen culprit of this not so good practice. There are just moments that we just find ourselves doing something that is way out of our priority. That we give more time to other less important things than to those which should be done. 

Why is it so? Sometimes, we can't even argue with ourselves or find ourselves at war with our priority.  At war in a sense because we are too tempted to do a particular thing that is far more interesting. As a result, we tend to avoid a task that really requires our attention or that really must be done.

Procrastination is like a thief of our time that we openly allow. Overcoming it involves examining some of our core beliefs. 

Perhaps the best reason to avoid procrastination is "If we do it today and enjoy it, we can do it again tomorrow." 

It's easier said than done. But if we really try to manage ourselves and our time, we can really overcome this vicious cycle of procrastinating. If we really set ourselves into achieving something in a timely manner, we will work our ass off to finish it on time. And if we do value our time, we can  brush-off the idea of procrastination. 

In the end, it all boils down into how important time is for us. If we really follow the saying that "Time is gold" then there will be no procrastination that will visit us or will peek into our world.

Let us put our life into the proper perspective by putting high emphasis in using our time. We plan things and execute actions by ourselves - it is a solid fact that we can manage our time. Therefore, we can also manage to eradicate procrastination in our system. 

How about you? Have you been a victim of procrastination? How did you manage to overcome it? 


  1. hmmn. I think the culprit why people do procrastination lately is social media lol! (#amaguilty :)


    Not proud pero ganun pa rin lagi... After ng post na ito, balik time is gold ulit ang drama ko...

    Talamats Daddy Jay... Mahilig kang magpa-guilty...

  3. Ms B- amaguilty din naman ako kung minsan tama ka ang social network ang kadalasang dahilan hahaha

  4. Senyor- hahaha...pareho lang naman tayo lahat na mga guilty hehehe..nasapul ka na naman ba? hehehe..ok lang yan..hehe

  5. Aray! guilty much naman ako ahaha, specially nung nagaaral pa ako ng highschool at college. Grabe, ang dami kong beses na ginawa yan. Dati kasi feeling ko ang sarap mag-last minute. Yung tipong kelan malapit na ang deadline saka ko lang gagawin yung isang project or assignment. Pero ngayon naman, I learned my lessons na. Kay good boy mode na haha!

  6. guilty indeed
    dang dameng beses na
    hmmm lalo nung earlier years ko

    pero through blogging mejo na tetrain ko na sarili ko

  7. Guilty ako dito pero sarap ng pakiramdam pag naovercome ko to. hehe

  8. Guilty of this. Definitely.

    Bdw, email me nga. I got something for you I can send via email I think.

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