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Monday, January 21, 2013

When Photographs Speak - The Adventure Down South

(L-R) Jansenn, my wife Wida, Ringo, Joy, Me and sitting down Clarice
(Jansenn, Joy and Ringo are all Fil-Canadian citizens) while
Clarice is an Italian- American
Right after our church wedding last December 13, 2011 in Caleruega Church called as "Transfiguration Chapel" located in Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas, - we packed our stuff, drove to the  airport, and  headed down south in the majestic and  scenic - Palawan.  Yes, we now belong to a "December Wedding" couples - if there is such a thing. It was my long dream to reach Palawan - a dream that has been put into halt for several times due to hectic schedule way back then. Luckily, I never thought that I'd reach this awe-inspiring place as our "honeymoon getaway". 

Originally, we've been planning to celebrate our honeymoon in Bangkok - reason why early on during the wedding preparation, I had been in constant communication with my good friend (now kumare) Cecile- who is based and working in Bangkok, Thailand. But due to heavy floods occurring incessantly in Bangkok, we were advised by Cecile to find another country as a replacement. As much as she wanted to accommodate us, she's afraid that the shifting and unpredictable weather condition might ruin our stay. Right after hearing that news from Cecile, we planned to explore Singapore. But were a bit hesitant if we will still be pursuing an out-of-the-country honeymoon. After my fiancee (now my wife) and I discussed thoroughly about the budget and other considerations, we finally let go of Singapore - consoling ourselves that we will just visit the place some other time. 

I then quickly suggested by saying "Why not explore our own, there are numerous and equally fascinating places in our country?" Hurriedly, I suggested Coron in Palawan to which my lovely fiancee agreed on. So we searched from the internet and luckily found "CLUB PARADISE" in Coron. So we booked and bingo! we're done with our honeymoon woes. 

And I would presumably say that baby Damien Caleb were made in Coron? - wahahaha! I would like to think so? hahaha! (laughing my ass-off) hahaha!  

Okay! Whisk-it-off guys! never focus on that -lols - it would ruin your reading concentration and eyes' ride to the awesome and captivating photos I took while we're exploring Coron. I was just completely awed by the place and so the poetic side of me turned on. And here are some few masterpieces that I took upon which I composed a description fitting enough to put these photos in motion through striking tailoring of words.
The real peace of God
Starts at any spot, sirene and lucid
Thousand miles from the nearest land
In its abyss you'll find the grace land
As our side trip's companion Clarice Castello - an Italian American living in Miami, Florida would say: "I never thought that a place such as this still exists. This is truly nature at its best.". Awesome indeed.! The photo above were growing limestones formed thousands of years ago.
Lo! and Behold!
A lake's presence is landscape's most beautiful feature
Without which eclipsed its natural beauty
But its presence measures the vibrance of its own nature.
The experience that put me in awe how fascinating nature is. This photo above was taken while we are on our first stop in our island-tour adventure. The first stop is Siete Pecados -a part of the sea where you'll enjoy snorkeling. I was amazed seeing the different fish species right in front of us as we plummeted down the sea.
A paradise gateway; A man's infinite highway
Explore the serenity; immerse in diversity
An adventure out of the city; You'll be in awe of its beauty 
The photo above is one of the shots I took during our island-adventure around Coron. This is the gateway to Kayangan Lake - currently the 2nd cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. It is such an awesome place perfect for couple's romantic getaway and an escape to the hustle & bustle of the metropolis.
The calmness of the sea is a proof of nature's timid side
Tender sound of waves caressing the shore 
Put us to sleep uninterrupted less of snore
Only in Coron's Club Paradise you can experience
Such tranquility in the deepest recesses of the night
Sheltered by the cottage in a sea-view setting 
Is coolness to behold and captivating
How majestic and calm nature is. This photo above was taken while the sun was being eclipsed by the commanding darkness. A sign that the earth will rest momentarily and will meet the embrace of the sun when tomorrow comes. 

Indeed, true to its sense,  it really is fitting to say and claim that 'IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES'


  1. SER, hindi ba december 13, 2012 dapat at hindi 2011? :)

  2. Sir Overthinker - tama yan..December 13, 2011 talaga kami nagpakasal hehehe!

  3. Wow! Ganda naman dyan. I love philippines:)

  4. Gondo tologo ng Polowon! Gusto ko din jan kada iddrawing ko ang mapa ng Pilipinas! HAHAH!

    Sayang din po ano at hindi natuloy ang SG.

    Bakit ngayon nyo lang po pinost to? HAHAH! Kudos sa Coron poem. :)

  5. Been to Palawan but not in Coron, will visit again. Thanks for sharing the photographs coupled with narrations and poems. Philippines, for one, is gifted with pristine beauty found in the islands and in the hearts of the people.

  6. I've been to Puerto Princesa. Would love to go to Coron soon! :)

    Natawa naman ako sa "made in Coron".hahaha! :)

  7. Now I know, made in the Philippines pala si baby Caleb. Akala ko nung una, jan sa KSA nabuo si Caleb wahehe, daddy Jay :D

    Breath-taking talaga ang mga panoramic scenes sa Palawan. Indeed its more fun in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing those pics! loved them.

  8. Isn't that the former title of your blog is "Journeying Jay"? The phrase seems perfect for this post. Wow photos perfect for the journey and the inspiring thoughts that goes with it... simply wow Jay! Love it!

    Agree that Palawan is paradise and a place worth spending one of the most memorable moments of your life, your honeymoon. But I do believe that what made it more meaningful and special is because you were there with the person you wanted most to be in perfect places and in paradise - your wife. She's also the reason why that particular moment is perfect. Congratulations Jay! Doesn't matter if it's a year ago or ten years ago. That moment deserves congratulations!

    So Caleb should have been nicknamed GP = Gawang Palawan ;) :P :)))

  9. kasal na pala kayo sir ;=) the best tlaga ang palwan para sa mga honeymooners

  10. wow dabest and breathtaking ang palawan... grabe... i feel like going there this summer... kaya lang wala akong kasamang ka-honeymoon...huhuhu

  11. ang lupit ng ng ganda naman jan ser :)

  12. very nice place talaga! We are blessed to have such an amazing country...i also dream of palawan..but i'll get into it when God permits...:)


  13. I have been to only a few places and Palawan is the most scenic and beautiful for me. Dyan ko talaga nasabing ang galing galing ni God, ang ganda ng gawa nya! :)

  14. Haven't been to Coron, but based on your post I've read and photos I've seen, Coron is a thrilling and wonderful vacation destination.

    Dream to visit this place. Nasa bucket list ko na rin eto. Dyan pala gawa si bunso ah. Ako dad san ba ako gawa? lol

  15. well i bet you and your wife really had a great time there!
    napakagandang lugar at swak para sa honeymoon
    ewan ko ung iba bat sa ibang bansa pa want mg honeymoon ee samantalang kay gaganda ng sariling atin

    anyways i think perfect couple kayo ayiees

  16. tAMa yan Sir JAy..Pinas naman kasi madami pang ipapakita ang lupa ni Juan

  17. that place is real superb! oh btw, when will you arrive here!? :))

  18. Ganda ng photos mo ng Coron. I've been there, last year.. super paradise talaga... photos are pale compared to Coron's beauty.. :)


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