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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Of Giving Back, Of Sharing, And The Joy It Brings

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you probably have gauged that I’m a guy who likes to do social and humanitarian endeavors – doing charity works, social awareness initiatives, molding young kids by teaching them and the likes. It can be creating an idea and acting upon it. It's always a joy to see myself working for the good of other people by sharing my time, talent, and treasure - up to what it can allow me to do. 

A quote from Erich From is so fitting in this post.

Giving is the highest expression of potency. In the very act of giving, I experience my strength, my wealth, my power. This experience of heightened vitality and potency fills me with joy. I experience myself as overflowing, spending, alive, hence as joyous. Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of my aliveness.” ~ Erich Fromm

Awhile ago, I had the luxury of time watching some YT stuffs about sharing and giving back. People doing random act of kindness - impromptu actions to the point that almost all of the people they intend to help are really in awe of their kindness. And that in return, those people being helped expressed their sincere thanks and utter a word of blessing to the benefactor. 

Here's the YT link of one of their videos. Tipping A Waitress US$200

Watch how the waitress reacted when she was handed with a 'US$200" for a tip. She was even stunned in a good way. That she said, Are you serious? I can't even take that! The guys said, Yeah, we're serious, you don't have to give that to your ---. And the rest of the conversation just simply awed me.
I should suppose to share it via an embed format, but their YT channel won't allow it. You need to request it from them. So what I did was I downloaded their video using MacYT Downloader. But unfortunately, I cannot upload it here. I don't know how to figure out why it can't be. To not waste my time, I just put the link as highlighted above.
For me, giving is a way of communication and connection. It allows us to be part of someone's life, let alone those who are under privileged. Those who are currently in the dark moment of their lives. By shedding portion of our light to them, it's one way of letting them feel that they still matter. That, their existence has not been ignored or taken for granted. 
I won't say I live a much more privileged life as I for one, belong as well to the middle-class of a third world country. But there's so much in my heart for those people. And I will continue doing such things while nourishing my soul with the good feeling I get from accomplishing it. 

You too can be of great help to others. Never say you can't do because you lack the resources, you lack the facility to do it. We can always be of help to others. And praying is such a powerful way of helping them if financial doesn't allow you at the moment. Uttering words of encouragement for them can do a whole lot. 

We each are connected with one another. That's why it is so empowering if we can be a blessing to others by embracing their needs. 

For me, it is when we bless other people that God blesses us more. If you read this, I hope one day soon, one fine day - you'll decide to be a person to others as well and benefit from the joy it gives within.

P.S - credit for the YT video courtesy of Giving Back Films.


  1. I cried when I watched the video buset ka Jay hu hu hu

    Most of us nowadays are on struggle not only financially that is why giving back and sharing is the least of our priorities.

    Oftentimes we feel that we can't share just yet because we still have a list of our own needs that are not yet fulfilled thus we delay charity. But the truth is there is always something however small it is that is within us that we can share. It's just that we are not putting the act of giving and sharing among our must do.

    Me too, feels that I still need a lot of things for myself and my family. But I can say that these does not stopped me from doing giving and sharing in my own little way. It's just that I prefer to be mum about these small charities because for me this is not something that should be bragged about. But on the other hand I think it is also good that other people know that you're doing charity so that they will be influenced to do the same.

    I think this is the purpose of these group of people in the video that you shared Jay. The impact is really strong and it will surely invite other people to do this random act of kindness.

    Thanks to these people and thanks for sharing Jay. Bless their heart and yours as well :)

    1. Hahaha! And those tears - are tears of joy seeing people impacting other's lives.

      And yes, there is a borderline that what they can be construed as a show-off. But that kind of thinking only happens to those who are living a negatively approached life. But in the eyes of a positive person, what can be seen is such a joy - an act of doing something to make other people happy. And that simply is the purpose, I suppose, of these bunch of kiddos that's why they're doing what they do. Not for the fame or popularity of doing good but perhaps for a goal that along the way, in what they do, they can influence others to follow their lead.

      Maraming salamat sa mahaba at napaka sustansiya mong comments - hehe! Highly appreciated :) :)

  2. I am a recepient of your random act of kindness and every day, I rad wonderful news and inspiring messages. Thank God for your life Dadijay. May we all be able to give and enjoy givng! Will watch the video later :)

    1. You're welcome! I hope God wlll bless me more so that I can be a continuous blessing to others. And you are an inspiration too.

  3. lalo tuloy ako nainspire tumulong..

    1. Wow, that's great news CheeNee. Gandang resolve yan. Push lang ng push :)

  4. giving is receiving, that is what i have proven yesterday, nun dinate ko mom ko,
    ung smile at joy na makita syang tuwang tuwa mamili, ung ipagmalaki at ingatan ung mga bagay na binigay ko sa kanya, un ung mga bagay na di kailan man matutumbasan ng kahit na anung halaga!

    anyway ganda nung video, i remember once nakakita na ko ng ganyang video nakakatouch

    1. Wow, nice of you Mecoy. It is really priceless when you see your parents - let in this case your mother happy when you've done extra special to her - dating her. I hope there will be more 'dating' with you and your mom.

      Try watching the video if you have time. :) :) It's so touching and inspiring as well

  5. i certainly agree too that it is not necessary to study particularly the course social work to help. everybody can help in their own means, small or big ones. also, i agree that praying is one of the best we can offer to those who are in need especially when we don't have anything to extend it at the moment. yan lang kasi muna ang kaya ko since i stopped from working to finish my studies. kailangan kong isakripisyo din ito dahil this is not for me, this is also for everybody. i feel so happy kapag nakakabasa ako ng mga ganito daddy jay and thank u for sharing this to us. i miss being here, i missed a lot here already.

    iisipin ko pa tong video dahil hindi pa ako ready currently to watch like sabi ni mami balut eh umiyak siya. hahahaha in 5 mins magiisip ako ehhehehe

    1. Well said Lalah! Need I say more?

      Watch the video, I suggest. So that your tears will have its exercise flowing down your cheeks again. Of course, it won't be tears of pain but tears of joy felt from within.

  6. Awwww Dad. The video was something. 200 bucks? Kahit yata ako mag dadalawang isip na tangapin.. at sasabihing like are you REALLY REALLY SERIOUS? hahaha.

    On a serious note though, natutuwa ako sa comment ni Mecoy. Ambait talaga ni MEcoy. Makes me feel so bad about myself tuloy.. hay. Kaya I need to dave money para pag umuwi ako next time ma treat ko naman sila at ma shop.

    1. Katuwa nga si Mecoy, she bring her mom into a date and treat her by giving things she likes. Nice kid noh!


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